October 26, 2010

ICYMI: Wikileaks Founder!

Posted: 11:09 AM ET
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Joe G. (Illinois)   October 26th, 2010 6:30 pm ET

Never mind these so called Classified Documents or “Questionable Classified Reports.”

Why not so much a bit of attention on what’s already worldwide open talk and common knowledge? About our so called American Hero’s not destroying or burning down all those poppy fields in Afghanistan?

How many “Civilians” have died from drug use in just these past 9 years? What are the direct worldwide figures do to the turning of the blind eye and the American Soldier Hero protocols?

Irma Morrison   October 26th, 2010 6:48 pm ET

I cannot help thinking that Mr. Julian Assange looks like he suffers from depression??

IKHAN   October 27th, 2010 1:36 pm ET

well who wouldn't suffer from depression after knowing what he knows.

We Americans have to learn from these leaks & make sure that our leaders & policy makers are prevented from playing with our lives & this nation's treasure, that disasters like Iraq & Afghanistan do not ever happen again.
That our brave soldiers are never ever ordered to march into foreign lands on fabricated propagandist causes and suffer the verdict of history.
We have to learn to stand up to lobbies, special interests and those with twisted ideology, demagogues with self serving agendas and extremists.Forces of hate & intolerance pushing us inexorably towards a clash of civilizations.
Our destiny hinges on the mid terms & this general election.

Folks what we do on the voting day would detrmine what kind of world do we want for our kids & grand kids to inherit.
A saner stable world where we learn to co-exist with billions others and strive to fight ignorance, poverty and disease. Put our resources to use not only for betterment of our nation & country but for the good of the rest of the world as the two objectives are entwined & inseparable.
OR do we want wars, never ending cycle of violence, isolation and world wide disdain & hatred towards us. This land of Liberty & Freedom turned into a police state , infringement on our privacy & fundamental rights. Neighbor spying on neighbor.A land of paranoia & phobics.
We have seen the caliber & 'philosophy' of those who have now crawled out from the shadows to be on the ballot and what they stand for.
Where once we produced great leadership of vision, intellect and wisdom really capable of leading the world, we are now left , with the exception of a rare few, shallow & ignorant self serving individuals nursing prejudices, hate and a twisted view of the world.
We have tough choices in electing who lead us.

Nani   October 27th, 2010 11:22 pm ET

@IKAN Thank you for your eliquent insight.
Little over 30 million people in the United States are unemployed or underemployed and the number are increasing each day. Part-time workers wages have been slashed in the last year and each month we are losing jobs.While the banks and corporations are making record profits, the poverty rate has reached a new high. Our young people are being forced out of college because of tuition increases and returning home living with parents.
Our government spends $1 billion every two days to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan. It spends nearly $1 trillion each year for weapons and war. War is very profitable for the corporations and the bankers that dominate all parts of the economy. Meanwhile, working families are seeing their wages cut, pensions eliminated, jobs disappearing while being lectured by the same elites about the need to tighten our belt in the new “age of austerity.” We were lied to by Bush Sr and Bush Jr. We need to wake up and face reality so we never repeat this mistake again our young men and women in uniform were lied to. Americans we can not have the Bushes years all over again. The legacy of Bush will take several Presidents but it can be done if we stop following Glen Beck and his gang like mice fallowing Pied Pipe. We need to make intellect choice voting our leaders.
@ Joe G. (Illinois) We did not invade Afghanistan to stop drugs from coming in to the US, remember drugs are coming from Mexico.

Ted   October 28th, 2010 11:02 am ET


Your words are true to the last digits!!
Our nation keeps sliding down a slope where at the end we are degraded to a third class nation status.
Harvard Business School psycologists did a survey on americans and found out that our nation is just too ignorant to understand the facts of a real life and lives in a constant daze. People want a type of system what Sweden has, yet they are not willing to pay the taxes that pay for such a system. They contradict themselves constantly and live their lives without a real goal, chasing the latest craze.

Cocain and mariujana come from Mexico, however Afghanistan is the major supplier of heroin to our nation, with the friendly support of the CIA.

Ted   October 29th, 2010 7:50 am ET

@ Joe G. (illinois)

Probably this is the very first time I can agree with your comment.
Why don´t we destroy all the poppy fields?

Simple, our CIA makes a fortune by selling it on the world markets. In addition, our allies, the Karzai Family and other warlords who rule that country are getting rich with their share of the profits. And not to forget, the population, the simple citizens, make a living by growing those plants and we don´t want to get them mad a drive them to the Taliban.
The situation is easy to explain, once you get hold of the tail of a tiger you cannot release it!! We painted ourselves into a corner and we don´t know how to get out!

IKHAN   October 30th, 2010 12:41 am ET

@ Ted

How true" we painted ourselves into a corner and don't know how to get out".

The problem is that those hoy ploys in our corridors of power and self styled pundits who have appointed themselves as shepherds for this nation and mouthpieces to our topsy turvy policies, have no clue to what Afghanistan is all about.
Its history, culture and aspirations of its people and such. Americans in general of course rely on what is fed to them by the very same set of people. And so even after a decade of prosecuting a war we are pursuing a policy which is going nowhere.
And Americans remain in the dark.
Poppy fields, an open season for operatives and funds flowing from not only countries ringing Afghanistan but elsewhere, corruption, tribal affiliations, livelihood of the general poorest of the poor population, illetracy, faith. Myriad factors to take into account. Its not just our arsenal that we need there.

Nana Brown   October 30th, 2010 11:36 pm ET

So, what did we achieve in this 10-year war that killed and maimed tens of thousands of people, including our young Americans in uniform, and cost the US billions upon billions of dollars of our tax money. About all it did was to knock down the Afghan chessboard, which deep war weariness in the country had enabled the Taliban to stabilize. US sadly has little choice but support Karzai in Afganistan and Zardari in Pakistan, both corrupt warlords that would shame the word crooks hundred times over yet the US and British government mollycoddles these two as they can be bribed and bullying by US & UK. Impatient with Washington inability to get results unfortunately will not pay remember, this is like a chess game and we are far away from knowing all the rules Pakistani/ Afghan style .....they will double cross each other mid game!

Julian Assang moral justice should be admired regardless it makes us all uncomfortable. Being truthful will help America rebuild it self and gain respect that we don't have today.No one was crying out for all the millions of innocent victims who have been killed in this senseless war.Julian Assang has given the dead a voice. Our brave men and woman in uniform were killed because Bush lied to them as he did to us Americans and the media. Human Suffering is the same regardless of our faith. We all bleed and suffer the same. We need to learn from Julian Assang reports instead of trying to slander him so that our young men and women will never have to die because of fabricated propaganda and lies and no US president can ever lie to us again.Sadly with all the freedom we have today we still suffer from Pied Piper complex. When will we ever learn the days of the empire building is over? President Obama is doing the best he can often to be undermined by tea bagger types believing in evolution and the world began 500 years back. Lets get real. Get America moving for all Americans by voting Nov 2 using our brains not myth.

@ Joe G. (Illinois) Where did you get your facts from? Have you not been hearing CNN ?

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