November 30, 2010

Bob Woodward & others on WikiLeaks

Posted: 10:53 AM ET
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David Kaas   November 30th, 2010 11:03 am ET

No way in hell. I payed my taxes and I want to know where the money and the lives of our soldiers are going.

Paulette Taylor   November 30th, 2010 5:39 pm ET

Here is what an Old Berkeley Liberal J School grad and long time member of the ACLU has to say about the Wikileakers: Fine em $10 million and send them to jail for as long as the law allows. Their outrageous abuse of the First Amendment is a first step towards limiting it, not to mention undermining our national security.

Sandy   November 30th, 2010 8:10 pm ET

Wikileaks will force us to be honest and ethical some thing we have been drifting from. It has become impossible to trust a word coming from ANY American government or any government before Wikileaks.Why is the public not investigating our politicians that took us in to a war based on lies looking for WMD and charge them with War Crimes? All the lies has back fired on our face, will this destroy our country? No, but our young men and women in uniformed died because Bush.
Free press it's a good thing.

IKHAN   November 30th, 2010 9:11 pm ET


what you said is on the mark.

Now Wikileaks wouldn't surprise those thinking Americans who surf the net in quest of truth & honest journalism and already know or suspect what has been leaked.
In this age we have portals to infinite information in our homes & gone are the days when populations depended on their masters for morsels of the same fed to them.
Anyone with a modicum of intelligence cannot & should not now remain open to manipulation by manipulative media or propaganda.

Our great nation needs a well informed public now more than ever as we stand at a juncture in our history when our stature, credibility, clout and prestige is at stake.

Terri   November 30th, 2010 10:21 pm ET

Please make sure to run the Jon Bon Jovi interview SOON that you postponed on Monday evening for the wikileaks story.

Nancy of NY   December 1st, 2010 2:15 am ET

America has its share of breaches of international law, it's just a lot better at hiding them than some. It has been responsible for installing some of the worst dictatorships of recent decades- Pinochet and Pol Pot are just the most obvious. They've been helped as often as not by UK- to further economic interests at the expense of the people whose previous- relatively benign -government they overthrew. We're were too good at cover ups at our own top level or excusing our foreign policy horrors then getting shocked at bare flesh. Public inquiries in France or Germany often result in high level resignations, but here they're a whitewash, a joke, part of the control mechanism.
And we're very quick to expose an inconvenient individual, News of the World etc., often unfairly, while providing anonymity to the great good for all.

We need to wake up and let Anderson Cooper keep them honest.

Sandy   December 1st, 2010 2:32 am ET

The foreign policy of the United States is the policy by which the United States interacts with foreign nations and sets standards of interaction for its organizations, corporations and individual citizens but we are a nation that is influenced by 33 separate special entrees obbyist. United States has been hoodwinked by the hands that they fed and protected. When do we wake up and see who is running our country it's not the guys in caves certainly? The truth is a very powerful weapon. It's a bit like nuclear weapons, that's why everybody is trying to keep it from us. We can not afford to attack Iran regardless of what other country wants or not. Let's not fool ourselves. Any and all leaks in the last year is information that Cheney, Wolfowitz and Richard Perle want released. No one is good enough to access or leak this kind of information unless someone wants it out there. Will attacking Iran revise to petrodollar ? No. Fear brings the worst out in nations and this is what taking place
that has crippled us from being HONEST. We are a great nation and will rise from this, as long as our media remains free, our leaders honest why is this so hard? Why ????

Nana Brown   December 1st, 2010 3:15 am ET

I'm still laughing at the revalation that its not the Israelis and US pushing to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, its the other gulf Arab countries trying to push the US into it but on the other hand the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in power because of US and Israeli presence. The kingdom is on shifting sand.Iran is not as much a threat to it's neighbours and we all know this. The raw truth is Iran sells oil in every currency except dollars. Why? The OPEC nations who's leaders are not in US pay role are possessing abandoning the US dollar. The corrupt Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is holding on to it's crown. What's to happen when this crown tips over? Remember the Shah of Iran's crown? The worst thing for us is that we eventually will have to buy our oil in Euro or Rubles no more paper money. We have borrowed 30 Trillion against the gold ..... it's pay back time. Do we attack France that first started this in 1971 or do we attack Iran or Venezuela? Will attacking all the worlds nations that are willing to pay in Euro or Rubles help us now? Is Putin coming to collect in Euro or Rubies ? This is what the Republicans have done to our country we need to unite as one people let Sara Pailen play in comedy TV.
God Bless America we need to wake up from our greed and have Anderson Cooper keep us HONEST.

