August 28, 2010

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Harry Connick, Jr. joins Larry from New Orleans to mark the 5thanniversary of Hurricane Katrina. He’ll tell us how his hometown is still coming back from catastrophe.


President Obama addresses the nation about the end of combat operations in Iraq.  Larry’s got reaction.  Plus, what’s next for Afghanistan?  The latest on Larry King Live.

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Jose Galt   August 29th, 2010 9:16 pm ET

Harry, now what was your Lawyer Dad doing all those years when the levee money was spent on fountains and dinners? Larry King=Clueless, Harry Conick Jr, Now why were these people UNABLE to evacuate????
Consider what went right in this disaster. American scientists saw the hurricane developing and communicated warning days in advance. Eighty per cent of the Americans in the area grasped the warning and took rational, well-planned, difficult action. They packed what they could, left dear possessions behind, and evacuated. Every individual who left the city, saving his own life, is a hero. These heroes–not just our soldiers, police, and firemen, who rescue others–exemplify the greatness of America. Heroes like this exist in America and other politically free countries, because freedom unleashes the independent thought and productiveness possible to every individual.

kathy   September 20th, 2010 11:46 am ET

When Harry Connick Jr was on Larry King Live, he asked for ideas on how to keep donations to help victims of disasters coming in long-term.

One idea is to have the post office commemorate a stamp/set of stamps depicting the disaster as well as the type of help that is needed- such as the country of Haiti and pix of tent cities to remind us that millions of people still need shelter.

The post office would donate some of the proceeds from each stamp sold, which would help the finances of both the Haiti and post office. I think some people who don't donate outright would buy stamps because they will be getting something useful for their donated money; and every time they use one of the stamps to mail a letter, everyone who sees that letter and stamp will be reminded that there are still people in need, even if they haven't been on the news for a long period of time. And then you have the stamp collectors, who buy stamps in sheets, plus the fact that there will always be more people becoming interested in stamp collecting- especially those who think the post office will eventually become obsolete.

Just a thought.

Kathy Burbach
Wichita KS

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