October 7, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 07:00 PM ET

Roman Polanski Accuser!

Samantha Geimer, the victim in the Roman
Polanski sex case, in her first interview since
director Roman Polanski was arrested last year.
Now in her 40s, she’ll tell her side of a
story that’s still making news more than
three decades after it was on the front page.
And, why she wants the authorities to stop pursuing him!


Do you think the California DA
should let the Polanski case go?

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linda roy   October 7th, 2010 8:21 pm ET

hi Larry,im sure gonna miss watching you `every night` ! my comment for your guest tonight is that; ` im happy she was able to get her life back on track after what she`s gone through` question for her would be ,; what kind of advice would she give to some young girl, that went through the same thing she has, to put their own life in order and get passed that tough time in order to heal in a healthy way ? thanks. from; Linda Roy ,New-Brunswick,Canada

Michael Armstrong Sr.   October 7th, 2010 9:00 pm ET

If the lady say's to leave him alone then maybe they should .

Dee Morris   October 7th, 2010 9:11 pm ET

The California DA should never give up no matter what how his victim feels.

Christina Brown   October 7th, 2010 9:15 pm ET

This woman needs professional help. This is just weird.

kathleen   October 7th, 2010 9:26 pm ET

As a woman who had a prominent French lawyer in Los Angeles perpetrate the same perversions on me when I was the precise age of Samantha in the 1970s, and then use his power and influence to make it all go away, I can not imagine sitting on a chat show advocating for Polanski. He is no better than any common "PREVERT" (as my children put it), and ought to pay for his crime against this once young woman. It disgusts me to see her parading her middle-aged cleavage, speaking in his defense, when he ruined her chronology. The mere fact that she's advocating for this pervert is proof that he corrupted and defiled her beyond recognition. She's an eternal victim, and seems to enjoy her role. I wish that she had the courage to speak against him. Sad.

Peter   October 7th, 2010 9:29 pm ET

Hello Larry I think Samanth is a very honest woman. She comes across as been very sincere, even when it would be easier for her to lie and demonise Polanski she didnt ,she stuck with the truth and that to me makes her an exceptional human being. Is she single i would want to know her cuz people like her are rare, i bet she'll be an exceptional partner.

Nina   October 7th, 2010 9:32 pm ET

Samantha Geimer is still very beautiful.

I hope the DA continues with this case as it can devastate an individual for their entire life.

Nancy in Salem   October 7th, 2010 9:40 pm ET

I understand this incident happened years ago, and Samantha has been able to work thru the trauma, but she seems so casual about the incident. I'm afraid a young girl watching this would be hesitant to testify against her assailant.

Michael L   October 7th, 2010 9:41 pm ET

This man has commited one of our societies most heinous acts against a child he should go to jail just like all other child molesters,his status in the movie indutry does not excuse this behavior. I know the victim says the D.A. should drop the case but that sends the wrong message to the American people that if you are rich you can get away with anything.She has had years to come to terms with what happened but that does not mean Roman Polanski should get off the hook.One last question Why is Mark Foley still free?

tracey   October 7th, 2010 9:46 pm ET

It doesn't matter if she wants the case dropped, justice is done to protect the innocent, those that he might attack the next time. Does she worry that he may have done this again and again and again, and it could have been prevented. Does she think that we believe that the rape was a lesser injustice than the press? This is not believable. He is a rapist and should be off the street, to minimize his act is criminal. If she just went on with her life, wished it would go away, then what would she need a financial settlement for?

Nancy in Salem   October 7th, 2010 9:48 pm ET

Here comes the civil litigation agreement and she's smiling and glib. She's unreal.

Superdvb   October 7th, 2010 9:49 pm ET

No they shouldn't drop any charge. No one is above the law. He raped a child.... Hello!

Summer Carmichael   October 7th, 2010 9:51 pm ET

The DA should continue to pursue this case. It is disappointing that Ms. Geimer is advocating let it go, as it underminds the efforts of so many women that are fighting to bring their accuser's to justice. What she is advocating is irresponsible, and positions Mr. Polanski as the victim. Just because she has moved on, doesn't mean the law has to as well. Every one should be held to the same standard and follow the same laws, despite their celebrity or financial status.

no1Uno   October 7th, 2010 9:55 pm ET

The people of California DO want to know why Roman Polanski is not in the Megan’s law web site with a picture like all others . Can’t a DNA profile be in the Megan's List for the purpose of testing against other unsolved cases from the 70’s??. What happened to the rape kit from Samantha Geimer? If the DNA from Geimer is missing a DNA profile can be acquired from Sharon Tate and child and a profile deduced for the father (Polanski) as was done in a Sacramento case of a missing a dead child. (seen on cold case files)

cindy gachman   October 7th, 2010 9:56 pm ET

what kind of parent's did this women have? And she smiles and laughs about this horrible experience! she is weird.