Ted   December 1st, 2010 7:54 am ET

@ Paulette Taylor

You have very little knowledge of this world, typical american attitude!

The First Amendment guarantees a free speech only in the USA and has validity only here.
The Wikileakers are not american, they operate in several other countries where US laws and courts have no juridictions. They can thumb their nose at us.
Since our governments and politicians constantly lie to us, we need such people and organisation to tell us the truth.
Remember the Watergate scandal and the Pentagon Papers? Those had far reaching consequences, a president had to resign and finally we knew how the war is being conducted in Vietnam. Did they notify us in time of the Rumsfeld/Bush/Cheney 2001 plans to attack Iraq before the 9/11 ever happened, we would not be in such a mess today.
Instead of blaming those courageous people, thank them for their hard work. You may like to be lied to, I want the truth, regardless if it is good or bad.

Dodie   December 1st, 2010 1:18 pm ET


Spot on and well stated!

Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks, Charge of rape and assault is utter or better said udder BS. The World Corporations and defense contractors are angered regarding the information released as it cuts through some of the rhetoric they spew out daily. Is all the information accurate? Most likely not as it depends on the source and even the CIA is more often wrong than right! The true underlying issue is: "Corporate enclosure of the internet"

Nana Brown   December 1st, 2010 9:29 pm ET

What Julian Assange has done is what is going on with out our knowledge every day. Don't blame Wikileaks for any consequences, blame the various Departments who said these things in the first place. Easy to be brave and forthright if you think no one will ever find out what you're saying. Is this not double standard?
Trashing Assange sexual morals is such a immature way of getting back it him. Are we ready for the next witch hunt like we had during the Monica Lewinsky scandal ? Lets grow up we don't need to see any documents of of sexual misconducts of King and his royal family and other heads of states in the next leak that's all documented not by Assange this time.
At a quick straw poll from the posts so far it looks like about 90% support Wikileaks.
One issue not mentioned is that the USA seems to be particularly embarrassed by these leaks, either because the site has more detail on them, because the content is more revealing, or because the USA is just screaming harder than the MANY other parties on which Wikileaks has blown whistles. It seems obvious that if we really saw all the dirt behind international politics dragged out into the open as a matter of course, warmongering and military threats would become less acceptable as a means of international negotiation and we'd be left with less tension and fear at every level of humanity. Yes there might be more than a few lumpy bits along the way – think omelette's and eggs!

Whatever any one thinks, Julian Assange is a certainly a brave man because no gambler would rate his chances. Too many prefer to be hoodwinked and stay safe in their illusions whilst the powers-that-be literally get away with murder.

Dodie   December 1st, 2010 9:45 pm ET

@ Nana Brown

Well stated and spot on!

The "fairness doctrine" by Pres. Ronald Regan created a
FCC deregulated in broadcasting meaning TV programming is often determined through corporate control.

Dodie   December 1st, 2010 9:57 pm ET

Julian Assange, Founder of WikiLeaks Charge of rape and assault is "udderly" convenient at this particular time! Increase in government transparency is the path towards Democracy. The World Corporations and defense contractors are angered regarding the information released as it cuts through some of the rhetoric they spew out daily. Is all the information accurate? Most likely not as it depends on the source and even the CIA is more often wrong than right! The "fairness doctrine" by Pres. Ronald Regan created the FCC deregulation in broadcasting.

The world corporate mega-structure view the information from the internet as "Share holder Value" not "Shared Value". The true underlying issue is: "Corporate enclosure of the internet" in which we will lose "freedom" of speech and shared information.

