June 30, 2009

IMPACT YOUR WORLD: "We Are the World"

Posted: 04:34 PM ET

Tonight, our "Impact Your World" segment will focus on "USA for Africa."  The organization was founded in 1985, and was the beneficiary of the song, "We Are the World," written by Michael Jackson.  Harry Belafonte, Inspirational Founder of USA for Africa, explains the organization's mission below.

Editor's Note: "We Are the World" is currently #70 on iTunes most downloaded songs.

When dramatically faced with tragedy or injustice, people respond in unprecedented ways. They are galvanized to action or compelled to respond in someway. This is why people keep trying to improve the world. Harry-Belafonte

People have demonstrated this in situations throughout history both large and small, be it neighbor helping neighbor during the Depression, or when famine and other natural disasters such as the Tsunami or Katrina happens.

I discovered some time ago that being in the struggle for freedom, to fight against injustice or to end poverty is not a part time job, nor can it be treated as a hobby. I have strongly believed in the importance of artists recognizing their potential role in effecting social change. Public figures have always used their status to help others, by using their public visibility and drawing power to spotlight serious problems where ever they may exist.

Here in America, right in our own backyard, we witness the tragedy of hunger and homelessness. In the world's wealthiest country, millions of women, children and men lack the most basic human needs.

I would like not to be political, but I see no way for the issues of famine, hunger and the lack of adequate medical care for all people of the world to be settled, other than politically. But before any action can be taken, we each must on a global scale, make a commitment that all people have a right to be free from hunger and disease.

This requires the commitment, not only of each of us but governments along with the collective resources of industry and private enterprise to make the difference that is needed. It will also require the continuing and important involvement of artists who can use their art to send messages to audiences of millions. We now have many more artists who truly understand this power and are making their presence felt by galvanizing the public to put pressure on world leaders along with them, so that there can then exist a world where all of humanity can fulfill its potential for good.

To learn more about "USA for Africa," CLICK HERE.

To learn more about "Impact Your World," CLICK HERE.


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June 16, 2009

IMPACT YOUR WORLD: Kathy Griffin Helps Wounded Vets

Posted: 08:25 PM ET

Kathy Griffin Salutes America's Vets

kgriffMultiple Emmy-award-winner Kathy Griffin, star of Bravo’s "My Life on the D-List," has embraced America’s VetDogs and the work they do for America’s heroes.  A VetDogs recipient was invited by Griffin to speak about how the organization changed his life and even had the added fun of introducing the comedian at each of her recent sold-out concerts in New York.

Griffin mentions America’s VetDogs when she makes any media appearance.  Recent appearances have included Rachael Ray’s Emmy-winning daytime talk show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration with Anderson Cooper, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Griffin has visited Iraq with the USO and has made numerous visits to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to entertain soldiers recovering from their injuries.

The VetDogs project is a new program from the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.  Since its beginning in 1946, the Foundation has always served the needs of veterans, but it has done so as part of its overall mission to improve the quality of life for people who are blind or visually impaired.

In recent years, the Foundation has come to recognize that as veterans age, and as wounded soldiers return home from the global war on terrorism, there would be a greater need for guide dogs and specialized service dogs to help them maintain mobility and independence.

Thus VetDogs was born.  We realized that it was important to consolidate our outreach to disabled veterans to address these increased needs.  By building cooperative relationships with the military and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and by forging strategic partnerships with other guide and service dog schools to widen the options and availability of services to the veteran, we will ensure that disabled veterans receive all the benefits they need to live in dignity and independence.

We will train and supply guide dogs for the visually impaired veteran and service dogs for those who have disabilities other than blindness. In addition, training on Trekker, an orientation aid that uses GPS technology and digital maps to help blind and visually impaired people navigate unfamiliar territory, is also being offered.

The Guide Dog Foundation plans to be the standard by which the military and the VA measure assistance dog providers, and VetDogs is our way of recognizing the sacrifice made by our men and women in uniform

All of our services are provided at no cost to the veteran.   For more information go to

To learn more about Impact Your World, go to


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June 2, 2009

Impact Your World: Invisible Children

Posted: 03:46 PM ET

1tv.larrycustomTonight, Larry will talk with the team of filmmakers from the documentary  'Invisible Children.'  They, along with musician Pete Wentz of the band Fallout Boy will discuss this captivating film and the charity project they're promotion in relation to the film.

In the spring of 2003, three young Americans traveled to Africa in search of such as story.  What they found was a tragedy that disgusted and inspired them.  A story where children are weapons and children are the victims. The "Invisible Children: rough cut" film exposes the effects of a 20 year-long war on the children of Northern Uganda. These children live in fear of abduction by rebel soldiers, and are being forced to fight as a part of violent army. This wonderfully reckless documentary is fast paced, with an MTV beat, and is something truly unique. To see Africa through young eyes is humorous and heart breaking, quick and informative – all in the very same breath.  See this film, you will be forever changed.

For More:


With your help, the biggest lobby day in American history will be history in the making, leading to long overdue peace and safety for the children caught in the crossfire of Joseph Kony’s war. For two days this summer (June 22nd & 23rd), concerned citizens (and some high-profile cheerleaders) from every corner of the country will descend upon D.C. with one message: the time for peace is now, and this is how it ends. The program will include lobbying trainings, VIP speakers, a kick-off rally and will culminate in an unprecedented outpouring of activism on Capitol Hill, with hundreds of meetings taking place between Members of Congress and their constituents.