Johnny   October 7th, 2010 10:05 pm ET

The judge was corrupt in this case, the victim has moved on and Polanski has been a fugitive for 32 years. The more this case drags out the more the victim suffers so the court should just admit wrongdoing and dismiss this case.

annie   October 7th, 2010 10:08 pm ET

she is very strange to me. I found this interview disturbing.

Vicky   October 7th, 2010 10:20 pm ET

It was not rape – it was consensual sex, therefore not traumatic. It's the legal system that making it traumatic for everyone involved. She has been able to move on in life whereas, he is still facing charges. Everyone looses in such situations; it ties up courts and overcrowds jails while attorneys get richer. Her mother should have also been held responsible for allowing a minor unsupervised photo shoots. In my opinion, the legal system is the problem.

linda   October 7th, 2010 10:21 pm ET

She stated the truth, and Polanski served time and was found to not be a predator....he has been married happily and has 2 grown children....
Why don't people listen to what Samantha said...why aren't you more concerned about the numerous serial predators and child murderers in your neighborhood right now, who prey upon toddlers and 4, 5 6 yr olds...instead of wasting your efforts on this man who served time and has not proven to be a predator for the last 32 years. I am much more concerned at the almost ridiculous number of ACTIVE PEDOPHILES AND MURDERERS who are currently free in our communities.

linda   October 7th, 2010 10:26 pm ET

For all of you who found her strange, what is so strange about making peace with a trauma, moving on and rebuilding her life with her family? Would you rather she be consumed with hatred and misery and be suffering forever? Thirty two years is a very long time to heal and perhaps she has has help with that and family support, I wish her well and peace and freedom for the remainder of her life. those who wish to beat this case to death are simply revictimizing both her and her family. Let her live her life, if you are so concerned about her victimization. Go and put efforts in your community to protect the current children who are in danger of being assaulted NOW.

Ky from PA   October 7th, 2010 10:31 pm ET

I'm not surprised that you guys didn't publish my comment. You folks are part of the problem. You only want people to say what you need them to say. Cut or dice this case in any way, this woman needs phychiatric help. It's ridiculous she adopts this kind of 'no-big-deal' attitude and avocates for polanski's aquital. Polanski is a rapist and this woman's mother should also be ashamed of herself for letting the daughter go for the shooting unsupervised.

Ky from PA   October 7th, 2010 10:59 pm ET

@Linda : it doesn't matter if someone steals once and stops and goes ahead to become a married man or a college professor.. A thief is a thief no matter how many times they stole.

Why do people find her strange? She called it 'just sex' even at the time the crime occurred. Remember she was drugged. Was that 'just coke' also? She implied she got mad that her sister overheard her and told her mother who called the cops. She blames the court system for causing her more trauma than Polanski inflicted on her. How could that be? How could the 'victim' blame the DA for doing their job? She refused to tell her mom she posed topless, at the age of 13 all because she wanted to be in movies! Do you need more talking points to justify why she comes across as being weird?

dizzybuzz   October 7th, 2010 11:03 pm ET

Polanski and his supports would have us believe that he was wronged by a corrupt judge. The judge may have been stupid and/or bribed to have given a celebrity only 90 days in a relatively cushy psychiatric lockup for admitting to drugging and raping a 13 year old girl. Polanski managed to wiggle out of the lockup after only 40 some days and the judge wanted him back to at least serve the full 90 days. Had the judge added more time then Polanski could have legally challenged the extra time rather than giving the middle finger to America.

Jill Springer Forrest   October 7th, 2010 11:05 pm ET

This is not her first interview with Larry. She was very vocal these last years on several media outlets about wanting Polanski to go free. It's very sad that this crime is even being debated regarding prosecution. Once a pedophile always a pedophile. That he has continued his life unabated is a crime in itself. Just how many other young people did he get to? Sexual predators come in all shapes and income brackets but those with vast amounts of money always seem to get special treatment and get away with it. If we don't stamp down the influence of money in this country, we will all go to hell in a hand basket.

Smith in Oregon   October 7th, 2010 11:41 pm ET

Wow, after all these decades American justice is still actively trying to deport this man and sentence him to prison.

