March 21, 2010

LKL Sunday!

Posted: 06:00 PM ET

The showdown over health care reform!

As the house gets ready to make its historic vote, we're bringing you the latest as the Democrats and Republicans battle it out!

Don't miss this special Larry King Live!


Do YOU want the health care reform to pass?

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March 19, 2010

What happens to me if it passes?

Posted: 09:30 PM ET


Washington (CNN) - President Obama launched his health care reform effort shortly after taking office, saying the country could not afford to continue to sustain the costs and the burden on families.

The House is expected to vote Sunday on the health care bill that the Senate passed in December, though many House Democrats remain opposed to it.

One of the options for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: having the House pass the Senate bill but following up with another vote in both chambers on a series of changes. The idea is to make the legislation more acceptable for House Democrats opposed to the Senate's version.

Although some of the provisions in the reform bill won't be implemented immediately, here's what Democrats say would go into effect in the first year after passage:

Eliminating caps: If you buy a policy, a health care company will not be able to place a lifetime - or annual - cap on how much they will cover. This is will be especially important for those diagnosed with serious illnesses, such as cancer, who face steep medical bills.

Pre-existing conditions: The Senate bill includes $5 billion in immediate support to provide temporary coverage to uninsured Americans with pre-existing conditions. The money would help you until the new health care exchanges in the Senate bill are put into effect in 2014.


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March 18, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 06:00 PM ET

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Betty White! Her fans spoke in an online campaign...and "Saturday Night Live" heard them! Now she's hosting SNL. But first...she sits down with Larry.


Rep. Dennis Kucinich's first interview after announcing that he is changing his health care vote to yes.


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March 17, 2010

Key liberal congressman flips to 'yes' on health care vote

Posted: 05:30 PM ET

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Washington (CNN) - Health care reform advocates inched closer to victory Wednesday as a high-profile liberal Democrat switched his position and announced his intention to vote for a sweeping $875 billion plan under consideration in the House of Representatives.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, said he believes "health care is a civil right." He had previously characterized the bill, which cleared the Senate in December, as little more than a boondoggle for private insurers.

Kucinich was publicly lobbied for his vote by President Barack Obama during the president's visit this week to Kucinich's congressional district in Ohio. He told reporters he's had four meetings with Obama to discuss the bill.

"The president's visit to my district ... underscored the urgency of this vote," Kucinich said. "I have doubts about the bill ... [but] I've decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation."


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March 4, 2010

ICYMI: Reps Bachmann and Grayson square off on health care!

Posted: 11:27 AM ET
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February 26, 2010

30 Million Americans, 7,000 Rare Diseases

Posted: 07:01 PM ET

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By Peter Saltonstall
Pres. & CEO of NORD - National Organization of Rare Disorders

While the eyes of the nation are directed toward Washington and the ongoing Health Care Summit, I wanted to take the opportunity to raise an issue that too often flies below the radar of the collective health consciousness – rare diseases.

In the United States, “rare” refers to conditions affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) there are nearly 7,000 such diseases. These might sound like relatively small numbers on the surface, but collectively, nearly 30 million Americans suffer from these uncommon—and in some cases, unknown—conditions. That’s one out of every ten individuals in this country alone.

Across the nation, patients are plagued by unexplainable symptoms and a general lack of awareness regarding their conditions, forcing them to endure dismissals and misdiagnoses before ever receiving a proper diagnosis.

In support of the struggle and bravery of these patients, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is celebrating the second annual Rare Disease Day in the United States this Sunday, February 28. NORD is collecting patient stories, photos and videos to raise awareness of specific rare diseases, to be featured on a special website for Rare Disease Day U.S. activities: NORD, along with its 150 member organizations and partners, serves as an advocate for these patients by heightening awareness of their conditions and the need for increased research funding for effective treatments.

One of these partners is Discovery Health, a television network well-known in the rare disease community for its popular medical mystery programming. Discovery Health has joined NORD for the second consecutive year as media partner for Rare Disease Day. In honor of the occasion, Discovery Health will premiere “Disease Detectives” at 8 PM ET/PT, an hour-long special featuring the first televised look into the NIH’s Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP), a unique program that combines the scientific and medical expertise with our enhanced resources in order to identify some of the most complex and problematic medical cases.

Although progress has been made in recent years, approximately 15 million Americans have rare diseases for which there still is no approved treatment. I encourage you to learn more about rare diseases—as the odds are you already know someone dealing with such a condition.

To learn more about NORD, visit

You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about Disease Detectives on Discovery Health.

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February 25, 2010

Larry King Live Tonight!

Posted: 04:00 PM ET

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President Obama and GOP leaders clash on health care reform! The heated debate continues with Democrat Howard Dean and Republican Bill Frist! Did today’s summit accomplish anything?

Plus, the director and star of the Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Hurt Locker’ are here! Kathryn Bigelow and Jeremy Renner take us into the dangerous and deadly world of explosives.

And, get the latest on the tragedy at SeaWorld! Why some say this will happen again! Jack Hanna will be here. He knew the trainer who was killed! And, Bob Barker’s plea to set the whales free.

Do YOU think killer whales should be kept in captivity?

Let us know!

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