May 21, 2010

Politics is King: Chuck Norris and his guns, and a rat at the White House

Posted: 03:28 PM ET

Somehow, the political world survived 'Mini Super Tuesday,' and for those of you who paid attention you saw incumbent Senator Arlen Specter defeated by fellow Democrat Joe Sestak in Pennsylvania, while in Kentucky a tea party favorite, Rand Paul, won the GOP nod for Senator.

Meanwhile, back in DC, President Obama welcomed Mexican President Felipe Calderon and hosted the 2nd State Dinner... sans party crashers this time (the Salahis did make news on the same night, though)

While those were big news stories this week, you may have missed some other ones.  Lucky for you, we've got them here:

1. There's a rat at the White House.  No, it isn't another "Deep Throat."  It really is a rat. (NYPost)

2. We learned how much Bo, the first dog, is worth.  We would have thought he was priceless, but nope, there's an actual dollar figure.  See how much he is worth HERE (NYTimes)

3. Chuck Norris spoke at the National Rifle Association's convention in Charlotte, NC. This is really just a reason to post a 'Chuck Norris Fact' – ("There is no chin behind Chuck Norris's beard. There is only another fist"). (Politico)

4. Mitt Romney's childhood home in Michigan was declared 'a nuisance' and is slated for demolition.  He's probably OK with this news since he has a great home in Southern California now.

5.  To cap the week off, there was a SLIGHT misstep at the White House on Wednesday night for the State Dinner:


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March 24, 2010

LKL Last night: Gov. Mitt Romney speaks out new health care bill

Posted: 01:30 PM ET
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December 3, 2009

We want your questions!

Posted: 02:55 PM ET

What questions do you have about the president's plan for combating rising unemployment?

Is your job safe?  Are you looking for work?  Are you concerned about your ecomonic future?  Let us know...

Tonight, Larry will speak to Mitt Romney, Google CEO Eric Schmidt, motivational speaker Tony Robbins and Magic Johnson about today's White House Jobs Summit - and we're taking your questions.

What can these business leaders help you with?

Be sure to leave us your questions in the comments section and watch Larry King Live tonight at 9pm ET/6pm PT for the answers!

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December 2, 2009

Mr. President, here's how to lift our economy

Posted: 11:51 PM ET

Note: Mitt Romney will be on Larry King Live Thursday, 9pm ET to discuss his 10 point plan

By Mitt Romney via USA Today

Mitt Romney ran for president during the 2008 election season.

Today's White House jobs summit comes too late for millions of Americans who through no fault of their own have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings and, in many cases, the self-esteem and self-respect that come from work. Like other presidents before him, Barack Obama inherited a recession. But unlike them, he has made it worse, not better.

His failure to stem the unemployment tide should not have been a surprise. With no experience whatsoever in the world of employment and business formation, he had no compass to guide his path. Instead, he turned over much of his economic recovery agenda to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, themselves nearly as inexperienced in the private sector as he. Congress gave him and them everything they asked for, including a history-making three-quarters of a trillion dollar stimulus.

But it did little to stimulate the real economy – where jobs are created. Studies, initiatives and programs that liberal think tanks had long pined for were given life even as the private economy was on life support. The president's team assured us that their massive stimulus would hold unemployment below 8%. So with unemployment now at 10.2%, it is clear that their stimulus was a miscalculated failure.

In an attempt to disguise the truth, the administration has touted inflated figures of jobs "created."But every month, in good times and bad, jobs are created and jobs are lost. What matters is the net difference between the two numbers. Focusing solely on jobs created while ignoring the far greater numbers of jobs lost is Harry Houdini economics.

Growing government, as was done with the stimulus, inevitably depresses the private sector and job creation. Shrinking government and reducing government jobs is healthier for the economy, but this option was never seriously considered. That's no wonder: As White House guest logs for the first half of the year reveal, the most frequent visitor to the executive mansion was Andy Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union, which represents government workers.

My 10-point plan

The president's economists insist that technically, the recession is over. But double-digit unemployment was neither prevented nor has it ended. To get people back to work as rapidly as possible and to restore America's economic vitality, the nation must change course. Here's the advice I would give:

•Repair the stimulus. Freeze the funds that haven't yet been spent and redirect them to immediate, private sector job-creation priorities.