Gives me hope that the 8 Turkish civilians executed by the Israeli Commando's at point blank range with a single shot to each in the back's of their heads will be brought to justice 'someday' and those Israeli's and Israeli officials will be sent to prison themselves.

Perhaps the American justice system will recognize the humanitarian crimes of exposing hundreds of Gaza women and children to White Phosphorus artillery rounds which burned them to death leaving many more with 3rd. degree burns over much of their little bodys, and bring those criminal Israeli officials to justice.

DaveY   October 8th, 2010 12:49 am ET

It really doesn't matter that Samantha may feel this issue should be let go but she does not have the best interest of society as a whole. It is unfortunate that she is continuously dragged along but all victims suffer when criminals escape or evade justice. This does not mean we should stop chasing the criminals. She may not have been his only victim and others may not be fairing as well as she has fortunately done.

She was a thirteen year old person who drugged and raped and all potential criminals should believe there is no escape from punishment. He should have sought help instead of succumbing to his inner demons. This is what we want to encourage of potential criminals – seek help.

john   October 8th, 2010 12:50 am ET

One major point that should be focused on is that Roman Polanski, as reported, committed an act of pedophilia.

"yes, there was a settlement" (she answered before looking at her attorney)

Bunny   October 8th, 2010 1:00 am ET

The interview made me very sad. I was a victim of sexual molestation and although I've forgiven and moved on, I would never EVER advocate for a child predator. I am glad that she has come to terms with the terrible thing that happened to her many years ago but to advocate on behalf of a child sexual predator is simply sick. Corrupt Judge, deals gone south, sexually active 13 year old, consent or not, wanted to be a movie star...whatever, the bottom line is an adult took advantage of a child. He knew better than she and he took advantage of her youth. He was found guilty (and would again if the case were re-tried), and ran like a coward (as most sexual predators are) before he was sentenced. And he says he rightfully ran because of a judge who misused justice. In my opinion, the judge was corrupt-corrupt in thinking 90 days was sufficient. Mrs. Geimer is embarrassed, a normal victim response, and has so deeply fell under the idea that if it all goes away, her life will be so much better. I thought that too when I was being molested. I do feel bad that she wasn't given the privacy to heal in peace and the press reminds her that she was raped year after year. That can take it's toll. But just because she is embarrassed or inconvenienced by the press doesn't mean she should be against the law that is simply doing what it was set up to do...prosecute crimes and carry out punishment. Mr. Polanski has not satisfied his debt to the United States for breaking its laws. Mrs. Geimer's attorney is commended for admitting that when Mr. Polanski fled, it was a sad day for US law. He now needs to get his client some professional help to deal with her denial. If Ms. Geimer had a daughter or granddaughter who was sexually active at the age of 13 and a 44 year old man provided her drugs and alcohol and then had sex with her, would she be so flippant?

Manideepa Patnaik   October 8th, 2010 1:11 am ET

Many happily married people do take the audacity to get into sexual assault by enticing in very crafty ways. Sexual harassment is nonnegotiable crime. At times it gets very difficult to prove it though because the victim does not talk about it for fear of bully and career damage and assaulter washed hands with achievements. They should be handled very tactfully like no one will know why they suffered how they suffered. In India, one guy has lost his pension like that and he knows he lost it because the clerk did not tell him about the pension taking process.

Manideepa Patnaik   October 8th, 2010 1:14 am ET

Linda- The best way to get over with the exploitation one has gone through is to talk about it openly like Larry has set the trend. If one gets justice one should talk boast about the justice so that there will be fear psychosis and no one will dare to do it again. If one does not get justice one should try hard to cancel the jobs of all the human rights people who are sitting in her localities and everywhere in the world. Let's form people power and set things right.

GoodGrief   October 8th, 2010 1:44 am ET

Forgiveness of your perpetrator is so the victim can heal to come to the level of survivor so they can move on with their life. It doesn't mean the perpetrator shouldn't be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Katharina Meienhofer   October 8th, 2010 2:46 am ET

What happened to the boy friend Samantha had sex with before Polanski. Was he charged, did he go to Prison.

Katharina Meienhofer   October 8th, 2010 2:48 am ET

What about her boyfriend. Samantha clearly stated that she had sex with him before Polanski. Was he also arrested?

