June 18, 2010

Politics is King: Goat press conference gone bad

Posted: 12:16 PM ET

As oil continued to spread along the Gulf Coast this week, President Obama returned to the region for his first overnight trip.

Upon his return to Washington, D.C. , he spoke to the nation from the White House, marking his first address from the Oval Office.  No doubt, that location would have been preferred for BP CEO Tony Hayward, who was grilled on Capitol Hill by lawmakers over the company's handling of the oil spill.

These are all stories you've probably paid attention to this week... now for some you may have missed:

1. Rep. Anthony Weiner is recovering from an injury sustained at a press conference he held jointly with a goat.  Seriously.  Check it out HERE (The Hill)

2. Guess which former Secretary of State has 'very firm breasts' according to a Korean foreign minister?  No, it is not Henry Kissinger.  Found out who it is HERE (The Hill)

3. The FBI file on former U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy was released this week. A lot of it was regarding death threats made against the senator, with one involving someone with 'psychic powers' (SmokingGun)

4. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart tied the knot this week.  What does this have to do with politics (rest assured it isn't an 'Indiana' joke)?  Click HERE to see who presided over their wedding! (K-Earth)

5. The Council on Foreign relations added a HUGE A-list celebrity to their roster.  Click HERE to find out who it was, and click HERE to find out exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations does. (Washington Post)


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August 30, 2009

Never Before Seen Kennedy Photos

Posted: 06:32 PM ET

Photographer Dennis DeSilva has photographed Ted Kennedy for decades.  From official portraits, to Hyannis Port, Dennis was kind enough to share several of his photos with the LKL blog.  Some of the photos he gave us, have never been published before.

To see the entire gallery, CLICK HERE

(Note: some of you have told us the gallery is not working.  We are trying to address this as it does work on some computers.)


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August 27, 2009

LKL last night – remembering Senator Ted Kennedy

Posted: 10:08 AM ET
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August 26, 2009

Commentary: Kennedy family's remarkable story

Posted: 01:20 PM ET

Editor's note: Ted Sorensen was special counsel and adviser to President John F. Kennedy.  He will be on Larry King Live tonight, 9pm ET.

Ted Sorensen says the Kennedys are not American royalty, but have dedicated themselves to service.

Ted-Kennedy-4NEW YORK (CNN) - With the death of John F. Kennedy's brother, Senator Edward M Kennedy, and their sister, Eunice Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics for the developmentally challenged, there has been a wealth of news stories - obituaries and otherwise - about the recurring tragedies endured by what some call America's "royal family."

All of these comments are well intended but off the mark.

The Kennedys have been a remarkable family since its founding roughly a century ago by Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. But, its members have never asked for pity or privilege. Their history has emphasized more success than tragedy. Their love of family and country stood out during some of the most cynical and selfish periods in recent American history.

Like any large family, particularly one which deservedly remained in the public eye for many decades, a large number of afflictions and setbacks, also in the public eye, was unavoidable.

Nevertheless, the members of that family have never considered themselves "royal" or entitled to special privileges. We have no royalty in America, but ever since the Adams family sent several generations to public service in the earliest days of our nationhood, other families have demonstrated similar interests and commitments to public service.

The Kennedys were taught as children and genuinely believed that American citizenship was a special privilege and honor, in return for which every citizen had an obligation to serve and help the country. Even the youngest generation of Kennedys today acts not out of a sense of entitlement but a sense of commitment.

From the beginning, those members of the family who held or sought public office had the courage to take public positions on controversial issues, not always approved by the leaders of their party, church or respective constituencies. Nevertheless, they stood up and spoke out for what they believed was right, regardless of political and personal consequences. In short, they have had a proud tradition of becoming - not merely writing about - profiles in courage.

(Read More)

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Ted Kennedy's Humanity

Posted: 01:16 PM ET

Ted-Kennedy-3By E.J. Dionne Jr. via The Washington Post

Ted Kennedy was treasured by liberals, loved by many of his conservative colleagues, revered by African Americans and Latinos, respected by hard-bitten political bosses, admired by students of the legislative process, and cherished by those who constituted the finest cadre of staff members ever assembled on Capitol Hill.

The Kennedy paradox is that he managed to be esteemed by almost everyone without ever becoming all things to all people. He stood for large purposes, unequivocally and unapologetically, and took hard stands. Yet he made it his business to get work done with anyone who would toil along with him. He was a friend, colleague and human being before he was an ideologue or partisan, even though he was a joyful liberal and an implacable Democrat.

He suffered profoundly, made large mistakes and was, to say the least, imperfect. But the suffering and the failures fed a humane humility that led him to reach out to others who fell, to empathize with those burdened by pain, to understand human folly and to appreciate the quest for redemption.

