October 19, 2010

ICYMI: Modern-Day Sex Slavery in the U.S.

Posted: 11:18 AM ET
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Joe Pringle   October 19th, 2010 2:07 pm ET

how can I get a copy of the whole show on sex trafficking? My chuch in Seattle is having a town hall meeting (the city leaders are invited) tonight and we could use some of this information.

Lita Salbi   October 19th, 2010 4:31 pm ET

Not all slave stories are true. I have worked for the truth to be told for a husband and wife accused of trafficking. They immigrated to America legally. A friend came with them after getting all the visa and six month Work Exit documents from Saudi Arabia. After six months she did not want to return to her job in Saudi Arabia. She tried to extend her visa but no luck. A boyfriend took her to Asian Pacific American Legal Center and she told them a false slave story and she was then directed to CAST with her false story and that was given to the US Justice Dept in Los Angeles and then DHS did the investigation. The woman with the help of her boyfriend set up witnesses. The case of slavery went to court trial. The Bangladesh couple had substandard attorney or an attorney that could not get the evidence that would prove the woman gave perjury testimony. Nur Alamin was sent to prison for 135 months and is now being deported. The woman got a green card, education, money and a path to citizenship. That is a big incentive to lie!
I never knew the Bangladesh family until I read a flyer and felt that something was not right so I did my investigation and found that the woman lied when she said her passport was fraudulent and that they made her come to the USA. She came willingly for a purpose and she just did not want to leave at the end of six months. So for her own greed she destroyed this Bangladesh family. Nur Alamin, Rabiya Akhter, sons : Ashiqur and Istiaqure
I am not an attorney but I helped Nur Alamin make motions for a new trial based on NEW EVIDENCE. I got documentation from the Saudi Arabia Interior Ministries it was not easy to get (long story) but the courts would not accept. I showed the DHS investigator but he did not want to look .I went in circles to DHS and the DOJ in Washington. They did a dummy investigation I did a FOIA to find that they twisted my words.
NUR ALAMIN did not get justice in America. The US witness gave perjury testimony in the court trial but they do not care because DHS and DOJ do not want to back track and then look stupid.
In the Deportation Court the judge said I was professional and always welcome back into his court but he said his hands were tied and he had no choice but to order deportation.
I have tried to help this family for the past 10 years because the wife is very sick and there are two sons involved who have lost having their father at home.
The story is long with lots of interesting details but I want Larry King to know that all slave stories are NOT true. When I hear a slave story they all sound the same. “They would not let me go, work long hours, sleep on the floor, sex , and fear for my life and for my family back home” That is the same story this US witness told, like a script.
I am sure there are true slave stories but this one is false.
Lita Salbi

Smith in Oregon   October 19th, 2010 4:47 pm ET

Americans and European's can help regain control over their governments from the Zionists and AIPAC unregistered agents by supporting Deinvestment of Israel laws and legislation to totally cut-off the Billions of funds and support to the tiny nation of Israel PERIOD.

Google Deinvestment of Israel to get copys of your US State petition and emails to send to your State's and European nation's political members

Jane McCormick   October 19th, 2010 5:45 pm ET

It is nice to see you are paying attchion to this crime I am a lady that you know has been it it back in the 60's with many celbertes I was put itn it as a lsave also I feel that is the way the pimp treated me also . I am like I told you 69 years old now. I am stell having nighrmears about my dad coming into my bedroom to mess around with me I wake up scremming and crying , I see him so clear. It is so sad

Smith in Oregon   October 19th, 2010 5:45 pm ET

boycott, divest and sanction israel until they start following international law

BDS for change. our govt, media and academic institutions arent leading the way, then its up to us the people to demand justice

mondoweiss dot net

Nana Brown   October 19th, 2010 7:43 pm ET

I am very happy to see Dan Rather back, he look great and I hope we will see more of him in the coming years. Good honest journalist are replaced by one liner sensational mongers new broadcasters that keeps one attention for the time you read it and nothing more.The sad truth is there is a demand to these prostitutes and sex slaves in our society that has become very sick and evil. Reduce the demand will reduce the sex slave industry but what our society is doing is it's encourages this sick behavior, just look at fashion magazines the models all getting younger and sexier. Eliot Spitzer has his very own TV show and his face plastered every where why ?So we forget The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal began on March 10, 2008 and he had to step down from office. Educated people feel they are entitle to this bad behavior and they protect each other. Our court system looks the other way and our media embraces them.You guys let this blog " Sex slaves in America " stay on for less than 24 hours yet "Bats sing, mice giggle" gets more air time. Oops! CNN did I break any house rules ?

