September 29, 2010

World’s Largest Ice Cream Social

Posted: 12:15 PM ET

Cold Stone Creamery® and the Make-A-Wish Foundation are inviting the country to help make Kate’s wish come true by participating in the “World’s Largest Ice Cream Social.” Kate, an 11-year-old with a life-threatening congenital spinal-cord condition, wished to be the Cold Stone Tastemaster™ and she’s hoping ice cream lovers around the country will dig into the exclusive ice cream Creation™ that she developed.

“I learned about doing this wish in 2009 when my family and I went to Cold Stone Creamery for the World’s Largest Ice Cream Social for wish kid Jack’s Creation. I loved the idea of working with the Tastemaster™ to put my stamp on an event that helped so many other children. I chose this for my wish because I’ve always loved ice cream and I thought it would be cool to invent my own ice cream flavor.” Kate loves to cook and create in the kitchen and knew she wanted to be the one creating in the kitchen for her wish, not just watching others. The following is Kate’s journal entry describing her wish day.

Make-A-Wish day here I come! Friday morning at 9:45 a.m. the day of my Make-A-Wish day, I quickly leaped out of bed and put on my blue Make-A-Wish t-shirt and blue jeans and popped out the door of our hotel room and into the lobby of our hotel where two camera guys clipped a tiny microphone to my shirt and I jumped into the limo and then we were on our way to Cold Stone Creamery!

A few minutes later we were pointed to a building big enough to fit four football fields into, but then I realized that the building was Cold Stone! I was just minutes away from starting my ice cream adventure.

When we finally arrived at Cold Stone, I jumped out of the limo and ran inside where all of the employees and other people who worked there were clapping and cheering for me!

After a quick tour, my sister, me and my “Tastemaster boss” Ray were in one of the two Cold Stone test kitchens whipping up batches of bubblegum and chocolate masterpiece ice cream, which is chocolate ice cream with brownie and Oreo mixed in, plus later we made some ice cream “Creations” that I thought of myself.

After a quick lunch break, we were back behind the counter brainstorming flavors for the World’s Largest Ice Cream Social in September. I made three creations with 2-3 mix-ins each using caramel apple ice cream (the flavor for September).

Once all of the creations were mixed up, we had all of the people who worked there gathered into a big room for the taste testing. For the tasting, everyone had a piece of paper labeled A, B, and C and next to each letter there was a spot where they could write any comments they wanted to.

After the taste testing, it was back to my “office” to count up the results and send an email on my computer to let everyone know the results. The results were as follows, A=22, B=1 and C=8

When everyone knew the results, we all gathered into one of the bigger meeting rooms for a meeting on how we were going to sell my creation, but most of the time I didn’t really understand what we were talking about.

After the meeting, we all walked outside to see and go inside the one and only Cold Stone Creamery ice cream truck, which was so cool and I think it was one of the best ice cream trucks I have ever seen in my life.

The day ended with a tasting of the bubblegum and chocolate masterpiece ice cream, plus an interview with one of the two camera guys, and I think I did pretty well considering it was my very first interview.

My day at Cold Stone Creamery was AWESOME and I hope I can visit Arizona and the Cold Stone Creamery headquarters again sometime.

Throughout September, every Cold Stone store nationwide will sell paper wish stars for $1 each. The month-long fundraiser will culminate in the ninth-annual “World’s Largest Ice Cream Social” on Sept. 30. During the social, Cold Stone locations will give away three-ounce portions of Kate’s Creation from 5-8 p.m., while encouraging guests to make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Cold Stone Creamery has supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation since 2002, generating more than $3.6 million in donations.

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