August 18, 2009

Jonas Brother To Judge "American Idol"

Posted: 06:48 PM ET

Via ETOnlineJonas-London-3

"American Idol" will be welcoming a Jonas Brother to the judges' table, ET confirms.

Joe Jonas will join Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi for auditions in Dallas, Texas.

Other judges confirmed for "Idol" include: Victoria Beckham, Shania Twain and Mary. J. Blige. The FOX show returns to television in January 2010.

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June 19, 2009


Posted: 01:45 PM ET

The Jonas Brothers are pulling out all the stops for their concert this weekend in the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.  They gave Larry a tour of their amazing stage.  Because of the situation in Iran, this didn't make it into the show last night, but you can see it here.

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June 18, 2009

Nick Jonas' Cause

Posted: 03:30 PM ET


16-year-old Nick Jonas was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 13.

The youngest memeber of the Jonas Brothers has teamed up with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, and will be testifying before Congress next week to raise awareness and request additional research funds.

He'll also be participating in the JDRF Children's Congress in Washington next week.

To learn more, go to

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Jonas Brothers Sneak Peek

Posted: 02:21 PM ET

An early look at our interview with the Jonas Brothers.  Be sure to watch the complete interview tonight on LKL!

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'Larry King Live' in Ft. Worth Star-Telegram on Jonas Brothers!

Posted: 09:22 AM ET

This is from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram – and don't forget to tune in to our Jonas Brothers' interview TONIGHT at 9pm ET!18487_013

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took center stage Wednesday at Cowboys Stadium, proudly showing off state-of-the art equipment from Cisco Systems, including 3,000 high-def TVs perched throughout the concourses to the fully digitized and computerized signs.

However, Jones was soon playing second fiddle.

Down on the stadium floor, crews busily worked on a stage for Saturday night’s Jonas Brothers concert. Next to the main stage was a temporary TV set. To figure out what was going on, all you had to do was look up at the world’s largest video board, which read Larry King Live!

About 2:30 p.m., CNN’s venerable host, trailed by minions, made his way through the stadium. In blue corduroys and trademark suspenders, King shook Jones’ hand and followed him on a brief tour before making his way to the set for the day’s big interview. No, not with Jones, but with those adorable JoBros, who kick off a months-long world tour with Saturday’s show.

READ MORE from the Star-Telegram

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June 17, 2009

LKL WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hello from The Jonas Brothers

Posted: 11:00 PM ET

Jonas-IntvwThe Jonas Brothers will be on LKL Thursday night.  In advance of their appearance, they wrote the following LKL Web Exclusive.

Hi everybody, it's the Jonas Brothers. We just returned to our home in Dallas from Europe. In three days we had shows in Madrid, Paris and London. CNN came along with us and you can see exclusive clips and daily blogs from Quinn Brown at

We are excited that our new CD, Lines, Vines and Trying Times. It hit the stores yesterday! We are very proud of this album and put our hearts into every aspect of making it. We tried lots of new musical styles in this album, including adding new instruments like horns and pedal steel guitar. We also have special guests like Miley Cyrus, Common, and Johnny Lang.

We went to buy our new CD today in between rehearsals at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX, just outside Dallas. Having returned from overseas we are spending time getting ready for the start of our tour U.S. tour, which is Saturday. Honor Society and Jordin Sparks will be out with us this summer and we are so excited to have them. It's our first concert in the round, and we have lots of surprises and special effects we can't wait for you to see. The horn section you'll see on stage are called "The Horns" and they have performed with one of favorite artists, Prince. You can check out our itinerary on our website,

We did our interview with Larry King earlier today at Cowboys Stadium.  It was a great hour.  We think you'll really enjoy it, so be sure to watch Larry King Live Thursday at 9pm ET.

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June 16, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Brothers Travelogue Day 3

Posted: 12:29 PM ET

In advance of their appearance on LKL Thursday, the Jonas Brothers have given LKL exclusive, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to one of the hottest bands in the world, on their world tour.  LKL producer Quinn Brown is embedded with the band and filed this report from the third stop on their tour, London.

The Finale: I Just Want to Play My Music

“Go! Go! Now! GO!”

Abdiel, the band’s security ace,l is giving our driver an earful. He knows that if we linger at London’s Wembley Arena, the site of the last Jonas Brothers 3 city/3 date “kamikaze” tour of Europe, we will not make it through the oncoming flood of teenage hormones.Jonas-London-1

And suddenly I was looking around for a young John Lennon and Paul McCartney.  I didn’t personally experience Beatlemania, but I have seen the videos.  The brothers Jonas have a long way to go to reach the Fab Four’s musical heights (remember, their average age is 19), but in three years they’ve already learned how to retain their balance while riding rollercoaster of success.

