April 21, 2010

And then there were seven... Gosselin gets booted from 'DWTS'

Posted: 07:41 AM ET

And then there were seven.

After a night of performances — from the tango to the fox trot — to songs from movies like Risky Business, Pulp Fiction and The Breakfast Club, another star contestant and their pro partner were sent home Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars.

Keep reading to find out who it was …

It had been a struggle from Day One for Kate Gosselin, and now it’s finally over for the reality show mom of eight.

With a tissue in hand, she said, “To fans: Thank you for believing in me more than I believed in myself.”

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April 20, 2010

Kate Gosselin falls to the bottom of the pack on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Posted: 08:14 AM ET

Kate Gosselin was horrible on Dancing With The Stars. There's no other way to say it.

She scored a 15, well below her nearest celeb competitors Chad Ochocinco and Niecy Nash, who both scored 18. Kate smiled more this week, but that didn't cover up her stiff foxtrot movements.

Judge Bruno Tonioli said Kate's pro partner Tony Dovolani would have been better off dancing with "a coat hanger." Carrie Ann Inaba compared her dance to the teacher's voice on Charlie Brown. Waa waa.  Len Goodman said she did "a stroll," not a dance.

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April 15, 2010

Pamela Anderson On Her Taxes: It's Being Resolved

Posted: 12:22 AM ET
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April 14, 2010

Pamela Anderson on 'Dancing w/the Stars' – but we've got her tonight!

Posted: 08:37 AM ET

Pamela Anderson is on this season's "Dancing With the Stars," and will be on LKL tonight!  Check out this clip of Pam doing the cha-cha-cha!


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March 23, 2010

Kate Gosselin: DWTS Is More Frustrating Than "Giving Birth to Sextuplets"

Posted: 09:30 PM ET


Kate Gosselin may have bombed on Monday night's DWTS - one judge compared her to a "shopping cart" - but she says she'll bounce back.

"I'm letting myself go and I'm diving in headfirst. Forget my insecurities - I'm just gonna have fun with it," the reality mom, 34, told in a joint interview with partner Tony Dovolani.

"My body and my brain were at war," she explained of her stiff performance. "It [was] like a whirlwind."

Gosselin says learning how to dance is more frustrating than "giving birth to sextuplets."

She built a rehearsal space in the basement of her $1.2 million Pennsylvania home.

"I do a little practice for them at night," she says of her kids. "Maddie was like, 'I'll only watch you if you don't scream this time!'" (Us Weekly once reported that Maddie snapped at her mom, "Mommy, you are mean!" after she yelled at her daughter for splashing her near a pool.)


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March 2, 2010

New 'Dancing with the Stars' cast revealed!!

Posted: 08:38 AM ET

The 10th edition of "Dancing with the Stars" gets under way in three weeks, and now we know who will be hoofing it up for the prestigious Mirrorball Trophy.

Pamela Anderson – the "Baywatch" babe has found some honest work.  Good for her.

Chad Ochocinco – the NFL wide receiver is known for his elaborate post-touchdown celebrations.  Perhaps he's running out of ideas, and needed to consult the history of dance for his next TD jig.

Aiden Turner – he's British, he's named Aiden, and he plays a guy named "Aidan" on the ABC soap "All My Children."  Never heard of him.

Erin Andrews – the ESPN personality hopes to last on the show longer than colleague Kenny Mayne, who was the first contestant eliminated in the early 2006 tournament.

Shannen Doherty – will the anti-Brenda fan clubs return from their slumber over this?

Buzz Aldrin – he was the second man to walk on the moon, and he's 80 years young!  I think we have our sentimental favorite for this tournament.

Niecy Nash – will she last longer here than her Fox sitcom "Do Not Disturb", which lasted all of three episodes in 2008?

Nicole Scherzinger – she fronts the Pussycat Dolls, but that group's style of dance is a tad, er, different than what's on DWTS.

Evan Lysacek – no rest for the current Olympic men's figure skating gold medalist.

Kate Gosselin – DWTS day care services could be quite crowded come tape days.

Jake Pavelka – shouldn't he be preparing for a wedding?

Who do you think will win?!?!

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October 21, 2009

Michael Jackson honored on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Posted: 12:22 PM ET


On Tuesday, "Dancing With the Stars" featured a performance by Norah Jones and the elimination of Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin and her partner, Alec Mazo.

But the real highlight of the night came when the show's professional dancers took time out of their busy competing schedules to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, who had a tremendous influence on dance culture during his career. art.jacksontour1

Host Tom Bergeron noted that throughout the show's four-year history, Jackson's songs have been used by the contestants 17 times. Pro dancer Louis van Amstel reflected on Jackson's influence: "It's really important to do this tribute because he pretty much opened doors, and I thank him for opening doors for all of us."

