February 19, 2009

Mickey Rourke loses beloved pet chihuahua week before Oscars

Posted: 09:25 AM ET

Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke's beloved Chihuahua has died just days before the actor hopes to crown his own professional resurrection at Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.

Loki, 18, who accompanied "The Wrestler" star to the Venice Film Festival in September, died on Monday night, Rourke's representative confirmed to E! news.

Rourke, 56, famously thanked his dogs - past and present - in an emotional speech at the Golden Globes in January when he won the best actor award for his comeback role in "The Wrestler" after years in the acting wilderness.


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February 7, 2009

Saturday: Pres. Carter & Mickey Rourke on LKL!

Posted: 06:01 PM ET

Tonight, Former President Jimmy Carter and his hopes for President Barack Obama.

artrourkebackstageafpgiThen Mickey Rourke! He's in a movie that's getting a lot of buzz: "The Wrestler."  We'll also ask about his battles behind the scenes and how he's managed to resurrect his career.

It's all tonight on "Larry King Live," at 9 p.m., ET.

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January 27, 2009

Tuesday's "Larry King Live!" comments

Posted: 06:31 PM ET

One of the great things about our show is diversity.  Tonight's a perfect example!  We start with former President Jimmy Carter.  We'll talk Pres. Obama, peace in the middle east (or the lack thereof) and all things current.artrourkebackstageafpgi

Then Mickey Rourke!  He's in a movie that's getting a lot of buzz, "The Wrestler."  We'll also ask about his battles behind the scenes and how he's managed to resurrect his career.

And, we're also still reading your comments from Larry's interview with impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich!  We asked for comments and you delivered.  Want to sound off on Larry's interview with the governor? CLICK HERE!

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