September 1, 2010

Celebrating 9/02/10 in 2010!

Posted: 11:10 PM ET

City with the famous zip celebrates 9/02/10 Beverly Hills style. Larry King talks to Mayor Delshad about the special day.

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Smith in Oregon   September 2nd, 2010 12:46 am ET

The removal of Saddam under the fiction and lie of him having Weapons of Mass Destruction was more of a depraved vendetta by Bush jr. to avenge an assassination attempt upon his father by Iranian security officers.

Destablizing Iraq completely empowers Iran in that entire region, not only is Iran stronger and in Iraq's government, Bush jr. handed them Iran's greatest enemy on a silver platter, Saddam himself.

Some One Million Iraqi's died in the resulting civil war, Bush jr's Republican touted troop surge didn't stop the killing, Shiite and Sunni factions ran out of bodies to kill. And the firebrand Iranian militant cleric cut a deal with the US Commanders who issued a exit date in Iraq and withdrawing his troops while returning briefly to Iran.

Well over 4,000 American lives lost, some 40,000 severely wounded American and NATO soldiers, and Bush jr. GAVE China huge Iraqi Oil Field Leases worth Multi-Trillions of dollars for PENNIES.

Bush jr. promised China they would make an extra Hundreds of Billions of dollars from interest on the nearly 900 Billion dollars China loaned Bush-Cheney for the Iraqi War, they would also made several Trillion more dollars from the Iraqi Oil fields!!!

No sane American would make such a one-sided agreement with China, either Bush is utterly insane or utterly corrupt.

That same American provided taxpayer money is now empowering China to build up it's military in a major unprecedented fashion.

SEVEN years of 24/7 Iraqi's being slaughtered by American's, NATO, Sunni and Shiite forces has directly placed American tourists in greater risk of being kidnapped or murdered not only anywhere in the Middle East but in many tourist destinations in the entire world. American's are far less safe because of the utterly corrupt and depraved Repubican administration of Bush-Cheney.

Was it worth it for Iran, ABSOLUTELY
Was it worth it for China, ABSOLUTELY
Was it worth it for the Iraq People, unlikely, another dictator will likely take over that country in the future.
Was it worth it for the American People, NO, Absolutely not.

Danny   September 2nd, 2010 3:32 am ET

are you crazy trying free them baby killers -who knows more then the people that were there not a dickie chick who was not there

Sinsta   November 22nd, 2010 2:58 pm ET

I'm proud to have a Iranian-born mayor of such a successful city. Good job Mayor Delshad!

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