February 18, 2009

From the producer's desk – on last night's show with Pres. Clinton

Posted: 01:35 PM ET

From Producer Eleanor McManus:

My colleague Michael Watts and I are traveling back to DC from Little Rock today. We were at the Clinton Library where Larry interviewed President Clinton for the hour last night.Bill Clinton on LKL

The interview coincided with the opening of the Peter Max exhibit at the Clinton Library. Peter even gave us a tour of his exhibit which we will put up on the website, so stay tuned!

It's an absolutely beautiful library with very modern architecture. There's a room inside that is a replica of the Oval Office in the White House. It even has pictures of Secretary Hillary Clinton and Chelsea during President Clinton's years at the White House. In fact we found out that when the President comes to Little Rock, he actually stays at the library. There is a private room upstairs for him. They even have a putting green on the roof, and some days visitors can see the President putting some balls!

Larry has interviewed President Clinton many times, but this time it was very special be able to do it at the Clinton Library. Also, this was the first time President Clinton was exactly on time for the interview! Usually when we tape an interview with the former President he's a bit tardy – he has even arrived up to an hour late. Larry was surprised how on-time he was...

The President flew into Little Rock incredibly early Tuesday morning. In fact his staff said that while they were trying to get some sleep on the plane, the President was up explaining the stimulus to his agents!

President Clinton was as gracious as ever. Before he sat down he shook everyone's hand in the room – from the cameramen to the producers on site. He was even the one who rounded up everyone at the end for a group picture!

Larry interviewed him for the full hour, but there was still plenty left to discuss. President Clinton could have talked for hours. He lights up when he talks about his foundation (Clinton Global Initiative) and all the work they do. Something tells me we are going to hear a lot more from President Clinton soon.

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