May 31, 2010

Biggest question now for 'American Idol' – who will replace Simon??

Posted: 08:07 AM ET

(Via Peace FM)

So yeah, Lee DeWyze took the "American Idol" title last week. But really, the question on everyone's mind is: who is going to take over the title of most obnoxious judge?

Here are 10 suggestions:

1. I think Madonna may have the perfect combo of performer cred and hardcore honesty to get the job done. Her fake British accent wouldn't hurt either.

2. Neil Patrick Harris has proven himself to be a kick-butt actor, singer, and live TV host. Done and done.

3. Nick Lachey has survived boy band cult status, marriage to Jessica Simpson, and a reality TV show.

(Read More from PeaceFM)

Don't forget to tune in TONIGHT at 9pmet – we're kicking off our LKL 25th ANNIVERSARY week with Lee, Crystal and the 8 finalists!!

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May 27, 2010

'American Idol' – Congrats to Lee, and adios to Simon

Posted: 07:54 AM ET

Lee DeWyze has been named the winner of the ninth season of American Idol, triumphing over judges’ favourite Crystal Bowersox, reported the Daily Mail.

The 24-year-old from Illinois stole the show by taking the recording contract prize in Idols finale that aired live on Tuesday, with millions of US people casting their votes in what was judge Simon Cowell’s last ever show.

But it turned out that that it was  a closely call, when host Ryan Seacrest revealed that the pair entered the final show with just two per cent of votes dividing them.

Meanwhile, a lighthearted film package recounting highlights from the Cowell years was shown, and comedian Dane Cook came on stage to sing Simon Says, made up of the Brit’s barbed comments, and to crack a few jokes.

“You have the honesty of Abe Lincoln and the charm of the guy who shot him,” Cook told Cowell, who took the ribbing with a smile.

(read more)


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May 11, 2010

'American Idol': No rush to replace Simon

Posted: 01:05 PM ET

by Michael Slezak

With only three weeks and six episodes left in Simon Cowell's "American Idol" tenure, don't be surprised if rumors and speculation about his season 10 replacement begin to intensify. But under the heading of "don't believe everything you read," a show source tells EW that Cowell's successor will not be named until after the May 26 season finale.

That, of course, also means no bombshell announcement at Fox's May 17 upfronts presentation, when the network will unveil its fall schedule to advertisers.

The delay in finalizing such a crucial decision makes sense on several levels. For starters, any replacement announcement before month's end would steal some of the spotlight away from the show's current crop of contestants, not to mention Cowell's role in the season 9 finale extravaganza.

What's more, Fox and "Idol" will score plenty of free publicity as debate over Cowell 2.0 turns into a popular summer sport, one that should keep water cooler buzz alive for the reality juggernaut during its seven-month hiatus from the airwaves.


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April 20, 2010

LKL gets to the bottom of the Seacrest/Cowell tension

Posted: 10:44 AM ET
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April 19, 2010

In the spirit of tonight's show with American Idol

Posted: 12:13 PM ET

We've got the cast of American Idol on tonight's show – and here are some of the more MEMORABLE auditions.

Anyone got any other favorite moments from the show?



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American Idol on 'The Simpsons' – we've got them FIRST!

Posted: 12:02 PM ET


Fox knows how to work a cross over when it comes to their shows (take note of the musical themed episodes planned for “Fringe” and other series in celebration of the  success and return of  “Glee.”)

In May, the “American Idol” gang will be visiting Springfield during “The Simpsons’” season finale.

Judges Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest will be even more animated than they are during their critiques of contestants when they join Bart and the rest of the Springfield inhabitants on an episode scheduled to air May 23.

Word is that Springfield’s beloved bartender, Moe, gets an invitation to serve as an “Idol” judge. Have we finally found a replacement for the soon to be departing Cowell?

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American Idol on LKL tonight; Doubtful that Paula Abdul will return

Posted: 08:42 AM ET

(Entertainment Tonight) Paula Abdul spoke with Entertainment Tonight's Samantha Harris about her future in show biz following reports that she may be returning to "American Idol."

"I'm always a fan but I don't think that's happening," Abdul said of coming back to the judges' table. Abdul attended the 8th Annual TV Land Awards and referred to her time on "Idol" as the "most wonderful experience of my life."

Season nine of the hit singing show is in full swing, and WE'VE GOT RYAN SEACREST AND THE JUDGES TONIGHT ON LKL – TUNE in at 9pmet – and let us know, do you think Paula should return to American Idol?  Weigh in now!!

(Read more from Entertainment Tonight)

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