April 23, 2010

Idol’s “Teflon” Tim Urban: It’s been a crazy, awesome journey

Posted: 06:47 PM ET

And then there were six…

We’re almost halfway there, Idol fans.  Were you surprised by Wednesday’s vote? 

“Teflon” Tim Urban, the guy with a guitar and a smile, was eliminated from Idol Wednesday night.  Despite often harsh criticisms from the judges and ending up in the bottom three so many times, Tim surprised many (including himself) and kept plugging along on the show. 

After he was voted off, Tim talked to us at the Larry King Live blog about his Idol experience and what’s next for him…

LKL Blog:  So how are you feeling?

Tim Urban:  I’m actually feeling really good.  I’m not really that sad about it.  It’s not really one of those things.  It’s been a crazy, awesome journey.  And it’s really just beginning.  So I actually feel really good.  

LKL Blog:  Were you surprised at all by the vote Wednesday night?

Tim:  Not really that surprised because you don’t really know who’s going to go home.  It could always be you.  So it wasn’t really that surprising.  I was ready for it mentally just because I’ve been in the bottom three so many times before, so I was ready for it.  So it wasn’t a huge shock. 

LKL Blog:  You said it was a great journey anyway – you weren’t supposed to be in the top 24, let alone the top 12 [Tim was added to the top 24 contestants after Idol producers disqualified another contestant].  Was this all gravy for you?

Tim:  Pretty much.  I mean after you get called back to be on the top 24, I’m like this is amazing.  So even if I got sent home the first week of the top 24, which a lot of people thought I was going to be, it still would have been an amazing journey.  To get this far, it’s just unbelievable to me.

LKL Blog:  The judges were pretty harsh over the course of the past few weeks, the name “Teflon Tim” and what Simon had been saying – but a lot of people commented on how happy you seemed.  That you kept smiling through it all.  Did any of that get to you?  Did it bother you?

Tim:  Not really.  That’s kind of who I am, that’s my personality.  I don’t let things get me too down.  It just took it as a joke.  I wasn’t going to think about it too much.

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April 21, 2010

'American Idol' recap: The Power of Good Cry

Posted: 06:06 PM ET

by Michael Slezak


Big girls don't cry. Or at least that's what Frankie Valli, Fergie, and even season 9's Robot Girl Contestant have sung with varying degrees of believability. 

Lucky for us, then, that Crystal Bowersox is not a girl, but rather, a full-grown woman. And she proved that point tonight by putting down her armor, entering the Idoldome in an emotionally naked state, and delivering a rendition of the Impressions' "People Get Ready" that, if American Idol were played like Monopoly, would be the equivalent of getting a "Go directly to the Nokia. Do not pass 'Go,' do not collect $200" card.

Even those who've accused MamaSox of rarely straying from variations on an Earth-goddess theme would have to admit that the season 9 front-runner shook things up tonight by performing without an instrument and rocking a slinky black gown with a plunging neckline (no small cause for applause, given the general lack of sartorial excitement over the past eight weeks of live performances). And as Crystal kicked things off with an a capella first verse that already had the emotions at a serious simmer, there was a palpable sense in the air that we were witnessing something special.

Read more…

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April 20, 2010

LKL gets to the bottom of the Seacrest/Cowell tension

Posted: 10:44 AM ET
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April 19, 2010

Idol's Elliott Yamin on Idol Gives Back

Posted: 07:47 PM ET

Elliott Yamin placed third in Season Five of American Idol – narrowly finishing behind winner Taylor Hicks and runner-up Katherine McPhee.  His first album – Elliott Yamin – was released in March of 2007 and went gold.  His most recent album – Fight For Love - was released last year.  Elliott travelled to Angola with Idol judge Kara DioGuardi in February as part of the Idol Gives Back effort. 

LKL Blog:  Tell me about your Idol Gives Back to Angola with Kara.  It was your second there, right?

Elliott Yamin:  Yes, that’s right.  It was amazing.  The opportunity to get to go back and be a part of something so life changing for so many people was really cool.  I made a promise when I went there a couple of years ago that I’d be back.  In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with Exxon Mobil, one of the big sponsors of Idol Gives Back.  Collectively, we raised enough money to build a new dormitory at St. Isabel’s Orphanage there.  I had the great pleasure of visiting the kids there.  They were in dire need of basic supplies that they were lacking when we first visited and now, since we’ve been back, we got to see the new dormitory being built and how happy the kids were – that just means the world to me.  It was a very special trip.

LKL Blog:  In addition to the school, there’s also some anti-malaria efforts.

Elliott:  Yes, absolutely.  We had the opportunity to pass out malaria bed nets all over the city and in different towns and villages and educate people on how to use them, we demonstrated how to set them up.  We spread the word about how preventable malaria is.  Education is a big issue there.  There are still a lot of myths about malaria.  We just wanted to make sure everybody knows it will help save their lives.

LKL Blog:  You talked about going with Kara.  She wasn’t a judge your season but what were your impressions of her, what was it like getting to know her?

Elliott:  It was awesome.  She’s a sweetheart.  It was really great to talk to her and get to know her on that level and get to talk to her on a personal level.  She’s a talented songstress, she’s been writing songs for years.  She’s got a great formula for it, obviously.  I think she’s great.  We keep in touch since the trip and we want to plan another one together.  Hopefully we’ll get the chance to be in the studio together and write together as well. 

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Lady Gaga Tweets About Upcoming 'American Idol' Appearance

Posted: 05:37 PM ET


'Idol' reps have yet to confirm that Gaga will be on the show May 5, as she tweeted.

