November 10, 2010

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The four finalist couples join Larry with their take on the competition so far. Plus! Tom and Brooke weigh in.

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Michael Moore has a lot to say about the midterm elections, and he’s saying it to Larry! Tune in and watch out!

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The international pop star on his decision to come out as a gay man. Why he kept silent about his sexuality. Ricky Martin in a revealing hour.

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Luis B. Rosario   November 10th, 2010 8:47 pm ET

I expect Michael Moore to talk about the fallacy of the Republican
Party.. Everything that these gentlemen and women elected to
the House of Rep and to the Senate said are absolute plain
lies. The truth is coming out now but they are already heading
to claim their seats on the throne that they so feverishly fought
to wrest away from the Democrats. Ron Paul's son who was
elected by the TEA Party already said that he never said that
cut the deficit in the first year. Instead, now he is proposing that
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid should be cut to help
balance the budget. He ran on a campaign to protect Social
Security, and Medicare and protect the elderly whom he said
Obama was trying to ransack Social Security and Medicare to
use the money for the war on other purposes. Michelle
Bachmann, R-Min., who erroneously claim that Obama was
spending @200 million a day to go India to meet with Prime
Minister rof India, on a business crusade to encourage India
to become a partner in business and against terrorism.
Michelle Bachmann also recommends Medicare and Social
Security cuts to balance the budget. Re-elected Gov. of Texas
also makes the same recommendation and the beat(list)
goes." They are in conspriacy to attack Social Security because
they know that it is the only program that is still solvent. (SS
is still in the "black." ) and the "new breed": ( the new elected
Republican majority in the House will like to get a hold of
that surplus money to use it to cover for other shortfalls
and therefore maintain the self-fulfilling prophecy, " we reduce
the budget." ) Watch out for here they come," they are a hungry
pack of hyenas and they are holds bar, " they will eat, mother
father and children and they will go back for seconds.
Show me an honest Repbulican that elected in the midterm
elections and I will show you 50 that lied through their teeth
in order to deceive their constituents and the undecided
including TEA Party people who voted Republican.

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