Like the Beatles, they’ve mastered the delicate art of escaping a crowd crush without offending people.  The UK is an especially tough place for the boys to get around.  We arrived at our hotel in the Soho district at the unfriendly 5am hour, yet there already was a sizable pack of young ladies waiting for a glimpse of the Jonai.

That was only the beginning.

We went to BBC for a radio interview and performance, barely squeezing through the crowd to get in the studio.  But despite a much larger crowd waiting for their exit, the brothers decided not only to wade into the madness but to play an impromptu sidewalk acoustic show (see it on Larry King Live Thursday and CNN.Com/larryking in the coming days) as well!  I’m still not sure how the guys made it into the van.  Even with Big Rob clearing a path, the Jonases just kind of popped into the car as though the crowd had given birth to them.

And it didn’t stop there.  At one point, we began conducting an interview in the back of the car.  I sat facing to the back of the van as we navigated the streets of London. Gradually, we became aware that what I can only describe as a mob was moving toward us on foot..  Traffic was congested.  The throng of fans kept getting closer.  And closer.  I’ll be honest–I was a little frightened.  Joe, Nick, and Kevin?  Not the least bit concerned.  Instead, they were pointing out an abnormally tall guy walking on the opposite sidewalk and laughing!Jonas-London-2

I should note, this hysteria wasn’t limited to London.  At the Paris show, I was shooting video in the photo pit (the 4 foot gap between the stage and the crowd) and was continually swatted at by angry teenage ladies.  Forget that I’m a good guy who was just trying to do his job.  To them, I was nothing more than an annoying obstacle to the musical heartthrobs they idolize.

The reason the Jonas Brothers have achieved massive success is not only due to their maddeningly catchy music, but also to their ability to take the trappings and distractions of celebrity in stride.  Crazed fans are dealt with respectfully.  Rather than running away or ducking every autograph request, they will allow their first-rate security team to get a hold on the situation, then join the fans in something that turns out to be a genuinely communal experience.  These guys get a lot from their admirers.  But they give back, too.

At the end of the day, the reason these young men are able to remain grounded in the midst of  international craziness is that, for them, this really is about the music.  I will admit– I was not sure what to expect when I was given this assignment.  To say that I am picky about my music is an understatement—and then some.  So I could understand why some older people (read: post-20) might look at these guys and think “boy band” or “prepackaged.”  They are neither.  Craft is important to them.  Nick, the youngest, wrote an album in 8 days on vacation.  Joe has clearly studied his frontman idols, and he connects with his young audience in a genuine way.  Kevin is always fiddling with a guitar or humming or plotting the band’s next surprise appearance or business move.

Though still  young, the Jonas Brothers are mature in their artistic acumen.  I have to admit, they startled me with their musical sophistication more than a few times.  After telling the guys they should add “My Name is Jonas” by Weezer to their set (they have practiced it, turns out), Nick mentioned that his song “Poison Ivy” was influenced by that band.  Exactly right.  You can hear that plainly in the hooks and the bursting chorus, even the phrasing.  Later, we were all talking about our Top Five band lists, and I was surprised to share a couple with the guys (Rolling Stones, The Band).  There were a couple of “musician’s musician” types - like Elvis Costello and Johnny Cash – we had in common, too..  Kings of Leon was discussed (who were also playing London last night) and Kevin relayed a hilarious story about meeting them and the Followill gang (KOL is made up of brothers and a cousin).  He said they should all form a family band supergroup.Jonas-London-3

As with every night of what one member of the Jonas tour team called “The Gitmo Tour” (sleep deprivation has been a constant problem for everybody), the day ended with the concert.  The brothers saved their best for last.  Chants of “Jonas!  Jonas!” started at least 30 minutes before the band walked out, and the crowd devoured everything the boys gave them.  Opening act Demi Lovado joined for a song.  The Jonas’ friends in the band McFly came out for a big superjam.  The production was big.  The performance was mistake-free and relentless.  Conquest of Europe complete.

We did interview after interview with the guys, and I have to say, simply, that they are gentlemen.  I could tell you everything about those interviews here on the LKL blog, but then I would be stealing Larry’s thunder.  Want to hear about Kevin’s other artistic muse? Want to know about Nick’s presidential aspirations?  Want to know what Joe really wants to be doing in five years?  Tune in to LARRY KING LIVE Thursday, and find out!

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June 15, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Travelogue Day 2

Posted: 01:20 PM ET

In advance of their appearance on LKL Thursday, the Jonas Bros. have given LKL exclusive, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to one of the hottest bands in the world, on their world tour.  LKL producer Quinn Brown is embedded with the band and filed this report from Paris.

