July 15, 2010

Mmmmmmmmm! Cupcakes!

Posted: 03:38 PM ET

Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Kallinis are sisters. They also make some of the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted, and we know, because they sent us some. But that’s just the beginning of their story. TLC is telling the rest of it. “DC Cupcakes” premieres Friday night at 10pm ET, and if the show is nearly as good as the cupcakes, TLC has a huge hit on their hands. The LKL Blog spoke recently with Sophie and Katherine about cakes, cooking and the stardom that is headed their way, and check out the EXCLUSIVE preview clip below.

LKL Blog: What made you want to open a cupcake shop?

Katherine: We’ve been baking since we were little girls with our grandmothers, and it was a dream of ours to one day have our own bakery and use her recipes. We talked about it for the longest time, but we went our separate ways after we graduated from college. Sophie’s background was in venture capital, and I went into the fashion industry, but it was always something we wanted to do. It was our dream.

Sophie: We talked about it and talked about it. Then we got to a point in our professional lives where we said ‘if we don’t do this now….” So we just took the plunge. And it was a little scary at first, to give up very steady, predictable jobs. We opened in February 2008, during the recession, and people thought we were crazy, especially our family. We really thought it would be a small bakery with just the two of us working there, and we’d sell 100 cupcakes a day. If that’s all we did, we’d be happy. We thought, sell the cupcakes to pay the rent. Bake, have fun, and hang out together. That’s all we wanted, but that’s not what we got. It ended up being a lot crazier. But we love what we do; we love our customers. We’re really thankful.

LKL Blog: What is the secret of a good cupcake?

Sophie: I think for us it’s the fact that we bake them fresh every day, throughout the day. So when people come in, they’re getting cupcakes literally just out of the oven. The other thing for us is the ingredients.

Katherine: We use premium ingredients. The cocoa that we use in our shop is from France, it’s very good. Varun Vanilla, from Madagascar. Everything is fresh.

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