John   October 8th, 2010 5:58 am ET

I think Linda has the right attitute. Try to forget the whole thing. Dwelling on this and being angry is not going to do any good. She was really revealing about her childhood. Her mother called the police when she found out about what Polanski did. But, where was the parenting with this young child when she was 13 and younger. Linda admits that she was in a serious sexual relationship for two years before this happened and that there was an ex-boyfriend before that??. What?, she started dating when she was 10 and started having sex. Where the hell was her mother then??. I don't blame Linda for this. It appears that she had handled herself well since then and appears to be happy having been married now for 21 years. I think that the mother had pushed her toward fame and an acting career. Like with many really young girls, mothers push them in this crap, like the beauty pegeants at the age of 5. It's got to be destructive for such children. It's an obsession and an ego trip for these mothers.

Joan M   October 8th, 2010 7:16 am ET

why should he? My son was 19 with a girl he loved she was 14. He is doing a ten year probation 10 year registered sex-offender deal. He had to take a test also and passed with flying colors too. The law is crazy. But
roman never finished his sentence. When this happened the lawyers said nothing could be dropped it is what it is rape because she was 13. That was disgusting what Roman did and how he did it also He should be put away for the rest of his life and should be ashamed to come back here.

FoolsGold   October 8th, 2010 8:55 am ET

My understanding is that his "victim" was very experienced at sex, particularly sex with older males, and very experienced with her particular drug of choice. I believe her mother was not in any way ignorant of her daughter's lifestyle. Apparently there was no complaint to the District Attorney by the girls mother until after attempts to receive money had been flatly rebuffed.

The normal and customary penalty would have been Probation. No Jail time, no registration. Anything that got into the press about substantial penalties may have come from the Judge but more likely came from an ADA who thought his comments would appear in France only.

Several weeks after the flight to France, Paris Match published a photograph of several young teenage girls speaking to Roman Polanski in a public park. Those young French girls were his ultimate judge and their opinions clearly were that he was no pervert and no threat to anyone.

At a time when the LA County Jail is turning people loose on very short time due to overcrowding, the authorities have conducted a campaign to get Polanski into a jail cell? We turn cutthroats loose early but spend countless hours trying to extradite a non-violent octogenarian?

This not Justice. This is not even Common Sense.

Wendy Shapiro   October 8th, 2010 9:44 am ET

Yes, he has been punished enough, time to let go...........

Calvin   October 8th, 2010 10:00 am ET

The victim is the one who the State of California is punishing. Most all victims go on with their lives and put their abuse behind them to only have the State bring it up and rub their noses in it again and again. And what for? A DA's or Politian's 15 minutes in the News Spot light in a self premoting event for Political gain at the expense of the victims of abuse and taking advantage of the Voting Public's fear, ignorance and hysterical mis conception of Registered Former Sex Offenders who, by every study, has been proven to be the LEAST likely to reoffend. The current Sex Offender Registry hesteria is an excellent example. Many victims now are reminded daily that their abuser is just a click away, being waved like a flag keeping their abuse in the forefront of their lives. The State of California is abusing this woman now so those individuals can make some Political gain.

letsgetreal   October 8th, 2010 10:29 am ET

John, you said, "One major point that should be focused on is that Roman Polanski, as reported, committed an act of pedophilia."

WRONG! Pedophilia has to do with a fixation on prepubescent children.

This was at the most, statutory rape. She was an adolescent and the sex was consensual.

Unfortunately, the word pedophile has been thrown around so much that the public doesn't know the difference between prepubescent and adolescent.

There is a HUGE difference!

letsgetreal   October 8th, 2010 10:32 am ET

Why am I not surprised that Fox News is NOT reporting this??

Oncefallendotcom   October 8th, 2010 12:46 pm ET

While I feel Polanski should have been punished I believe the victim's desires should be considered. Why is it people only want to take the victim into account when they want to crucify someone? We feel a need in this country to condemn people, to never forgive, and never move on. There can never be healing without working on the issues of the past, and our bloodlust fails to address sexual deviancy in this country.

IKHAN   October 8th, 2010 1:22 pm ET

@ Smith in Oregon

As always you are right on the mark.
Bigotry is a way of life with us now. All these people crying out for justice to be served in this case would be blind to the heinous crimes you point out.
An American was brutally murdered too by the same perpetrators in the same incident , where were the same voices of moral indignation & outrage ??

bb234   October 8th, 2010 3:27 pm ET

I was shocked and dismayed as the victim of rape was telling all the world to leave her rapist alone. I was raped 35 years ago. While I have dealt with the personal trauma and have come to terms with the affects it has had in my life, I would love to put the bastard away in jail today..forever...and can not even imagine that many many women and children across the country would not want the same for thier offenders. While I am glad that she has "somewhat" dealt with her issues I can tell you by listening to her that she is still victimized by the trauma and needs help. Forgiveness is one thing but being held accountable for the wrong doing is a totally different issue. Once again the rich and famous have different rules and regulations then the rest of us.