Mark Ballas loved channeling Jackson the several times he danced to his tunes on the show. "It just felt so great to dance to MJ songs and feel his moves," he said. "He's just an inspiration to all of us. He will be missed."

"He gave the world so much happiness and joy, and his music will live forever," fellow dancer Kym Johnson added.

As several Jackson family members sat in the audience, including Jackson's mom, Katherine, and siblings Jermaine and La Toya, the dancers took the stage to pay a special ballroom tribute to the late superstar. "Michael Jackson was a major loss to the entertainment community 'cause he inspired them to step up," Jermaine said in a pre-taped interview. "It just wasn't about the movement, it was about the feeling. There will only be one Michael Jackson forever."

(read more)

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October 8, 2009

DWTS's Maksim Chmerkovskiy: I'm done with Karina

Posted: 08:23 AM ET

Perhaps the only upside to being eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" Tuesday for pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy is that he won't have to endure any more uncomfortable encounters on set with his ex-fiancee, Karina Smirnoff.

"I feel completely betrayed. I'm done," Chmerkovskiy told PEOPLE of his relationship with Smirnoff.

Asked why he feels betrayed, he declined to elaborate, saying only, "I don't want to get into the specifics. Let's just leave it at I'm done."

The effects of the breakup touched Chmerkovskiy's season nine partner, actress Debi Mazar, as well. "I'm giving him a lot of support and positive energy," she said recently.

The two dance pros, who got engaged last New Year's Eve, at one time seemed destined to have a litter of Latin ballroom champs in their future. Even after calling it quits on September 8, pals said the two were likely headed toward a reconciliation - but not anymore.

Sources told PEOPLE things came to a head when Chmerkovskiy was made aware of the inordinate amount of time Smirnoff, 31, has been spending off the dance floor with her partner, Aaron Carter, 21.

Carter recently declared to the press that he has a crush on "Dancing with the Stars" pro Chelsie Hightower - but a source told PEOPLE that was a smokescreen.

"That's so funny. Everyone [at the show] knows that's not true. That's Karina trying to manipulate things to take attention off her and Aaron," a source said, noting that Chmerkovskiy "had hoped they could work things out."

(Read More)

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October 7, 2009

TONIGHT: Sen. McCain, Ann Coulter, Tom DeLay & More!

Posted: 06:05 PM ET

artmccaingenericgi4It's a busy night on Larry King Live! Sen. John McCain joins Larry to talk about the war in Afghanistan, health care reform, and how President Obama is handling his job.

Then, it's Ann Coulter vs. Kiki McLean - the gloves are off! They'll weigh in the big political topics of the day.

PLUS Tom DeLay! Why did he drop out of "Dancing with the Stars"?  Better yet, why did he do the show in the first place? We'll hear it straight from "the Hammer's" mouth.

And last but not least – Newark Mayor Cory Booker on late-night comedian Conan O'Brien's attacks on him. Why is Conan picking on the New Jersey city and mayor? And what's up with the mayor banning Conan from the Garden state? We'll have the latest on the tit-for-tat all tonight on Larry King Live! Tune in at 9ET/6PT.

And we want to hear from you:

How would you grade President Obama's performance in office so far?

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Tom Delay bows out of 'Dancing with the Stars'

Posted: 03:17 PM ET

Editor's Note: Tom Delay will be a guest on Larry King Live tonight at 9ET!


Tom Delay didn't let twin stress fractures stop him from hitting the dance floor Monday, but they did cause him to bow out of the competition from now on, the former congressman announced last night on "Dancing With the Stars." art_tomdelay_gi

Delay and his partner, Cheryl Burke, weren't the only ones to see their DWTS dreams dissolve as Debi Mazar and partner Maksim Chmerkovsky were eliminated from the competition the old fashion way: by low votes and judges' scores.

All four eliminated dancers appeared on "Good Morning America," where Delay said he regretted dropping out of the competition.

"I'm really disappointed I can't go any further," Delay said. "[But] you have to practice in order to be in this competition. It was too hard. I decided it was time to bow out."

Delay's partner, Cheryl Burke, said she urged Delay not to dance on Monday, but he would not be stopped.

"Tom just wanted to get through it," she said. "I could not have done what he did Monday night."

Mazar, who also slightly injured herself during the Foxtrot by straining a neck muscle, said the much-hyped drama between her and partner Maksim Chmerkovsky was exaggerated, but her frustration with dancing often was not.

"They like to build the drama, build the reality," she said. "For me, not being a dancer, it got repetitive and boring."

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