August 11, 2010

ICYMI: Sen. Stevens dies in plane crash

Posted: 10:36 AM ET
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Smith in Oregon   August 11th, 2010 12:17 pm ET

Sean O'Keefe, 54, was leading EADS's (EAD.PA) bid to win a hotly contested competition to build a new generation of aerial tankers for the U.S. military, one of the biggest Pentagon contracts ever. The largest Military contract in American history and this man just happened to be 'fishing' with the known influence peddler, Alaskan former Senator Ted Stevens?

This extremely remote 'fishing' lodge trip was likely further consolidating political favors and influence in order for Sean O'Keefe's company to obtain that huge Pentagon contract and not be eavesdropped nor fear any wiretaps that would normally be following Ted Stevens who had been previously charged with multiple corruption charges in conjunction with his 'influence peddling'.

Gerald Jolly   August 11th, 2010 1:47 pm ET

And "GOD" said!!

Quote: In the end, justice will come to all those that have been dishonest and self serving all of their life.

Smith in Oregon   August 11th, 2010 2:15 pm ET

It is really sad to see News Media trying to make a saint out of Ted Stevens. At least 50% of the internet community see's former Republican Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens as utterly corrupt and a vile man with nefarious connections to the US Military complex whom he often benefited with his influence peddling. No doubt Big Oil's Exxon and BP greatly miss Ted Steven's help and influence he provided them all those past years, however a great many American's including Alaskan residents feel former Republican Senator Ted Steven's sold Alaska to Big Oil company's and personally pocketed the benefits.

Miller   August 11th, 2010 4:02 pm ET

@Smith in Oregon,
I know it's hard for you to believe in anything called friendship but O'Keefe and Stevens had been friends for many, many years and had fished together many times. Don't be so paranoid.

Cajazz76:24:8   August 11th, 2010 9:26 pm ET

All influence peddler's and recipient's alike elicit the company of their children to partake in sequestered hideouts to educate them in the 'underworld dealings' of 'The Military Complex'.

Sean O'Keefe was never accused of any wrongdoings beyond trying to insure the safety of those who worked for him. He has a star studded resume that anyone would envy and to paint him as anything other than credible is, in my opinion, strong grounds for a libel and slander lawsuit.

Former Senator Ted Stevens was also a stellar citizen, and if 60 years of public service hampered only by baseless charges of not reporting gifts, that were later dropped by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on April 1,2009, are a symbol to decimate ones good character then were are all denied invitations to picnic in Eden. Silly Smith in Oregon...what is your agenda? If I were a Democratic would be persona non grata, except in a party of one...Take up painting or rock climbing because you are failing miserably in your pundit exhibitions...

Smith in Oregon   August 12th, 2010 3:10 am ET

Among the dead Dana Tindall, 48, was the senior vice president of legal, regulatory and governmental affairs at GCI and the plane involved in the crash was owned by the company. Dania Tindall was an Executive at General Communication Inc. which is a major telecom company in Alaska. Dania Tindall was known as a "brilliant strategist" and was aboard the GCI owned plane that crashed yesterday near Dillingham.

If Ted Stevens could privately approach someone over the activity of the wire taps on his home phones which were brought to light during Ted Stevens corruption trial, Dana Tindall would be the Alaskan Phone and Cell Communications executive insider with the knowledge on that. Apparently Dania Tindall and her daughter were also 'fishing' with Ted Stevens in that remote Alaskan lodge in a plane that 'happened' to be owned by Alaska's General Communication, Inc. (GCI).

Smith in Oregon   August 12th, 2010 4:08 am ET

Ted Steven's was convicted of 7 Felony Corruption charges as a US Senator specifically a gross failure to report some 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars) in gifts from special interest clients who he either directly favored or were seeking political favors from Ted Stevens as a US Senator. After spending a mere 5 months of his sentence, his multiple felony corruption trial was dismissed on a technicality.

Today's Osama bin Ladin's cook recieved a 14 year sentence on top of his already 8 year's spent at Gitmo, he was a mere COOK!

What about GW Bush's Cook, he/she should be good for at least 20 years! What's next, bin Ladin's gardener or his wives priests?

I wonder if Osama bin Ladin's Cook was waterboarded?

Indeed Miller, Cajazz folks like the late Ted Stevens are the pillar of Justice in America, the land of opportunity if those in power permit it and for those with the Money to Buy It or Bribe It.

Miller   August 12th, 2010 5:56 pm ET

@Smith in Oregon,
Sen. Byrd was no saint but you certainly defined him as one. (I have a lot of respect for his humble background and knowledge of the constitution so no disrespect to him intended). The biggest problem with your propaganda is that it's strictly down a party line, one in which you are so far to the left, surely you really can see Russia.

Dodie   August 15th, 2010 12:23 am ET

As the Democratic and Republican parties fight for control, which is irreverent and disingenuous use of misdirection. I continue to be dismayed at the Americans willingness to spend time on issues that were most likely designed to distract the American public instead of looking at the most important issue at hand. Namely, the US treasury and where our money has been pilfered for the past 25 years.....

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