January 8, 2009

LKL BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Priscilla Presley commentary

Posted: 12:49 PM ET

By Priscilla Presley1priscilla2

*Note: Priscilla will be our guest TONIGHT on Larry King Live – here is her exclusive LKL blog commentary.

Today on Elvis' birthday and the 70th anniversary of Graceland being built, it's a bittersweet time to remember the life and joy we had at Graceland while Elvis was alive. Riding horses, racing with the golf carts, the home cooked southern meals and all of the gatherings with family and friends made it a playful, fun and loving time. We always celebrated Christmas and, of course, his birthday. This was a very special time of year. You'll note the Christmas decorations are still up. It was Elvis' tradition to keep them up through his birthday.

It's so heartwarming to see that after all these years Graceland is still a living, breathing and magical place to visit. We've just adopted our 2nd abused and neglected horse in two years continuing the love Elvis, Lisa and I shared for animals. Bandit is one of four horses that now call Graceland home. He's a 10 month old colt who has gained 35 lbs in his first month at Graceland. Max, who we adopted last year has gained 300 lbs. and has gone from an emaciated creature to a robust happy and loving horse. They join Sun's Reflection (27 yrs old) and Candy (TN Walking Horse). Graceland was never without this kind of love and life and hopefully never will be.

New exhibits are also constantly being added. New focus on various parts of Elvis' life and career are continually being developed and displayed with never before seen artifacts and more. In addition to the new 70th anniversary display, we'll be adding other exhibits throughout the year including "Elvis in Hollywood," "Elvis Lives, The King of Pop Culture," and some very exciting changes to the Automobile Museum.

Elvis continues to break records to this day and would have been happiest celebrating at Graceland. It's an enchanting place and one we all still call home. It's more than a museum documenting Elvis, his impact on the world and a time capsule of the ‘50s, '60s and ‘70s. It's a home and worldwide landmark. Lisa and I continue to be involved to make sure his legacy and the personal Graceland he loved so much will endure.


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