The Cast of Characters, The Jonai Reverence, and The Zenith Furnace

A Parisian sunrise is one hell of a way to start the day.  France from the air is dotted with shimmering rivers and lakes, lush greenery, and what I would call a non-invasive city structure.  Everything seems to have a purpose.  Not a lot of arbitrary in Paris, and it’s all very harmonious.   jonas-paris-005

The same can be said for the Jonas organization.  While I marveled at the size of the entourage on Day One, I now understand that everyone here serves a specific purpose.  But when you look at how Team Jonas functions as a unified whole , you really begin to understand the wild success of the band.

If you look at contemporary bands that have successfully endured past the ten-to-fifteen year mark – bands like U2 or Pearl Jam – ,you find they all have famously tight organizations that are run on the basis of a common purpose and direct principles.  In other words, there is a clear mission mapped out and everyone follows it.  With that also comes a sense of family – something that can’t be sustained if  there are jerks running around.

The Jonas organization definitely embraces the former (family) and rejects the latter (jerks).  It’s built on the principle that if you start with a solid foundation of family and family, trust will follow.  What’s unique about Team Jonas are the members of the “family.”  The Jonas Brothers - Joe, Nick, and Kevin – are  individuals.  And characters one and all.  But more on them later.

Those surrounding the band are vitally important to this operation.  There is Brad the promoter - a Letterman look-alike with an irrepressible sense of humor and unmatched enthusiasm.  He’s the only music promoter I’ve ever run into who will actually tell you:  “If a promoter’s lips are moving that means he’s lying.”   The assistant to the band (modest title for a major job) , Jesse.  He’s a hard worker who makes the brothers’ long days and demanding performances seem just a bit less arduous by taking care of the little things.  Stef the masseuse is a woman with a naturally radiant personality.  She soothes as much with her spirit as with her hands.  Anthony is the video supervisor for the concerts.  In addition to buffering pressure from the tour managers by being exceeding helpful, he’s absolutely hilarious.jonas-paris-001

The list goes on and on.  The jobs have been carefully thought out.  The choices of who to bring in to fill them have been even more painstakingly considered.  That precision and care really pays off for a band in the midst of one of the most demanding tour schedules I’ve ever seen.  It’s also laid the groundwork of a Team I expect will hang together for many years to come.

We spent a good amount of time talking all aspects of art with the Jonas boys today.  One thing that strikes me about them is the sense of reverence they have for those who have influenced their work.  These influences aren’t narrow or predictable, either.  Ahead of Larry King’s interview with the band this Thursday, Nick has been especially vocal about his admiration of our beloved host.  He surprised me talking about some shows that he had watched in the past.  Our shows aren’t exactly targeted to mid-teens.  Joe has studied all of the greatest frontmen – Mercury, Morrison, Jagger…and he’s sweated hard to put those studies to use on stage.  While he has an instinctive understanding of how to connect with an audience, he’s worked to amp up his natural showmanship.  And Kevin?  Well, he served as our tour guide as we bussed to the  Paris concert venue earlier today.  Museums, landmarks, history, French personalities and artistic achievements – he knew his stuff, without checking Frommer’s!
If a young band’s future is at least partly dependent on their appreciation of the musical past, the Jonas Brothers are off to a really good start.

Of course, the Jonas Brothers’ ultimate standing will rest on their own  performances.  As I talk to the band and crew, I get the sense that their rate of improvement is accelerating.jonas-paris-004

They battled hard on this night as the show was held at the giant popcorn bag known as Le Zenith arena in the industrial part of Paris.  There were at least four faintings *before* the band walked out on stage tonight.  It was as though the heat had been stored in that building for use in the cold winters, but wasn’t let out in a couple of years.  And yet, the Jonases battled their way to a hard earned victory…leaving the previous night’s Madrid show in the dust.  The fans were right there with them.  Those that stayed afloat hung in there mightily, and the band feed off of their enthusiasm admirably.  There are more smiles, more interaction and tighter playing all the way around tonight.  The plane ride to London is brief but sails on a victorious air over the English Channel.

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LKL WEB EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-Scenes with the Jonas Brothers in Madrid - The Video

Posted: 09:21 AM ET

Leading up to our interview with the Jonas Brothers Thursday, LKL has been given exclusive, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Jonas Brothers European Tour.  Today's piece was filed from Madrid.  Tomorrow, check this space to see what happened with Jonas Brothers in Paris.

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June 13, 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes with the Jonas Brothers

Posted: 11:11 PM ET

Leading up to their appearance on LKL Thursday night, The Jonas Brothers have given us UNPRECEDENTED BEHIND THE SCENES ACCESS to their European tour.  LKL Producer Quinn Brown is embedded with the Jonas Brothers and filed this report from Madrid.

Look for part 2 of Quinn's log soon, and be sure to check the blog again tonight for EXCLUSIVE VIDEO OF THE JONAS BROS. EUROPEAN TOUR.