(Read More)

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Sen. Kennedy on LKL

Posted: 11:33 AM ET
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The Life of Senator Ted Kennedy

Posted: 03:07 AM ET
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Remembering Sen. Ted Kennedy

Posted: 02:40 AM ET

Statements are already beginning to pour in regarding the death of Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy – we'll be paying tribute and want to hear your memories of the Senator.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“Maria and I are immensely saddened by the passing of Uncle Teddy. He was known to the world as the Lion of the Senate, a champion of social justice, and a political icon. Most importantly, he was the rock of our family: a loving husband, father, brother and uncle. He was a man of great faith and character. Teddy inspired our country through his dedication to health care reform, his commitment to social justice, and his devotion to a life of public service. I have personally benefitted and grown from his experience and advice, and I know countless others have as well. Teddy taught us all that public service isn't a hobby or even an occupation, but a way of life and his legacy will live on.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

“The Kennedy family and the Senate family have together lost our patriarch. My thoughts, and those of the entire United States Senate, are with Vicki, Senator Kennedy’s children, his many nieces and nephews, and his entire family. “It was the thrill of my lifetime to work with Ted Kennedy. He was a friend, the model of public service and an American icon.“As we mourn his loss, we rededicate ourselves to the causes for which he so dutifully dedicated his life. Senator Kennedy’s legacy stands with the greatest, the most devoted, the most patriotic men and women to ever serve in these halls. “Because of Ted Kennedy, more young children could afford to become healthy. More young adults could afford to become students. More of our oldest citizens and our poorest citizens could get the care they need to live longer, fuller lives. More minorities, women and immigrants could realize the rights our founding documents promised them. And more Americans could be proud of their country.“Ted Kennedy’s America was one in which all could pursue justice, enjoy equality and know freedom. Ted Kennedy’s life was driven by his love of a family that loved him, and his belief in a country that believed in him. Ted Kennedy’s dream was the one for which the founding fathers fought and for which his brothers sought to realize.“The liberal lion’s mighty roar may now fall silent, but his dream shall never die.”

Nancy Reagan:

I was terribly saddened to hear of the death of Ted Kennedy tonight. Given our political differences, people are sometimes surprised by how close Ronnie and I have been to the Kennedy family. But Ronnie and Ted could always find common ground, and they had great respect for one another. In recent years, Ted and I found our common ground in stem cell research, and I considered him an ally and a dear friend. I will miss him. My heart goes out to Vicki and the entire Kennedy family.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

“Today, with the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the American people have lost a great patriot, and the Kennedy family has lost a beloved patriarch. Over a lifetime of leadership, Senator Kennedy’s statesmanship and political prowess produced a wealth of accomplishment that has improved opportunity for every American. Senator Kennedy had a grand vision for America, and an unparalleled ability to effect change. Rooted in his deep patriotism, his abiding faith, and his deep concern for the least among us, no one has done more than Senator Kennedy to educate our children, care for our seniors, and ensure equality for all Americans. Ted Kennedy’s dream of quality health care for all Americans will be made real this year because of his leadership and his inspiration. Sadly, Senator Kennedy left us exactly one year after he inspired the nation with his speech of optimism, vitality, and courage at the Convention in Denver. On behalf of all Members of Congress, and personally on behalf of my family, today and in the days ahead, our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Kennedy family, especially with Senator Kennedy’s devoted wife Vicki, and with Kara, Teddy Jr., and our colleague Patrick, who made their father so proud. I hope it is a comfort to them that our nation and the world mourn their loss and are praying for them at this sad time.”

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Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dead at 77

Posted: 01:39 AM ET

Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dead at 77

(CNN) - Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, the patriarch of the first family of Democratic politics, died Wednesday at his home in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, after a lengthy battle with brain cancer. He was 77.

"We've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives, but the inspiration of his faith, optimism and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever," a family statement said. "We thank everyone who gave him care and support over this last year, and everyone who stood with him for so many years in his tireless march for progress toward justice."

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February 22, 2009

Hold the Eulogies, Ted Kennedy Says

Posted: 01:17 PM ET

After the president of Harvard hailed him as a “national leader but a local servant,” after the pastor read the “Let us now praise famous men” passage from the Bible and after the cellist Yo-Yo Ma honored him by performing a Gershwin prelude, Senator Edward M. Kennedy lumbered across the antique stage.

“I have lived a blessed time,” Mr. Kennedy told the audience at a special honorary degree convocation at Harvard in December. His voice started shaky, but gained strength. “Now, with you, I look forward to a new time of high aspiration for our nation and the world.”

As the crowd rose, Mr. Kennedy waved buoyantly, as if trying to acknowledge everyone he saw: a special fist pump for his former staff member, Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the Supreme Court; a salute in the direction of Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.; a thumbs-up for his niece Caroline Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy’s wife, Vicki, tried to lead him off, but he broke away, grinning. For a few extra moments, he kept the stage.

Since the diagnosis of his brain cancer last May, Mr. Kennedy has been given all manner of tributes and testimonials, lifetime achievement awards, medals of honor and standing ovations. But even as those accolades have provided sweet solace — and even some dark humor — as he endures grueling treatments, Mr. Kennedy, who turns 77 on Sunday, has been intent on racing time rather than looking back on it.


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