June 22, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 07:00 PM ET

Can Kevin Costner Save the Gulf?

The Oscar winner says he’s got solutions to help clean up the Gulf Coast oil disaster!  He tells Larry about teaming up with BP to put his water-cleaning machines to the test!


Gen. McChrystal under fire for comments made about President Obama.  He's being recalled to Washington for a meeting with the President.  Will those comments cost him his job?


A primetime exclusive with a man who amputated his own arm to save his life!

Do you think General McChrystal should be fired over his comments about President Obama?


Weigh in below!

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Judge may rule on deepwater drilling moratorium Tuesday

Posted: 08:27 AM ET


A judge in New Orleans may rule Tuesday on whether to lift the federal government's moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman has said he will give his decision between early Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon on whether to issue a preliminary injunction against the six-month ban, which halts all drilling in more than 500 feet of water and prevents new permits from being issued.

Brian Collins, an attorney for the Justice Department, insisted Monday that the suspension is necessary while officials conduct a safety review after the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

But a group of companies that provide boats and equipment to the offshore drilling industry filed a lawsuit claiming the government has no evidence that existing operations pose a threat to the Gulf of Mexico. They want a court to declare the moratorium invalid and unenforceable.

The office of Louisiana's governor has filed a brief supporting their case.

"This is environmental disaster. Let's not make an economic disaster," Henry Dart, an attorney for the state of Louisiana, said Monday.


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June 21, 2010

Disaster in the Gulf Auction

Posted: 10:00 PM ET

Support the waters by visiting charitybuzz!

What's being auctioned:

– Signed Larry King suspenders!

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– Signed LeBron James jersey!

– And much, much more!

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Why We're Doing "How You Can Help"

Posted: 07:39 PM ET

CNN’s Larry King Hosts Special 2-Hour Larry King Live Telethon Monday, June 21st from 8 to 10pm Eastern

By Carol Buckland
Larry King Live Sr. Editorial Producer

Before they’re ready to listen to how they can help, a lot of people want to know why they should help.

Generosity in response to natural disasters is one thing. Calls to aid the victims of earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis are almost always answered by an outpouring of monetary donations and other kinds of assistance. But when catastrophes are man-made – when there are individuals, corporations, or governments to blame for creating a problem or making it worse – most people expect those responsible to step up and fix the damage they’ve done.

President Obama says the government is holding BP and all other responsible parties “accountable” for what’s become the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. He also says he’s “absolutely confident” BP will be able to meet its obligations to the Gulf Coast and to the American people.

BP CEO Tony Hayward says his company will “not rest until we make this right.” He also maintains “no resources will be spared.”

The trouble is: Even if these pledges of “accountability” and “making things right” are completely fulfilled, it’s going to take time. And time is something the Gulf Coast is very, very short on right now. Help is needed immediately – if not sooner. And it’s going to keep on being needed for a lot of years.

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Robert Redford Reflects on the Gulf Oil Disaster

Posted: 06:49 PM ET


Robert Redford laments the Gulf oil disaster but says it was perhaps necessary to "wake us up" and get us to force the "politicians in the government that are in collusion with the energy companies" to move America towards a clean energy future.


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Save Our Gulf

Posted: 04:56 PM ET

www.Save Our

Waterkeeper Alliance is a global environmental organization uniting more than 190 Waterkeeper organizations around the world and focusing citizen advocacy on the issues that most affect our waterways, from pollution to climate change. When the BP Disaster began to show signs of attacking the Gulf of Mexico Coastlines, Waterkeepers jumped into action to address every aspect of the issue from shoreline protection to cleanup methods to volunteer organizing.  Waterkeepers across the country and abroad formed the Gulf Adhoc group to lend their expertise in oil spill recovery to those Gulf Basin Waterkeepers on the front lines of this disaster.

Through the Save Our Gulf initiative, Waterkeeper Alliance is connecting and supporting the work of our Gulf Waterkeepers in Florida (Apalachicola Riverkeeper and Emerald Coastkeeper), Alabama (Mobile Baykeeper), Louisiana (Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Louisiana Bayoukeeper, and Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper), and Texas (Galveston Baykeeper).  Your Gulf Coast’s committed environmental leaders are working together in their local watersheds to protect their communities, ensure transparent information, protect their waterways, and fight for full accountability by BP and others responsible for the disaster.

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CrowdStar Helps National Wildlife Federation Save Animals Devastated by Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

Posted: 04:08 PM ET

Social Games Leader Donates 100% of Net Proceeds on Special Virtual Goods Sales to Support NWF’s Efforts to Save Wildlife Affected by BP Gulf Oil Spill Disaster

CrowdStar, a global leader in social gaming, today announced a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to help raise money benefitting wildlife affected by the devastating BP oil spill.
The more than 50 million monthly players of CrowdStar games on Facebook can purchase special virtual animals in each of the games. CrowdStar will donate 100% of net proceeds from the sales of these items to the National Wildlife Federation.

