August 30, 2010

Choosing to "SEE"

Posted: 03:38 PM ET

Editor's note: Mary Beth Chapman’s youngest daughter, Maria, was killed in tragic accident in 2008.  She was running to meet her older brother in the family driveway as he pulled in – he didn’t see her and struck her with his car.  Chapman has written a new book about their heartbreak and grief and working to overcome the pain.  She explains to LKL Blog  why she wrote the book…

By Mary Beth Chapman

I’m excited that the book, Choosing to SEE, is coming out. It was something that I never thought I would do, or could do, but after the loss of our daughter, Maria, it felt like possibly through my journey of life, I could offer hope to someone else who is suffering.

I want Maria back so badly, and have found myself shaking an angry fist at God as to why He would allow her to be taken and in a way that involved another child. More than two years have gone by now, and I have to say that I am beginning to SEE the blooming of little buds that are a result of the seed of her life that we planted on May 21, 2008. Lives have been touch and changed. 

More than anything I still would love to hug her and hold her, but I have to say that God has been faithful to carry us through an unimaginable time. My son is doing well, and he longs to steward this story well. Please know that as I wrote this, I realized that I needed to ‘choose to SEE’ God in all the hard places in my life. I would love to hear what stories of hope come to you from reading my book, and I hope you are encouraged.

Also, please watch for us on tour this fall on the “A Night with the Chapmans Tour.” In each city and at each venue, we will share our stories: our story of adoption, our story of loss, and our story of love and hope. I’m sure there will be tears, but there will be laughs as well! I will be speaking and of course my amazing husband will be sharing in song what is on his heart. Plus a great new and upcoming band, “Caleb” will be opening, so come on out. We hope it’s a sweet evening, and we really hope to see you there.

For more information about Mary Beth and her charity go to: or

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