June 29, 2010

19th Duggar baby finally at home with family

Posted: 12:53 PM ET

by Alicia Dennis

It's at last one big, happy Duggar family – emphasis on big.

Josie, the 19th child born to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, returned to their busy house last week after spending most of the first six months of her life in a neonatal intensive care unit where she fought for her life after being born dangerously premature.

Although the baby was released from Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock on June 3, her homecoming was delayed because 12 of her siblings got the chicken pox and had to be separated from her. Josie spent three weeks with her mother in a rental house near the hospital until the other children recovered back home with dad.

Finally, on June 25, mother and child made the over 200-mile road trip from Little Rock to Tontitown, Ark., and were met by streamers, hand-made "Welcome Home" banners, old Christmas decorations – and 17 of Josie's siblings (oldest son Josh lives on his own with his wife and baby).


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February 19, 2009

LKL BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Duggar family on raising 18 kids!

Posted: 12:12 PM ET

Note: The entire Duggar family (all 20 of them) will be on LKL tonight!! This is a LKL Blog Exclusive commentary by them:

Raising a family today can be very expensive. Given the fact that our family is five times the size of a family of four, we are constantly looking for creative ways to save money. Here are some tips we have learned along life's way to help trim household expenses.Duggar family

1. Our family motto is "buy used and save the difference!" We shop at thrift stores, pawn shops, auctions and garage sales for items such as clothing, furniture, appliances and vehicles at wholesale prices. For example, we bought a 21 passenger shuttle bus for $2100 on a sealed bid auction and have used it for several years to transport the family. We have never bought a new vehicle.

2. We always negotiate to get the best buy on large ticket items or items we buy in large quantities. The key is to ask a decision maker (like a manager), since they have the authority to make the deals. We also try not to use credit, since cash buyers get a better price!

3. We buy food by the case at stores that don't have the frills, but offer the same quality at a lower price.

4. Our daughters have learned how to cut and style hair for family savings.

5. We make our own homemade baby wipes with the following recipe:
Ingredients: One roll of Bounty paper towels, one-gallon ice-cream bucket, (clean and empty), two cups water, two tablespoons baby oil, one tablespoon rubbing alcohol and one tablespoon baby bath (optional).

•Cut a whole roll of Bounty paper towels into thirds (we've found that Bounty is the only brand that works. Use an electric knife for best results).

•Place one of the halved rolls vertically into an empty and thoroughly cleaned one-gallon ice cream bucket. In a large measuring pitcher, mix two cups water, two tablespoons baby oil, and one tablespoon rubbing alcohol (some families also like to add a tablespoon of baby bath).

•Pour the liquid over the halved roll of paper towels in the ice cream bucket, and soak for 30 minutes. Remove the cardboard center. Feed the top corner of the paper towels through an X-shaped slit you've cut in the lid of the ice-cream bucket so you can pull out and tear off one "wipe" at a time.

Check out or our website at for more money saving tips. Good luck!

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