Pt. 1 – Jonas’ Play Lights-Out in Madridjonas-022

To get to the brothers Jonas, you have to get through Big Rob.  This is an imposing proposition.  Rob stands over 6’5 and is built like an offensive guard in the NFL.  My photojournalist cohort, Bill, and I put a priority on getting in good with Big Rob from the get-go of this Euro-vasion by the powerpop gauntlet that is the Jonas Brothers.

So the night finally arrives- we get to see these teen idols in action, live and on-stage in Madrid, Spain- and we are all in the backstage hallway awaiting the opening prayer that has been a staple pre-concert ritual since day one of the Jonas’ shows.  At about ten til showtime Big Rob decides to good-naturedly whack someone with a huge high-five.    And then the lights went out.  In perfect metronome timing with the point of contact.  While I would have believed in this man’s ability to send shockwaves through an entire arena with one “up-high”- it turns out the Spanish weather is to blame.  Two more power outages later, and we are high-tailing it, sans encore, through the streets of the old city back to our hotel.

But that didn’t stop the irrepressible brothers from sending their fans home screaming, fainting, convulsing, and alive.

Everyone knows that part.  The die-hard fans, the Disney-sponsored performances, the undeniably catchy hooks and riffs.  You’re reading this blog for some hidden treasures.  I’ll see what I can do.jonas-004

My first encounter with the guys was quick.  We boarded the gigantic Jonas Express Boeing 757, and streaked across the skies in quick fashion.  I apologized to Nick immediately for having our cameras in his face for the next few days, to which he simply smiled and said, “enjoy it!”  Kevin jokingly walked over to a huddle including myself, tour managers Matt and Joe, and publicist Lillian and said he wanted to cancel half of the interviews slated for the tour (something I could never foresee this band doing in a million years…or at least until they become cagey rock veterans).  Joe offered a warm hello but remains the shy one in the group…all despite his dead-on Jagger swagger and Mercury poses in concert.

The Jonas organization is a tight-knit but not tightly-wound group of people completely devoted to the well-being and preservation of the Brothers.  They are all highly qualified, but lack the distinct stench of your normal music business muckety-mucks.  Take Lillian the publicist, for example.  Only someone with a broad mind and endless charm could have started her career representing N.W.A.—yes, the pioneering “gangsta” rappers- and move on to Jonas Brothers.  Manager Phil has militaristic precision, but is smart enough to realize that letting the band stay very late at the hotel to sign autographs- despite a waiting plane ride- is essential to the band’s appeal and survival.

The fans.  That’s what you will hear from all three brothers, multiple times, in every single interview.  And it’s genuine.  Critics can say what they want about the band (and there are many divergent opinions), but the brothers only care about the opinions of those kids coming through the turnstiles.  (you can hear from the Jonases themselves speaking about their fans on Thursday’s Larry King Live).

After a single day of covering the band, it is clear that the media attention alone would be enough to extinguish any band with an age range far older than these guys.  The barrage is relentless.  Five different countries with one-on-one interviews with all 3 guys, plus a huge press conference that the Jonases marched through as though they had been doing it for thirty years—nothing fazes them.  In fact, they came into our own interview after all of this and it was like they were seeing old friends for the first time in months.  An average age of 19 years old and total pros.  jonas-011

But the best moments, thus far, have been the bus rides we’ve shared with the three musicians (and only a bodyguard otherwise) where we get a real sense of each Jonas brother.  They talked about their proud adopted hometown of Dallas, Texas (site of the LKL interview this Thursday).  Joe gave only a modest smile to the NY Times comparison between he and Jim Morrison.  The brothers, in a rare admission for proud musicians, said they didn’t know much about the legendary venues they are about to play (Wembley Stadium in London and the Zenith in Paris)—but they were excited nonetheless.  Nick seemed genuinely intrigued by the old world European architecture whizzing by on the city streets.  They also spoke of some of their musical heroes like Elvis Costello, Brad Paisley, Jon Bon Jovi and Jimi Hendrix.

But the bus ride that sums up day one of Jonas in Europe was the one we took to the venue earlier today.  Escaping an absolute mob of teenage hormones at the hotel, we took to downtown Madrid.  Joe- out of the blue, seemingly no instruction to do so, called up a fan and sent his well wishes.  Nick found out that he had just completed all his courses for high school and will be graduating soon.  And then…the nudists showed up.  Spain is certainly known for its red-hot summers, and I suppose the heat proved too much for a certain throng of locals.  The Jonas boys- in a true display of maturity- gave them a wry grin and proceeded to go back to whatever they were doing.  The rest of us- we couldn’t stop laughing.

The band tore through its set, and ignited the Spanish crowd…and that was it.  No time to rest.  Paris lies ahead.  Jonas Conquistadores – 1.  Europe- 0.

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