August 4, 2010

LKL: Surviving a shark attack

Posted: 08:14 AM ET

This week marks Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" – check out
this clip of last night's show discussing all things shark related:

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Smith in Oregon   August 4th, 2010 4:19 pm ET

Sharks strongly dislike human flesh which they probably discern as filled with toxins, pesticides and just plain tastes bad to them. The overwhelming number of shark attacks occur when the shark mistakes a swimmer for a SEAL whom are seen as a gourmet treat for a shark.

What is ENTIRELY missing in the shark discussion in my opinion are two points which should have been brought up in the interviews on this subject, discussed at length and debated for the audience:

1) Nearly all Sharks must constantly swim and hunt for food 24/7, only one rare species appears to be able to stop and sleep at night. Sharks moving closer to the shoreline and out of their well noted locations indicates their food sources in the Ocean are either entirely missing or have also moved. I suspect the world's Oceans have been so largely over-fished, even Sharks are having difficulty in finding enough food to survive. Americans probably will have to read those reports on Wikileaks in order to be informed.

2) A Million sharks are captured each year just for their fins to make (shark fin soup) a delicacy in Japan. In the most cruelest fashion that human beings often bestow upon all other creatures, the sharks have their fins sliced off and then dumped back alive into the Ocean to die a long, painful and drawn-out death. The civilized world should rise up and roundly, loudly denounce this disgusting harvesting of shark fins and call upon culinary experts to find a working substitute for shark fins in that culinary dish and widely push for using it.

Gladys Jose   August 5th, 2010 10:20 pm ET

. Is Mr. Jean going to be president of Port-au-Prince or Haiti? What is his plan for a new palace? I am sort of shocked. My collegues express the same feeling. I may be wrong. Until Mr. Jean presents a clear agenda for his run for president of Haiti, I will take him as the advocate for the poor who has big dreams like many of us. The main problem is Haiti never had a real justice system. Until the justice system can run as it should., anyone can dream about becoming the next president of Haiti and make its people dance and say: Sac Passe, Nap Boule. We need to say: Sac Passe: Good Justice, good Gouvernment.

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