April 6, 2009

TONIGHT: Pastor Rick Warren Exclusive!

Posted: 05:14 PM ET

Pastor Rick Warren in a "Larry King Live" Exclusive!Was1943121 What does the pastor think about President Obama's call for a partnership with the Muslim world?

Also, Rick Warren talks about the firestorm of criticism surrounding his invocation at Pres. Obama's inauguration.  Many liberal and gay-rights activists were outraged Rick Warren was invited to participate. They said his anti-abortion, anti-gay-marriage preaching and controversial remarks about homosexuality made him a bad choice for the new president.  Rick Warren responds!

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Tell us what YOU think.

CLICK HERE to leave a comment.  Then, tune-in tonight.  We just may use your comment on the air!

Also tonight, singer Chris Brown in court!  What will he plead?  Larry has the the latest from Brown's arraignment.


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