To learn more about CNN's Impact Your World campaign, please click here

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May 19, 2009

Impact Your World: Larry and the LKCF

Posted: 03:36 PM ET

Larry King Jr. is the President of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation.LK,-LK-Jr,-Chance,-Cannon

He's also the son of the Larry King that has a show on CNN.  You might have heard of him.

Larry Jr.'s commentary is part of our continuing Impact Your World series.  He will also be a guest on tonight's LKL.

Tonight on my father's show you will learn a lot of new things about his life. One thing that amazes me about my father is that no matter where he is or what he is doing he will stop it to make a call to tell someone that his Foundation will help save their life

I almost lost my father in 1987, but he was lucky. His hospital bills were covered by insurance. While he was recovering from his operation, he made a promise to himself to help others who may not be as lucky.

The Larry King Cardiac Foundation (LKCF) was established in 1988 to provide funding for life-saving treatment for individuals who, due to limited means or no insurance, would otherwise be unable to receive the treatment and care they so desperately need. The Foundation works in conjunction with hospitals throughout the nation to ensure that such patients receive proper medical attention. Doctors performing these surgeries do so at no charge. Hospitals are compensated only for the materials used. Hearts are repaired. Families are given another chance. Lives are saved.

We have a simple target and that is try to Save a Heart a Day. Last year we helped 313 individuals with life saving cardiac care. In addition we screened over 4000 people for cardiac disease and on an ongoing basis we screened over 400 people for cardiac disease in Los Angeles with our collaborate efforts with LAC+USC hospital.

So far in 2009, we have helped 178 individuals with only 131 days gone in the year! We have accomplished this goal in part due to the increase in some international cases we completed in Africa and Jamaica as well as increased patient support at our new partner hospital in Miami: Jackson Memorial.

I am proud of my father and what he has done in his career but I am probably more proud of his Foundation. We could use your help!

To learn more go to

To learn more about how you can Impact Your World, go to


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May 6, 2009

ICYMI 2: Mia Farrow's Hunger Strike

Posted: 11:58 AM ET

Last night we launched our "Impact Your World" segments with Mia Farrow, who is in the second week of her hunger strike to raise awareness of the crisis in Darfur.  Larry started by asking Mia how she felt.artmiafarrowcongo

MIA FARROW, ACTRESS:  I feel OK, Larry.  I think the first six days were the hardest.  I have low energy, but, strangely, it's kind of a spiritual journey.  I have less tolerance for TV.  I listen to a lot of Bach.  I try to read.  And sometimes I just look out the window.
But thank you for doing the show on Darfur.  That's the reason I'm doing this and it's great that you're doing the show.
KING:  Are you under medical supervision?
FARROW:  A doctor came yesterday, yes, took my blood and all of that and did my numbers.  And I'm OK, except for low protein.  What's it called?  Ketosis (ph) or something like that.  Yes, but it's reversible.
KING:  How long are you going to do this?
FARROW:  As long as I can.  I don't know.  I don't know.  I put an end date for three weeks.  And if I can get there, great.  If I can't, I will have done my best.
KING:  You wrote a commentary for our - I'm sorry, go ahead.
FARROW:  No, I was going to say, yes, I did write a commentary.  I was going to say, if there is one message for people here, I'm not doing this fast for myself or - but it is, as you said, to throw attention to Darfur, where it's so desperately needed.  The situation has never been more dire, with the expulsion of the 16 key aid agencies that were sustaining so many lives.  The time is urgent and running out for more than a million people in Darfur.
KING:  I understand someone is with you, Mohammed Yahya.  He's from Darfur, is that right?
FARROW:  That's right.  Yes, he's a respected Darfuri leader here in the United States.  He has news of Darfur.
KING:  Mohamed, are things getting any better?
YAHYA:  Unfortunately, Mr. Larry, things doesn't go very well.  And it's really getting worse and worse, especially after the government of Sudan expelled about 16 aid workers, the organizations who are supporting my people in Darfur, giving them food, shelter, water and medicine.  And right now, so many people dying.  Hundreds of people dying, especially kids, due to Meningitis and disease, and Cholera, so many difficult situations in Darfur right now.
KING:  Mia, what can ordinary Americans do to help?
FARROW:  Everyone can call the White House, 203-456-1111.  And President Obama made campaign pledges -
KING:  202.
FARROW:  Sorry, you're quite right, 202-456-11.  And ask President Obama to please, please make good on those campaign pledges to help to bring an end to the suffering in Darfur.  And I know a lot of - I received tremendous support from all over the world.  And some supporters have set up a website,, where you can go there and figure out from them what else you can do.  Some people have been joining me in fasts of one day and three days.  I think this will go on when I've finished, Larry.
KING:  Thank you Mia, and thank you, Mohammed, as well.  To learn more about Mia's efforts, go to  To find out how you can help out,


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May 5, 2009

Tonight: Mia Farrow Impacts Her World

Posted: 11:48 AM ET

Mia Farrow is now in the second week of her hunger strike, and tonight she'll tell Larry how it's going.farrow3

The purpose of the hunger strike is to raise awareness about the crisis in Darfur.  Larry spoke with Mia the day she stopped eating.  To see that interview CLICK HERE.  And to find out more about Mia's hunger strike visit

Mia also wrote an exclusive commentary for our blog.  It got a lot of people talking.  To check out her commentary CLICK HERE.

Beyond the obvious question of, "how hungry are you," we'll ask how the strike is being received (the reaction hasn't been all positive), and whether she's thought about quitting yet.

Plus, Mia is kicking off our "Impact Your World" segments.  Every few weeks, we'll focus on different ways you can help make a difference, starting tonight with the crisis in Darfur.

To learn more about Darfur and how you can help, go to


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