Hayley   October 19th, 2010 8:36 pm ET

Could you email or post the details and name of the event for the Walk happening at Piedmont park on Nov. 13th in Atlanta that the father of the 5 yr. victim mentioned please for those of us who would like to participate. Thank you!

RigthTurnClyde   October 20th, 2010 3:14 am ET

This is bogus. It is not about SLAVERY, it is about FEMINISTS trying to make a case out of teen-aged whores. No doubt there are plenty of them (it's an easy living). Spamming every email address in the world .. on Craig's list .. into drugs .. .. and the Feminazi says "I define slavery as .. " (new definition) ... teen aged whores. Well OK .. so the story sells copy and wins advertisers. But it is bogus.

Ted   October 20th, 2010 1:26 pm ET

@ Smith ion Oregon

Ted   October 20th, 2010 1:29 pm ET

@ Smith in Oregon

Thanks for the link. You really amaze me with your ability to be right on the top of most issues. Keep the coming.

Wm Hawkins   October 20th, 2010 6:58 pm ET

Enquiring people (including me) want to know who is paying for all of Obama's air and other expenses while he is "politicing" to save Democratic senators and governors!

Kevin Burt   October 24th, 2010 6:02 am ET

Dear Mr. King,

I think you having this sicko Mr. Slater on your show is a totally disgusting idea. You think you would be with all your fame, could pick someone else news worthy than glorifying this criminal.
As a former flight attendant who transported our brave troops all over the world and spent nearly two decades in aviation could pick someone better. He was convicted of a criminal act, and had someone been killed I don't think you would be so eager to have him sit on what I consider one of the most sacred talk shows on the air. And if you do go forward with this interview I will never watch your show again. Why don't you interview some disabled veterans or service men more news worthy than flaunting this trash.
When you board that plane and the door closes that door is ARMED! sir, you need many weeks of training to I repeat it is "ARMED"! as in a weapon which must be cocked and it has a trigger, and had that slide hit someone it would undoubtedly resulted in serious injury or death!

Why don't you instead invite the owner of JetBlue on the show instead of Mr. Slater and let him explain the ramifications of Mr. Slater actions he will spell it out because if you have Mr. Slater who is already forgotten about until you decide to trot him back out is an insult to all of the hard working aviation professionals worldwide.

I really hope you reconsider interviewing this repugnant criminal and giving him any more attention than he deserves lest you want to see others doing these criminal acts just to get an interview with you.

Mr. Slater is not news worthy, he is a liar because none of the authorities have been able to confirm his story so you would be interviewing nothing more than a petty criminal, and bold face liar.

And I believe your reputation as an award winning journalist and your legacy will suffer for trotting out some smug repugnant idiot would be able to say " hey I did a criminal act avoided jail and ended up on Larry King" the man who has interviewed royalty, presidents, first ladies, and a dazzling list of celebrities. Why would you go into retirement with this piece of crap infecting your studio, and your legacy I really, really thought you where so much better.

Try going to the VA hospital and interviewing some of our hero's from the wars.

In the end it is your choice, its a free country and you can interview whom ever you choose, but if you bring him on without the owner of JetBlue you will be sinking to a low I would have never imagined.

I beg you to please reconsider this interview or at least make it balanced so the world can hear both sides.

Former United Airlines Flight Attendant
Former Air Mobility Command Flight Attendant contracted via ATA now defunct.

P.S. I served Mohamed Atta coffee on a early morning flight out of Boston a few weeks before he flew that plane into Tower 1 on 9/11.

Kevin Burt   October 24th, 2010 6:15 am ET

Killing thousands of Americans.

Mr. Slater is a liar, thief, and criminal who should be put on the no fly list and not occupy the stage of Larry King Live!

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