November 2, 2010

In Case You Missed It: S.E. Cupp

Posted: 10:50 AM ET
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Jerjol   November 2nd, 2010 10:57 am ET

In case you wondered.

If the GOP win this election, the American voters will prove just how forgetful and stupid they are.

The two party "QUEENS" Bachman, "THE LIAR" and Sarah "I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY BACK PORCH" will soon have buffalowed the American voter.

And the voters will get what they deserve. "NOTHING"

James   November 2nd, 2010 11:05 am ET

The answer is no. The question is why don't you present us with a serious question.

Justin   November 2nd, 2010 11:33 am ET

Why would any clear minded american vote for Sarah Palin as president, knowing that she is working for the most propaganda news station in the country "Fox News". And what experience does she have over Obama? If she runs i really hope Mrs. Clinton runs again as well.

Max Lawson   November 2nd, 2010 12:24 pm ET


Dear President Obama, I voted for you because, I felt like you cared and would make a difference. So far I’ve been right. I am asking your help. My granddaughter Shayna Krueger in Washington State, has been in foster care for over two years. I want to have the same opportunity that your loving grandparents had, Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, in raising and molding a great grandchild . I want to give Shayna the love a thirst for education ,a belief that we’re all part of something larger then ourselves and raising her as a Christian. Shayna need permanency. Mrs. Kim Gabbard, Lindsay Rutt, Denise Revels Robinson, Myra Casey has gave my wife Sharon and I false hope. My wife and I have been involved from the beginning . The department said to, call faithfully, send gifts, come to Washington, applied for non parental custody, made sure an interstate compact remained current, written letters, emails and made phone calls, completed an adoption packet and at the request of Kim Gabbard and Lindsay Rutt purchased a web cam for bi weekly online visits with Shayna. Sir, it’s the right of every child to be placed with blood relatives, when an out of home placement is necessary.. It’s the Law in Washington State, it’s being violated by Children Services , Senator Cantwell, Governor Gregiore and Thurston County Commissioners, Cathy Wolfe, Sandra Romero and Karen Valenzuela is aware of it. Please Sir like you, Shayna has the right to be raised by blood relatives, and to be surrounded by kin. Please help

Max Lawson
U.S. Army, Retired

Max   November 2nd, 2010 5:55 pm ET

Dear President Obama, 11/2/10

Once again, I am writing in regards to my grand-daughter, Shayna Krueger, who in foster care, Washington State. The fate of her permanency is to be decided on Dec. 1st , 2010. I want to re remind you that my wife and I have been in contact with Children Services since our grand-daughter was placed outside her mothers’ care over two years ago. We have complied with everything that has been asked of us, by Children Services Staff. We have called faithfully, sent gifts, come to Washington, applied for non-parental custody, made sure an interstate compact has remained current, written letters, e-mails, made phones and have completed an adoption packet. We have made our intentions clear from the beginning that we want to raise our grand-daughter and provide a more than adequate, stable, loving environment. We understand that Washington State has a family first law and want to know who it applies to and how and when it is followed. Sharon and I have been told by Lindsay Rutt and Kim Gabbard it is still undecided whether Shayna will be allowed to be adopted by the girlfriend/boyfriend foster home, she has been staying in for over 2 years or be adopted by us, her biological grandparents in Ohio.
I hope that if Shayna is made to stay with the non-family members she is with now that the people who make the decision are around when she grows up. I hope the can explain to her why she was not allowed to grow up with her family who fought for her. I hope they can tell her why they refused to follow Washington State’s family first law, and not allow her to know her grandparents, her sibling, her aunts, uncles and cousins. Please do not allow Shayna to be put in that position. Do What is right and allow Shayna to know the family she has, the family who loves her and wants her. My wife and I, supported Shayna and her mother Jennifer reunification which has failed, we have been given false hope by Children Services of Washington we have did everything they asked and more. Washington State law and policy requires that when and out of home placement is necessary, the preference of the Department is to place the child with relatives. CPS social workers are violating kinship care laws. In the name of Jesus allow my wife and I to adopt our kin, not the girlfriend/boyfriend foster care group she‘s with. . Our granddaughter’s life means more than that to us. Please, do what’s right, help, Please help!!