Charles   October 8th, 2010 7:18 pm ET

What exactly is it that Fox has NOT reported? I am interpreting your comments to suggest that you feel basically the man did nothing. Since you're taking a swipe at FOX, I assume you're a flaming liberal. News for you; not every liberal feels this case should be ignored. Once rape is reported, it's too late. It can only be ignored it it's never reported and in that case, the victim does the opposite of ignoring it in her mind for the rest of her life.

Just curious, if a 5 year old agrees to sex with an adult male, is that rape? Where do you draw the line when it comes to age and consensual sex? Sad.

jane1988   October 9th, 2010 9:51 am ET

Does anyone have any idea how they come up with level 1 2 or 3 sex offender. One of the questions for the determination is how old was the offender? Get this the younger he is the more points you get The reasoning behind this ???? If the man was 40 he went 40 years without offending. If he was 20 he has his whole life ahead of him to offend. I know alot about this because someone very close to me went through this misery and his life is ruined because of the premiscuious girl and corrupt parents that made it happen. I wish I had the money to make all of it go away..............

bob19   October 9th, 2010 9:53 am ET

Roman Polanski-Pedophile All the money in the world can't change that statement.

max   October 10th, 2010 4:20 am ET

Serial rapist: Polanski
We now have 3 women saying the same thing (2 sodomized against their will at Jack Nicholson's and one in Paris), in '74, '77 and '82.
Society needs to let HOLLYWOOD KNOW that raping women and children is not 'about the art', it is no different to the victim that the perpetrator is a gifted director, etc.
A few months ago the beautiful Charlise Theron admitted that an old 'Producer' assumed he could extort sex from her when she was 19 and trying to get a part, then this last week Gwyneth Paltrow, admitted she had the same experience where the audition was to be in the bedroom (with her father being a producer at the time a well). We hear about only those that refused because no one, whether they are famous and don't want to have the stigma that they didn't deserve the break they got, or more likely since most actresses do not gain fame, they were defiled by some old f'er and that was what they were left with.
When you read about Hollywood and its abuse of women you see how it extends to modeling a well (not surprisingly you read that Polanski 'hung out' at modeling agencies in Europe where beautiful 14-year-old girls can be had by old pervs like him.
JUDGE RITTENBAND DID THE RIGHT THING WHEN HE SAW POLANSKI THUMBING HIS NOSE AT OUR COURTS BY BRINGING HIS 15-year-old girlfriend Natasha Kinski to LA during his court appearances a well as partying with teenagers at a German Oktoberfest while out on bail. Rittenband saw the sociopath Polanski for what he was, and is still.

suetiggers   October 11th, 2010 6:33 pm ET

Let's Get Real's comment is so powerful, so rational, so true it deserves to be printed again, so here it is:
October 8th, 2010 10:29 am ET

John, you said, "One major point that should be focused on is that Roman Polanski, as reported, committed an act of pedophilia."

WRONG! Pedophilia has to do with a fixation on prepubescent children.

This was at the most, statutory rape. She was an adolescent and the sex was consensual.

Unfortunately, the word pedophile has been thrown around so much that the public doesn't know the difference between prepubescent and adolescent.

There is a HUGE difference!

People keep equating dangerous pedophiles with sex offenders. Because of this we now have a MAJORITY of people on the registry in the US who are NOT DANGEROUS AND ESPECIALLY NOT DANGEROUS TO CHILDREN... and there IS difference between consensual sex between a teen and an is not right in my opinion but that doesn't mean the man is DANGEROUS....
You people who don't get this woman's comments probably don't get a lot of things about sex and don't get the difference between forced, terrible dangerous predators and ones who, like Polanski seduced but she was not a naive, helpless little girl..come on people ...wake up and smell the coffee....some of you are living in the 1800's

Rock With You Horsegirl   October 12th, 2010 1:32 am ET

This man is a pedophile, he is also a coward for leaving the country. I believe the DA should put him on trial NOT let him go.

jan   October 12th, 2010 4:44 pm ET

he got away with this is a disgrace and people making excuses, geez!

Camilla   October 15th, 2010 1:47 pm ET

I don't know why she wants the media to get away from him, seriously...This is the question that bothers me so bad...
He's a pervert and justice MUST be done.

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