This season of "American Idol" has featured a variety of guest performers, from Rihanna and Miley Cyrus to, most recently, Adam Lambert, but a potential "Idol" appearance from Lady Gaga really has fans buzzing. On Friday, the singer took to her Twitter to address the rumors.

"See you on American Idol. MAY 5th, Little Monsters," she said in a tweet that was accompanied by a YouTube video, which has since been taken down due to copyright claims.

A press time, reps for "Idol" haven't responded to MTV News' request for comment on the possible appearance.

If she is, indeed, coming on the show May 5, it wouldn't be the first time Gaga graced the "Idol" stage. Last April, the singer put on a show-stopping performance of "Poker Face." No word on what song she might perform, but fans are currently speculating she'll perform her third single "Alejandro" from her Fame Monster EP.

Gaga's music will be heading to Fox prime time regardless as "Glee" has dedicated an upcoming episode to the singer. The stars of "Glee" say Gaga's music and the show go hand in hand.

"Her music and her influence on pop music right now, it's so well expressed by 'Glee,' " actor Cory Monteith told MTV News. "The way that that episode goes with Lady Gaga's music is amazing."

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In the spirit of tonight's show with American Idol

Posted: 12:13 PM ET

We've got the cast of American Idol on tonight's show – and here are some of the more MEMORABLE auditions.

Anyone got any other favorite moments from the show?



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American Idol on 'The Simpsons' – we've got them FIRST!

Posted: 12:02 PM ET


Fox knows how to work a cross over when it comes to their shows (take note of the musical themed episodes planned for “Fringe” and other series in celebration of the  success and return of  “Glee.”)

In May, the “American Idol” gang will be visiting Springfield during “The Simpsons’” season finale.

Judges Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest will be even more animated than they are during their critiques of contestants when they join Bart and the rest of the Springfield inhabitants on an episode scheduled to air May 23.

Word is that Springfield’s beloved bartender, Moe, gets an invitation to serve as an “Idol” judge. Have we finally found a replacement for the soon to be departing Cowell?

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American Idol on LKL tonight; Doubtful that Paula Abdul will return

Posted: 08:42 AM ET

(Entertainment Tonight) Paula Abdul spoke with Entertainment Tonight's Samantha Harris about her future in show biz following reports that she may be returning to "American Idol."

"I'm always a fan but I don't think that's happening," Abdul said of coming back to the judges' table. Abdul attended the 8th Annual TV Land Awards and referred to her time on "Idol" as the "most wonderful experience of my life."

Season nine of the hit singing show is in full swing, and WE'VE GOT RYAN SEACREST AND THE JUDGES TONIGHT ON LKL – TUNE in at 9pmet – and let us know, do you think Paula should return to American Idol?  Weigh in now!!

(Read more from Entertainment Tonight)

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April 16, 2010

'Idol' Judges on LKL Monday!

Posted: 10:00 PM ET

Watch Ellen DeGeneres, Simon Cowell, Ryan Seacrest, Kara Dioguardi and Randy Jackson on Larry King Live Monday!!

They’re here to tell Larry – and YOU – about their charity ‘Idol Gives Back’. Find out what they’re doing to raise money in the U.S. and around the world!!

Get your questions ready!


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April 15, 2010

Andrew Garcia on being an Idol contestant: It’s pretty insane

Posted: 07:58 PM ET

Ok Idol fans…we’re down to 7!

Do you agree with Wednesday night’s eliminations?  Were you surprised?  Angry?  Happy?  Indifferent?  Let us know!

For those of you who went to bed early (and managed to stay away from your television, computer, radio and friends today), here’s what you need to know:

Katie Stevens, the 17-year-old who caused Kara and Simon to argue over whether she was a country singer or a pop/R&B singer (Katie sets the record straight for us here at LKL Blog) and Andrew Garcia, who wowed America and the judges with his take on former Idol judge Paula Abdul’s hit “Straight Up” during Hollywood week (but didn’t seem to live up to the high standard he’d set for himself), left the stage for the last time last night… 

BOTH Idol contestants took some time for an exit interview with us this afternoon to talk about what the experience meant to them and what their future plans will be.

As always, let us know what you think about Katie, Andrew or anything Idol…and don’t forget to tune in Monday when Larry talks to SIMON, KARA, RANDY AND ELLEN for the hour about “Idol Gives Back”…live from our studio.

LKL Blog:  After last night, what’s gone through your mind?  Have you re-hashed the past few weeks?

Andrew Garcia:  What’s going through my mind is needing a break from all the craziness that’s been going on.  I made it that far.  And just to be able to say I was in the top 9 out of America’s top singers, it’s an accomplishment that I’m just so happy for and grateful.  It’s crazy to think about it.

LKL Blog:  Were you surprised that you made it that far?

Andrew:  I was.  Because I went in with the intentions of an acoustic singer, doing what he does and just going in there.  But I got to work with a full band.  It was just out of this world.

LKL Blog:  What did you learn as a songwriter, a singer, a performer – what has your experience on Idol taught you?

Andrew:  It’s taught me to connect on different level than just musically.  You’ve got to connect with your heart, your mind, everything.  Literally put yourself in that music and connect with the audience.  That’s where it counts.

LKL Blog:  Everyone still talks about your performance of Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up.”  How did that come about?

Andrew:  I love people talking about that – it’s a work of mine, I put my own twist on it.  They loved it, so it’s cool.  But the judges let it blind them and not seeing what I’m doing now.  And that’s where it kind of got frustrating.  But I have got to get over it and just keep doing my thing.

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