Max and Sharon Lawson
Springfield, Ohio

IKHAN   November 2nd, 2010 6:11 pm ET

I do not think so Larry.

Firstly we must understand, contrary to what some would have us believe, President Obama is not on the ballot
Secondly the voter turn out in the mid terms is always of older folks who have different voting habits & criteria than the younger lot who were a big factor in President Obama's election.

Therefore regardless of the outcome of the mid-terms , the Presidential election would have a totally different complexion.

Sarah Palin successfully challenging President Obama is a far fetched notion considering Palin's intellectual limitations, her lack of perception of world affairs, her pettiness enshrouded in deeply imbedded biases and total lack of vision. Her standing with the American people also does not pose a threat to the current Presidency.
Bachman or any other, Republicans would have a tough time nominating someone charismatic enough to seriously challenge President Obama on his or her own merit.
A lot would depend on how the economy shapes up.

Smith in Oregon   November 2nd, 2010 11:57 pm ET

With Republican's controlling the majority in the US Congress, they are likely to filibuster any extension of America's debt. ceiling which either is approved by a specific date or the American government defaults on it's loans and it's world-wide credit rating would greatly fall.

With the Tea Bags in the US Congress this is going to be a hot button issue which they'll certainly attempt. OF course they realize that would drop the world's economy into the abyss but Republican lawmakers are entirely playing for their party, not for what is good for America and the American people.

The Republican congressional agenda appears to be bankrupting America's credit rating, bankrupting State pension funds and rolling out a impeach Obama investigation while the value of the America dollar further devalues as it did in the Republican administration of Bush jr's last year in office.

Republican congressmen have made no bones about their agenda of gutting the clean air act and the environmental protection agency IF they are a majority in the US Congress. This Republican agenda is specifically keeping with the Republican special interests in Big Oil and Big Chemical corporations.

Specifically one of the largest Republican party and Tea Bagger donors, The Koch Brothers, Billionaire Big Oil and Chemical owners who have personally ordered the Republican and Tea Baggers in the Koch pockets to continue to oppose placing Formaldehyde on a carcinogenic hazardous chemical listing by the Federal Government. It doesn't matter to such utterly corrupt Republican lawmakers nor their donors that Formaldehyde appears to be a carcinogen and a toxic hazardous chemical, they just don't want to lose money in safely handling and disposing of it.

Formaldehyde fumes are very damaging on the lungs, much less the lungs of developing infants and children. That is a well known FACT. The only possible reason for the Republican lawmakers to try and skirt the clean air act and EPA in regards to Formaldehyde is utter corruption, not in being a public servant that is safeguarding America's people and their children.

LE   November 3rd, 2010 10:23 am ET

No way they can beat Obama, one's an Idiot, and the other is a toal Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerjol   November 3rd, 2010 10:32 am ET

Rumors confirmed.

Once again the majority of American voters have proven their love of Masochism

It has been proven that Americans are the most forgetfull race of people on the planet.

This was proven yesterday when "IN MASS" they voted for the GOP that got them in the mess they;re in today.

Many pundits have now admitted that as a whole Americans are unable to remember an even that just happened a few days before.

This was proven when a survey of avid baseball fans were asked who won the world series, out of 100 replies the answer was "THE YANKEES"

John BOANER the new house speaker was in tears because he had'nt had a drink for hours leading up to the final tally of results.

When some of the Teabags were asked about George W. Bush getting the country into the debt it is now burdened with, the majority answered "WHO IS GEORGE W.BUSH"

There is an old proverb that tells us "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW"


About the question, Do you think Sarah, "I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY BACK PORCH" could be elected as the next President of the U.S.

