March 26, 2009

Ted Nugent: This economic mess is Obama's Katrina

Posted: 08:55 AM ET

By Ted Nugent

America is being punked. That is the only way I can describe the clear cut case of self-inflicted grief and suffering at the hands of the Obama Masters of Ineptitude running the three-ring circus we call the American political insanity these days. Has logic been outlawed, or just temporarily suspended? Somebody wake me from this heartbreaking dream, quick.
I know it’s hard to pick a team sometimes. When I tour, I must seek out the absolute greatest bass guitar jammer and ultimate animal drummer on earth in order for my amazing music to reach maximum velocity and fire breathing soul each night to properly convey the intensity of my world-class love songs. Fortunately, the best of the best always end up at my side because I refuse to settle for second best. And remember, I’m just the MotorCity Madman, a humble Detroit guitarslinger making music. I am not the President of the United States. Maybe I should be.
For starters, I sure wouldn’t attempt to align myself with tax cheats and proven bureaucratic scoundrels like Daschle, Geitner, Rangle, Emanuel, Richardson and the apparently bottomless list of deviants that this president has appointed or attempted to appoint. May as well hire a country banjo player to cover my guitar duties, put Jeffery Dhamer in charge of babysitting, John Wayne Gacey as official White House court jester for the children, and your favorite arsonist as Fire Chief. Is this a Saturday Night Live skit we have here? Want fresh seafood? One Bass-O-Matic, coming right up.


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