Nana Brown   December 1st, 2010 10:02 pm ET

Absolutely hilarious, how suddenly WikiLeaks becomes you new Bible when it serves your purpose.

1. These documents are not secrets as it is accessible to 2.5 million Americans.
2. The views expressed were Saudi Arabia's ambassador. Unless you are stupid Saudi Arabia is not a continent but only one country in the whole Middle East.
3. The most wanted terrorist is Osama bin Laden and he is hails in Saudi Arabia, is a Saudi Arabian, Arabic speaking not Iranian or Farsi speaking. Saudis are predominantly Whabi ( cult ) that's what Osama is.
Iranians are predominantly Shi'ites.
4.Not one Middle Eastern leader expresses any fear of Israel nor concern for the Palestinians within these documents because most of the leaders are paid to be in office not by there people.
5. Iran has it paranoia but has never in the history of the country ever attacked it's neighbor or occupied or expanded it's borders. Iran fears Israel just like other countries do for this do we attack Iran because it's leaders can not so far be bought like other middle east leaders.
Please check Wikipedia for this list.

Nancy of NY   December 1st, 2010 10:56 pm ET

Corruption is inexcusable an must be exposed!!
Government should have no hiding places from or in a civilized society!!! if that's what we are. Why is this whistle blowing ? This is what should be public information. The government works for us remember? We the people who vote for our leaders! Some thing needs to be learn from this embarrassment. We are a great nation we will over come this if we can stay HONEST. Lets stop this madness of invading and bombing other countries. Love our country it's all we will leave our children.

Free Media is a good thing.

Nana Brown   December 2nd, 2010 4:45 pm ET

@ Dodie.
Keep them honest.

The documents, released by Wikileaks, also include a cable which questions whether Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is implicated in the Russian mafia. If that's what is thought of Putin does it effect him if this information is wrong and if it a fact then it still won't make much of a dent in his dealing he is very powerful man.

What are the implications of these leaks? What will they achieve? Are the leaks an attack on the world community? If it is, then we need to take a better look and clean up our act.Honesty is a good think it prevents human suffering, wars, invasions, occupations, terrorism and helps the UN implicate it's ruling in a fair and balanced way that has been ignored and unnoticed all these years.
Has any one seen any thing about Israel in these leaks? There security systems must be ironclad or we missed seeing it.

lostemperor   December 3rd, 2010 6:36 am ET

Whether the US try to have a hold on the UN top is not proven. It would not surprise me a bit as nothing wikileaks has published, nor would it any insiders I suppose. What is proven thoughj is that the Interpol is controlled by US imperialism. Interpol calling for Assange arrest, jeopardise any journalistic rights of all and our freedom of speech. Julian Assange is on the most wanted list next to Osame Bin Laden. For a sexual assault case what would never be on interpol.

When the Nobel Peace prize was awarded I thought Wikileaks should get the prize. It has done ground breaking work to publish the truth. Lives or ordinary civilians were saved also in future different parts of the world besides Iraq and Afghanistan. The world was going to be a better place where justice will be heard. Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning who expose war crimes and the diplomatic truth of the world to it's people. a Nobel peace prize should be in order instead of a shameful arrest warrant or imprisonment.

We people who charish our journalistic and freedom rights should rise to protest US government pityful actions for their own mistakes.


Nani   December 3rd, 2010 10:52 pm ET

@ lostemperor well said.

