December 7, 2010

Fight Hunger!

Posted: 07:12 PM ET

By Bill Ayres
Executive Director and co-founder of WhyHunger

Hunger affects over 50 million people in the U.S.  The chances are that you already know someone who is affected by hunger. Families with children, the elderly, and working people are in need of support, especially but not limited to the holiday season.

In response to this need, the National Hunger Hotline has been created.  It is a service of the National Hunger Clearinghouse, funded in part by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, and managed by WhyHunger. Below are just two of the recent stories we've we heard from people across the country in need of food assistance.

–A veteran of the United States Air Force recently called the Hotline in need of food resources to last him a month. The veteran had recently completed his four years of service and was set to join the Coast Guard in two months but was unable to provide the necessary shelter and food for his family of six in the interim. At the time of his call he was en route to a doctor’s appointment to meet his pregnant wife and was unable to write down the numbers. Instead, the Hotline advocate emailed him a list of food pantries that he would be able to access for the month as well as the commodities program at his local food bank.

–One of our grassroots partners, Lana, was trying to locate 50 meals a day for a low-income senior program. She made dozens of calls, including trying to enlist the support of a local politician, to no avail. We connected her to a model food pantry in the area, and they conducted a site visit. After the visit, the head of nutrition services passed away, and the case appeared to be in limbo. We re-connected Lana with the Executive Director and helped her to clarify details about the operation that had been an obstacle to her request.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Lana stating that the senior center is now receiving 50 meals from the pantry daily. In addition, she contacted the local politician, who presented the pantry with a $5000 check for their work. She thanked us for “getting things done while others made promises.”

Need Help Finding Food?: Call the National Hunger Hotline 1-866-3 HUNGRY and 1-877-8 HAMBRE (1-866-348-6479 and 1-877-842-6273) to get connected to emergency food assistance, government programs, and model grassroots organizations that work to improve access to healthy, nutritious food, and build self-reliance. Help is available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm EST.

You can help us help those in need by visiting

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June 28, 2010

Video Premiere: Griffin House's "Head For The Hills"

Posted: 04:56 PM ET

Musician Griffin House recently traveled to the Gulf, camera in hand.  What he saw and felt can be seen in the VIDEO PREMIERE of "Head for the Hills."  If you like it, check out Griffin's new album, "The Learner," or visit Griffin's web site:


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June 23, 2010

Wrapping Up The Telethon

Posted: 03:58 PM ET

In case you missed the telethon, or want to check out he highlights again, we offer these videos, including a behind the scenes look.

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June 22, 2010

Cousteau's Stories From The Gulf

Posted: 09:40 PM ET

You saw them on the telethon, but these are definitely worth another look, if for no other reason than to enjoy the Pearl Jam music.

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June 21, 2010

Why We're Doing "How You Can Help"

Posted: 07:39 PM ET

CNN’s Larry King Hosts Special 2-Hour Larry King Live Telethon Monday, June 21st from 8 to 10pm Eastern

By Carol Buckland
Larry King Live Sr. Editorial Producer

Before they’re ready to listen to how they can help, a lot of people want to know why they should help.

Generosity in response to natural disasters is one thing. Calls to aid the victims of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis are almost always answered by an outpouring of monetary donations and other kinds of assistance. But when catastrophes are man-made – when there are individuals, corporations, or governments to blame for creating a problem or making it worse – most people expect those responsible to step up and fix the damage they’ve done.

President Obama says the government is holding BP and all other responsible parties “accountable” for what’s become the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. He also says he’s “absolutely confident” BP will be able to meet its obligations to the Gulf Coast and to the American people.

BP CEO Tony Hayward says his company will “not rest until we make this right.” He also maintains “no resources will be spared.”

The trouble is: Even if these pledges of “accountability” and “making things right” are completely fulfilled, it’s going to take time. And time is something the Gulf Coast is very, very short on right now. Help is needed immediately – if not sooner. And it’s going to keep on being needed for a lot of years.

Read the rest of this entry »

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June 18, 2010

Monday's Telethon: A Two-Screen Experience

Posted: 05:27 PM ET

By Eric Kuhn
CNN Audience Interaction Producer
(yes, this is a real title)

Tune in and log on this Monday, June 21, for a special LARRY KING LIVE telethon focusing on what you can do to help the Gulf Coast. "Disaster in the Gulf: How You Can Help," which airs on CNN between 8 – 10 PM ET, is going to be a great two-screen experience, so pull out your laptop!

During the telethon, Larry will check in with Ryan Seacrest, who will be hosting a special “Social Suite” with celebrities such as Alyssa Milano, Pete Wentz, Deepak Chopra, Chelsea Handler, Jenny McCarthy, Tyson Ritter and Edward James Olmos.

Before and during the broadcast, we are encouraging people to participate on their favorite social media platform to help spread the word, have conversations and share ideas about how you can help.

Here is how you can participate:

Facebook: We are asking that you change your Facebook profile photo in support of the Gulf. Please save the photo in this blog post and use it as your new profile photo on Facebook. Also, update your status message about how you are helping with the environmental disaster.

The Disaster Relief on Facebook Page, which was launched hours after January's devastating earthquake in Haiti, serves as a collaborative resource for individuals, non-profits, governments and industry to raise awareness for those in need around the globe. Celebrities, such as Ivanka Trump, will be posting questions on that page throughout the telecast and are excited to hear your thoughts. Some of the comments left on that page will be read on air.

Also check for updates about the show on Larry’s Facebook Page and CNN Impact Your World.

Twitter: During the broadcast, we are encouraging people to tweet to the celebrities by using the hashtag #CNNHelpGulf (Hashtags, in the twitter universe, provide an easy way to keep track of conversations by searching specific phrases or keywords). Share your feelings and thoughts about the disaster in the Gulf.

Gowalla: Now through Monday go out with Gowalla, the location-based mobile and web service, and check-in at any Spot in the "Parks and Nature" category and receive an official "Larry King Live: How You Can Help" pin for your Gowalla Passport, as well as information on how to help.

By staying connected, we can all make a difference. We hope, with your help, and by spreading the word, we'll build support for how you can help in the Gulf.

Thank you.

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