The answer is "ABSOLUTELY YES" because the same MORONIC IDIOTS will be voting in 2012.


Truly a nation in DECAY.

Joe G. (Illinois)   November 3rd, 2010 6:25 pm ET

I’m a Conservative Republican and voted all Republican.

But Republicans should not fool themselves, or shoot themselves on the foot with this recent takeover.

Anything other than a full rejection from all the all the Democratic Liberal Progressives Immoral Abortionist who switched over for no reason other then for the hopes of a better Economy, would be the doom of the party. (Just like what we have just seen happen to the Democratic Party,) not to mention throughout the millennia’s!

Aliou, Jacksonville, FL   November 4th, 2010 12:12 am ET

Ariana, you are the one person who understood this economy and the hurt of the american people from start. Neither the Republicans nor the democrats had and still not understood the plight of the american people. Jobs, jobs,
-neither tax cut nor the bail out had the real effect predicted, because the cause of the unemployment is something that no one wants to talk about: greed, profit.

Aliou, Jacksonville, FL   November 4th, 2010 12:22 am ET

Big business simply moved profit centers where cost were lower. in fact business don't even have to produce let alone hire anyone to do it. If they can trade currency, stocks, or other instruments, they would do it and make all the money they want to, that is why we saw the bundling and packaging of worthless mortgage documents.

In this crisis, name the big companies that, for the sake of (citizenship?), had taken on a little more workers, created a business or a plant in a devasted area, to help out like our troops suspend their interests and enlist when our country is under attack!

All companies put profit before country, and by the way, which country? Businesses don't have countries. They have a profit, cost centers.

Neither Donald Trump, nor a Ben Laden, has to leave his mansion or cave if they chose to stay in one, to give orders to his her lawyer to buy stock in Shangai, Honkong, Dubai or London.

Aliou, Jacksonville, FL   November 4th, 2010 12:35 am ET

Larry, the guy up there is too angry. Tax cut didn't work for bush. We have seen the results: Unemployment.
Creating demand not tax cut would suggest to employers that they need to produce. Business owners know where their business is. If the republicans try to pass another tax cut without first creating jobs, I am going to be matching to washington until they do.

Aliou, Jacksonville, FL   November 4th, 2010 12:38 am ET

The last 10 years of welfare corporations have not helped. They are still asking for more. What ever you do, business woud want more. One way to create jobs is by asking workers who are laid off to start their own business and to take over when their company close.

Ted   November 4th, 2010 10:17 am ET

I had the mispleasure to see and hear Michelle Bachman a few times on LKL in the past and could not understand how such a stupid and ignorant person can end up in our congress?
Now I know, the great majority of our nation is even more ignorant. A 5`2" tall man is a giant in the land of Lilliputs.
God save the USA.

Jerjol   November 4th, 2010 2:17 pm ET

Now that the "POLITICAL GANSTERS" have taken over the House.

What can we expect next???

Jerjol   November 4th, 2010 2:21 pm ET

Prove to me that there is not the presense of Biggotry and Racism directrd at president Obama by John BOANER and Mitch McConnel's statement that the main objective of the REPUGNANTS is to work on getting rid of Barack Obama.

And I will cal you a "BLATANT LIAR"

Jerjol   November 4th, 2010 8:27 pm ET

Comments from world leaders about the U.S. elections.

Putin Russia, Americans are easely decieved and lied too, everybody knows that.

President HU China, Can it be possible that americans are that stupid

French President Les Americain son vraiment fou.
President Ahmadinejad Iran, See how very stupid the American public is,

Chavez Venezuela, The Americans are like sheep they always follow the ringing bell, but dont know why they do.

Prime Minister Harper Canada, thank God the Canadian people are not as gullible as the American people are.

Prime Minister England, thank God our English people are not as easily lead and stupid as the American people are.

Queen Elizabeth England. I feel so very sorry for the american people they have allowed themselves to be fooled.

President Joe Shaboogie Etheopia, Well at least we are not the only idiots on earth.

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