We are pathetic,ignorant and arrogant because and not reached our political growth or our maturity. We bully when we can't get our way, we brag when our pockets is empty and we make noise to be noticed, we stretch the truth, lie and manipulate and the cherry on top we are a bunch of hypocrites, not to forget we are letting another bully us to do there dirty work.It's time we grow up and realize we owe $30 Trillion in GOLD. 
Anything that criticises us or shows us in bad light – even if it's the truth- we cry out 'anti-American', as if we should be free from criticism. Is it me or is it that we are getting more cowardly day by day refusing to accept responsibility for their reprehensible actions yet we teach our children something different in our schools.
What happened to the freedom loving country we had claim to be??? Transparency is a necessity. It's also not 'unAmerican' when you consider how much Americans claim to pride themselves on 'freedom we know so little about free speaking or the meaning of truth even if it is unkind about our self. Bush made telling the truth "unpatriotic" because Bush lied to his people from the day he took office, he lied to us so Master Cheney could invade Iraq at the expense of us the American people. ( your tax $$$ and mine) What is 'unAmerican' are individuals like 'one-sick-puppy' against the freedom of the press and freedom of speech only hearing Rush, Pailen, Beck and the the Fox New Bible .Julian Assange release the truth is not about how he got all the documents that is a crime, but should it not be about this crime that exposed? He received the documents from an American remember? We need to start cleaning up are act not by covering up, not by accusing how JA got the information.
Every American schoolchild is taught that George Washington – the country’s first President – could not tell a lie. Did Bush and other live up to the same principle of George Washington ? Are we living up to the principle of George Washington?
Lets grow up and become Patriotic Americas.
Read about it cable gate and be your own judge.
God Bless America we can do with some wisdom.
Free media is our right.

Nana Brown   December 3rd, 2010 11:35 pm ET

thank you.

Julian Assange is a man with the courage to speak out. What his motive was is not a question. What he did wrong or right is not for me to judge but since when is speaking Truth wrong ? There is another reason for this leak .... hear other medias.
We humans have a serious problems we filter information or jump to conclusions whatever appeals to our own personal sense of right or wrong.( Good and Evil)
Everyone perception can not be the same, herein lies the difficulty.
Everyone wants their opinion heard and replies to with out questioning and it must be in a positive way.
The world has always been corrupt, the only difference now is ordinary people have access to just what that corruption entails. Our leaders are lying to us and we accepting thous lies with out questioning most times. We have decided we belong to parties, Democrats, Republicans, independents and now the tea bagers have jumped in. What's wrong about choosing a candidate that will work for our country and not for the special entrees lobbies that have there own agenda they try to push spending millions of dollars that could be spent on health and education. We keep systems in power with out much foresight we continue feeding for no reason at all.
Violence is not an example, is not the answer to a disagreement it creates a circle that goes around and gets us no where.It takes guts, to stand up and reveal the truth and if this guy has done it to make a name for himself then he's very foolish, if his motive is from an ethical stand point which I think it is then he is very brave! Lets give him the Nobel Peace prize was awarded only if there was no other govt involved in this leak.

Socrates, quote:
'Goodness consists of not in helping friends and harming enemies, but in not harming anybody at all.'
Lets be honest and keep our leaders honest.

Nana Brown   December 4th, 2010 10:43 am ET

We should be Salute Ray McGovern and Paul for a fantastic interview......investigative journalism live on and shared. Dershowitz has a long record of lying and fraud, he is nothing more than a warmonger not speaking for America like some want to believe. A certain Government took steps -many years ago- to greatly minimize the risk of leaks occurring. Which country has policy that seems to be the "three's a crowd" rule? I think this is why nothing from ---- has been leaked to Wikileaks. They have more secure protocols for dealing with information and intelligence sharing.
How many years will it takes till we learn and wake up? Free Media is a good thing.
Ray McGovern and Paul can be seen on youtube "New York Times Beats Drums for War"

Cindy   December 5th, 2010 6:59 pm ET

Nothing funnier than some of you complimenting yourselves as your change your name! And to that person, in years you have never said one thing positive about the US. Sorry that you're so unhappy here.

Leo   December 7th, 2010 3:42 pm ET

Dear major "news" organizations:
I worked in your industry for many years. What would it make you look like if someone began publishing decades worth of your interoffice, interdepartment and even international notes?
I was just wondering.

Andy   December 8th, 2010 11:06 am ET

I just cant understand that people still support the corrupt governments! Especially the U.S.! But not only!

This just shows how brainwashed many citizens already are!

People are fed with fast food, medicine and none-sense media.

Lets have a world of freedom and no fear! And wikileaks brings us in the right direction!

love for everyone!

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