March 12, 2010

Idol fans are missing Paula!

Posted: 03:35 PM ET

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(CNN) - The success of "American Idol" hasn't just been about the singing talent.

As much as viewers tuned in to rally behind their favorite performer, they also came for the chemistry between the judges. That helped elevate the show beyond just a search for America's next music star.

Never has the importance of that dynamic been more evident than in Season Nine, which has plenty of fans sharing a common complaint: "We miss Paula."

"I think the chemistry they had before with the judges is really affecting the show this season," said Lindsay Powers, staff editor with US Weekly and an "Idol" fan.

"What Paula brought to the show was not only someone with a musical background, but also very endearing, compassionate, goofy and funny. Just like people tuned in to see what mean thing Simon would say, they would also tune in to see the whacky thing that Paula was going to say each week."


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January 19, 2010

Bid on Michael Jackson book AND help Haiti!

Posted: 04:50 PM ET

Calling all Michael Jackson fans: Do you want to help the rescue and recovery effort in Haiti? Support the US Fund for UNICEF and The American Red Cross and BID NOW on a copy of The Official Michael Jackson Opus, signed by Paula Abdul and other celebrities!

The Official Michael Jackson OPUS is the only new publication approved and endorsed by the Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson. With over 400 pages of stunning and never-before-seen photographs plus personal, heartfelt essays written exclusively for this OPUS by those who knew Michael best and respected him most. This one-of-a-kind tribute book will help fans treasure the memory of an extraordinary person and performer.

In addition to preserving the memory of the King of Pop, 85% of the winning bid of this item will be split US Fund for UNICEF and The American Red Cross.


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August 13, 2009

The Story Behind Abdul's Idol Departure

Posted: 07:54 AM ET

By Edward Wyatt /

Paula Abdul’s departure from “American Idol” was the product of months of calculation: financial and logistical on the part of the show’s producers and its network, Fox, and entrepreneurial and retaliatory on the part of Ms. Abdul, who in recent months has grown increasingly certain that greater opportunities lie elsewhere.

art.abdul.giMs. Abdul’s announcement last week that she would not return to “American Idol” after eight seasons produced an array of reactions, most of which focused on her career prospects. Most assumed that she would be unlikely to find a job as lucrative and as prominent.

One week later, however, Ms. Abdul was already being courted by two other networks, ABC and NBC, as well as the producer of another Fox hit, “So You Think You Can Dance.” While her future is anything but certain, the notion that Ms. Abdul had nowhere else to go has quickly proved suspect.

But Ms. Abdul’s departure leaves bitter feelings on both sides. Her determination to wring greater compensation from Fox and the “Idol” producers was borne of a feeling that they had undermined and disrespected her for years, according to people close to her who were part of the negotiations. They said that she believed that the failure by her “Idol” colleagues to rebut sufficiently insinuations and jokes about her unreliability and possible substance abuse cost her lucrative endorsements.

One member of the “Idol” team, meanwhile, said that while Ms. Abdul had clearly contributed to the program’s success, the costs and benefits of her histrionics were quantifiable enough that “Idol” could afford to draw a line in the sand and not cross it.


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