•Create tax incentives that promote business expansion and hiring. For example, install a robust investment tax credit, permit businesses to expense capital purchases made in 2010, and reduce payroll taxes. These will reignite construction, technology and a wide array of capital goods industries, and lead to expanded employment.

•Prove to the global investors that finance America's debt that we are serious about reining in spending and becoming fiscally prudent by adopting limits on non-military discretionary spending and reforming our unsustainable, unfunded entitlements. These are key to strengthening the dollar, reducing the threat of rampant inflation and holding down interest rates.

•Close down any talk of carbon cap-and-trade. It will burden consumers and employers with billions in new costs. Instead, greatly expand our commitment to natural gas and nuclear, boosting jobs now and reducing the export of energy jobs and dollars later.

(Read More)

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March 22, 2009

Sunday's LKL: Mitt Romney and Answers in the Death of Natasha Richardson

Posted: 11:42 AM ET

artromney02cnn1Tonight, Mitt Romney! His party's in turmoil and its leaders in question! How would he handle the AIG debacle?  And, can he help bring the Republicans back to power?  Mitt weighs-in on Rush Limbaugh, Pres. Obama and more!

Plus, Natasha Richardson's death ruled an accident.  How you can prevent a similar tragedy.  Experts explain what to look for should you or someone you love suffer a head injury.

It's all tonight in a Sunday edition of "Larry King Live," 9 p.m., ET

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March 20, 2009

ICYMI: Mitt Romney on LKL last night – on Obama, AIG

Posted: 07:30 AM ET

Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, but John McCain snagged the nomination.  Last night he appeared on LKL and had a lot to say about President Obama and the economy, as well as the state of the GOP.

Here's a part of the interview:

Larry King: Some are seeing a problem with the president doing the "Tonight Show," the first sitting president ever to do a late-evening [talk] show. Do you have a problem with it?

Mitt Romney: Well, this probably isn't the right time for it. I line up with Warren Buffett on this. I prefer to see the president focusing all of his time and energy on the economy.

King: That's what he was talking about.

Romney: He is talking about it. He's out doing a rally in California. He's posing for the cover of magazines and doing a number of things. He's putting together a health care plan, putting together a cap and trade program, a lot of things on the agenda.

And frankly, if you're doing too many things, a couple of important things can slip by. And one of them that slipped by was the AIG legislation that allowed AIG executives to get these bonuses. It was put in a specific bill.

King: Are you as angered over this AIG thing as probably 90 percent of the public?

Romney: Yes, my view is that this is really the fault of two parties. One, the members of our government that weren't paying attention, at best. That's the most favorable way to characterize it. ...

The other, of course, is the folks at AIG. And you ask yourself, why couldn't they have done what other enterprises do that get in trouble, which is people come together; they talk about the sacrifice they are going to make to try and keep the enterprise going. But these guys seemed not to be willing to do that. ...

This is a president who is learning on the fly. He's never turned anything around before. He hasn't had the experience of leading a nation or a business or a state in trouble. And the first rule I can tell him is focus, focus, focus.


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March 19, 2009

Answers in Natasha Richardson's Death (Yet Other Questions Remain

Posted: 05:39 PM ET

Tonight, New York City's Medical Examiner's Office ruled actress and mother of two Natasha Richardson's accidental death was caused by blunt impact to her head. So, what happened in the moments following her fall on a Canadian ski slope and why were paramedics, who, reportedly, arrived within minutes turned away?artrichardsongi1

Reporters and medical experts with the latest join Larry to talk about today's developments.

Then, how can you prevent a similar tragedy?  Would a helmet have helped?  What should you watch for if you or someone you love falls?  Our experts help you with the answers tonight!

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! CLICK HERE to leave a comment or question.

Then, tune-in tonight.  We may use it on the air!

Meanwhile, tributes pour-in from Hollywood's elite.  "... She is irreplaceable in our lives; She gave us so much, so generously," said Meryl Streep.

"She was a wonderful woman and actress and treated me like I was her own," said Lindsay Lohan.

Regis Philbin said, "She was a lady.  I can't tell you enough what a good person she was ..."

Also on the program tonight: Mitt Romney!  His party's in turmoil...its leaders in question.  How would Mitt Romney handle the AIG mess and bring the Republican Party back from the brink?  He'll join Larry on set in L.A., to talk these and other topics.

It's all tonight on "Larry King Live," at 9 p.m., ET.

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