In CrowdStar’s hit game, “Zoo Paradise,” players can buy a sea turtle, similar to the ones affected in the oil spill disaster, and then tell their friends about it on Facebook. Players advance in the game by caring for the turtle, feeding it, and helping it grow. Similarly, people can buy and care for a bottlenose dolphin in the game “Happy Aquarium,” or a sea duck in “Happy Pets.” Across all of CrowdStar’s games, people can purchase five different animals, with all net proceeds going directly to NWF’s ongoing efforts.

“We are proud to help the National Wildlife Federation in its work to save animals affected by the Gulf oil spill disaster,” said Niren Hiro, Chief Executive Officer, CrowdStar. “Our global audience cares deeply about this issue, and we’re pleased to provide an easy way for people to get involved and contribute while playing our games.”

“We’re thrilled to work with CrowdStar to drive more attention and donations to this urgent issue,” said Anne Senft, Vice President for Membership and Online Marketing at National Wildlife Federation. “By helping educate a global audience in an engaging and entertaining manner, while allowing people to easily donate, CrowdStar will enable millions of people to save wildlife affected by the disaster.”

For more information visit

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LKL Exclusive: Philippe Cousteau

Posted: 04:01 PM ET

Philippe Cousteau is the CEO of EarthEcho International and the grandson of famed ocean explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau.

The sun was coming up when we drove away from the hotel in New Orleans, bound for my 5th trip to Grand Isle.  The projected low for the day was 88 degrees, a new record and a bad sign for hurricane season ahead, but by now I was getting used to the heat.  The next few days would see us retrace our steps from the weekend with a day in Grand Isle, LA, and one in Alabama.  I was asked by the producers at Larry King Live to host the field segments for a two-hour telethon that they are producing to raise money for the communities and wildlife impacted by the disaster that has spread through the Gulf for more than 50 days.  I was delighted when they informed us of their plans because while other disasters often attract huge outpourings of charity in this country, people have been slow to realize that there is tremendous suffering going on in our back yard and an equally tremendous need for the nation to unite in order to help.

We pulled into Grand Isle and boarded the small boat that would take us out into Barataria Bay. As we headed out into the Bay the now familiar smell of oil wafted over the bow and the silhouette of shrimp boats retrofitted for their job of skimming oil flashed past us.  Already their oily catch was collecting behind them as they moved in unison, a phalanx of soldiers desperately trying to collect as much oil as possible.  These are the lucky few, people who have found employment to replace a livelihood that is now out of reach for them.  Over the past 6 weeks, I have seen this disaster unfolding first hand from below the surface and the impact on the environment and the local communities at the surface.  As nature itself goes, so goes these communities, the fate of both is inextricably linked to the other.  As I thought about it over the past few days, seeing now familiar faces struggling to come to grips with this disaster I have become more and more frustrated for those fighting on the ground.

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LKL Exclusive – Taylor Hicks: The Tip of the Oil Iceberg

Posted: 11:33 AM ET

Imagine an oil iceberg the size of the state of Kansas. Imagine only being able to see the tip of that oil iceberg. This is what we are dealing with in the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf region has been my home all my life. We as Americans have an obligation to see this catastrophic disaster through from beginning to the end. Whether it be aid for the environment, or aid for the businessmen.

It is my sincere hope that we can find a resolution to this horrible disaster. First and foremost, we must find a way to stop the oil at the source before we can even begin to assess the environmental and financial ramifications.  I implore the media, the Government and the companies involved now more than ever to see this process through for the many Americans that have been severely affected by this epic event.

I think it is in everyone’s best interest to make sure that every I is dotted and T is crossed. I believe that there was a good relationship between the oil executives and the people of the gulf coast region because the oil companies do create jobs and revenue for the people of the gulf region.  However, the responsibility of safety and restoration falls on these executives. The people of the Gulf Coast expect the oil companies to protect their beautiful waters. I do believe that with determination, resilience and total cooperation, we, as people who rely and enjoy the waters of the Gulf Coast will be able to get back to the beaches that we all love.

Taylor Hicks

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June 20, 2010

A Glimpse of the Impact

Posted: 09:50 PM ET

By Patrick Oppmann
CNN All Platform Journalist

I spent about 30 days covering the Gulf Oil spill and it only just gave me a glimpse into how profoundly the region is being impacted. Traveling from South Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle I talked with people whose existences were being completely upended.

There’s very little you can say to someone who has spent their life working in an industry and then are informed from one day to the next that they can’t do that job any more. Whether its the fishermen who catch the fish we eat in restaurants or the people who rent us condos on the beach in Florida the pain is going to be widely felt. It's not something that a check from an oil company or the government will make go away.

The moment that sticks in my head was when blobs of oil first came ashore on Dauphin Island, AL and a seven year boy ran by me screaming for his mom. As he went by, he held up his hands, both were covered in oil.

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