February 17, 2010

Tina Brown: New summit to showcase women around the world

Posted: 06:27 PM ET

By Tina Brown via

One of the most exciting parts of my job as editor of The Daily Beast is the way we can respond so quickly when our emotions are stirred. Since our launch in October 2008, The Daily Beast has been a place where stories about the impossible lives of women in countries around the world—places that rarely attract more than fleeting coverage—are covered with the same intensity we bring to American news.

When we read that a 12-year old Pakistani maid had lived the life of a virtual slave until she was murdered by her rich employer, we ask our Pakistan correspondent Fatima Bhutto to explain a culture that can tolerate abusive child labor in elite circles. When we hear that three celebrated women’s movement leaders died in the Haiti earthquake, we ask Bernice Robertson, the International Crisis Group’s representative in Haiti, to tell us who they were and who will now fight to improve the lives of women in a reborn Haiti. When we watch video clips of the brutal crackdown in Iran's streets during the Green Revolution last June, we are among the first toreport on the extraordinary leadership role Iran's women are playing in the struggle for democracy.

Now, I’m thrilled to announce The Daily Beast will be producing a compelling live event that focuses in depth on powerful human stories about women. We will showcase leaders on the frontlines working on innovative solutions to challenges ranging from sex slavery to girls’ education in the developing world to women caught in the violence of war zones.

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April 1, 2009

Tina Brown – Michelle Obama fit for a Queen

Posted: 08:35 AM ET

by Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of – Tina was on LKL last night talking about the Obama's trip and here are her thoughts!

The excitement British women feel about the arrival of Michelle Obama in London for the G-20 summit is spiked with awe. She’s so big-time. So self-confident. So devoid of rainy, British diffidence. In a country where most political wives and female members of Parliament are the stylistic equivalent of a tufted ottoman, Michelle’s kind of striding self-assurance, glamour, and broad demographic appeal feels thrillingly 21st-century. The fact that she's African American adds an inspirational magic.

It was smart of France’s ravishing first lady, Carla Bruni, to let her husband go to the conference without her. The second Madame Sarkozy was a big wow when she visited London last March, but she’s a shrewd enough PR hand to know she would suffer in comparison to the first and only Mrs. Obama. Carla is old news next to Michelle. Sure, she’s more beautiful in the cover-girl sense—looking good is her profession, after all—but an Italian heiress who strums the guitar and made a predatory move on France’s reigning little Napoleon isn’t the best poster girl for the scariest economic downturn since the 1930s.

The Brits went off Carla almost as soon as she was back in Paris. That fake-demure little Dior suit she wore to lunch with Queen Elizabeth seemed in retrospect like the kind of get-up a reformed hooker might wear to meet her latest CEO for lunch at the Savoy.

One of the many appeal points of Michelle to the Brits is that her casual elegance feels as if it came out of her own closet on her own salary. The clean lines of Mrs. Obama’s jewel-colored shift dresses, skinny cardigans, and ballet flats have that effortless air that always gets high marks in dress-down Britain, where “she’s trying too hard” is the ultimate putdown.


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