July 15, 2010

ICYMI: Tea Party, NAACP, and Oil Spill

Posted: 09:36 AM ET
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Cajazz76:24:8   July 15th, 2010 10:41 am ET

The "square" table discussion was very exclusive and quite distorted as to opinions, based solely on party affiliated ideologies. The Tea Party saleswoman/organizer is just as obnoxious as the Democratic Party saleswoman/commentator and the NAACP and Democratic Party commentator/supporter is just as obnoxious as former part-time game show host and the self-proclaimed genius and part-time Republican Party commentator/supporter.

Larry you wouldn't make a good boxing referee, but I like the way you were quite powerful in letting them all know you run the show... excellent!. I could never imagine a similar discussion with 'religious party' affiliates being obnoxious and unwilling to flex or, rather genuflect, to the opinions and stances of others...never!

Who am I kidding? Is there really much of a distinction between any of them in their righteous inflexibility to respect and give credence to any likeness of ideologies? Or is it considered normal to sit on the fence, baseball bat in hand, and swing at the stars in the hopes one would knock the 'hell' out of the others allegiances? Wait just a minute, aren't politics and religion still bound tight as one, even though it's historically convoluted as such?

The NAACP is very disappointing of late because they have singled out a particular political based entity to pronounce them as 'racist', when racism exists in all political parties in this country. Former NAACP leader, the Reverend C.L. Bryant said it best in his assessment "Let me say this, to say that, about this, to mean that"...what the hell? He denoted in the summer of last year, at a Tea Party rally, that the president is reviving racism with his presence in office. Why I never saw that coming! Who would possibly think that the first black president would rile and raise the ugly head of an era not quite past?

It will take future generational distances, far beyond our own, to make clear that racism is neither practical or acceptable in this, nation of many colors. Sadly, on a similar platform, it will take many centuries, and the possible extinction of mankind, to determine that war to achieve peace is not a practicality either. Silly human race...starving for resolve, over-fed by his cultivated ignorance...caj

Rose   July 15th, 2010 12:12 pm ET

So Palin denies the Tea Party is racist. She was the keynote speaker at their Convention this past February. She must have been oblivious to the opening speaker Tom Tancredo's racist remarks where he:

"Invoked the Segregationist methods of the southern states, saying that Obama had been elected because "We do not have a civics, literacy test before people can vote in this country".

Southern Segregationist states used to prevent Black people from having the vote by setting them restrictively difficult qualification tests, a historical allusion lost on few of the delegates present." – (per The Guardian Feb 6, 2010).

Palin is unaware, deceptive, delusional. Her ignorant trinity-of-characteristics continues in vain to hide the obvious racist elements within the Tea Party – as promoted publically by "their own official speaker" – something they cannot blame on individuals at protests.

Marry   July 15th, 2010 12:17 pm ET

…let’s face it: the GOP screwed up big time under Bush and the voters where part of it not really looking into what was happening and wrapping everything in the flag of patriotism. In the meantime some are still not willing to admit that the GOP drove the country almost over the cliff and that modern times are not that simple as some would like to see it. To run a country has many complicated issues that need experts to advise and to find ways to “organize” things well. The question is: What are the intentions. Will government work for good and fair conditions for ALL the people of the US or “organize” it for MONEY to have the edge??? The GOP goes traditionally for the MONEY and the Democrats have shown more often than not that they want to work for the PEOPLE. Perhaps the voter should not be satisfied with talking points and evading questions about topics of importance and take a very close look at what candidates really offer before voting.

Anthony Smith   July 15th, 2010 12:53 pm ET

Bill Gates' father was once the President of Planned Parenthood. Today Bill Gates is a huge financial supportor of Planned Parenthood. Why would a private citizenship give money to a government abortion center?

Carolyn Branch   July 15th, 2010 2:27 pm ET

Hello Larry, & CNN staff this is my favorite news station. I really love watching Larry, & so sorry to hear he is leaving, I find him to be a real fair minded person, as are all the folks that I've come to know from my years of watching. (about 25) I was to busy raising 7 kids for to much television before that. But besides all that good stuff, I'm really am writing to ask Larry to consider asking radio talk person, Stephen A Smith if he would like to take over his show when he leaves. I think Stephen would do a great job and bring in a lot of new ratings & curious viewers. Please Larry, and CNN PLEASEeeeeeeeee . I Love You All. Peace To All, Carolyn Branch

Carol   July 15th, 2010 3:05 pm ET

Seriously, Ben Stein has never seen racism in baggers? Why, the head of a Texas mob of baggers carried a misspelled sign with the "N" word on it. Did they kick out the head of their party that day, Ben? Will all the baggers at Beck's beck and call kindly ask him to refrain from vicious remarks aimed at the Obama kids that had a clearly racist ring to it? The list is long and better articulated by Tim Wise on his blog about racism in the movement. I highly recommend it. Brilliant Ben should read it too.

Vasilisa C. Hamilton   July 15th, 2010 3:50 pm ET

I enjoyed last night's panel discussion, moderated by Larry King, with panelists Nancy Giles, Stephanie MIller, Ben Stein, and I can't recall the other radio talk show host's name. I thought this lady was rude and condescending to Miller when she called her "sweetie." She seemed to be doing the very thing she was complaining about, misjudging people and jumping to conclusions.

I also enjoyed the discussion between NAACP President Benjamin Jealous and the man from the Tea Party (whose name I don't recall). I don't see anything wrong with the NAACP speaking out against racism and distortion, no matter where they originate. I have not heard or read about the Black Panther issue the Tea Party representative was referring to, but Mr. Jealous was critical of that organization as well.
I'm also glad that he made the point that being biracial has nothing to do with it, since he, himself, is biracial.

Last but not least, I don't think the radical, racist element of the Tea Party would be so offended by such criticism if there was no truth to the accusations.

Continue speaking "truth to power," Larry. Don't let the extremists stifle you.

IKHAN   July 15th, 2010 8:22 pm ET

HI Larry,
Hi folks.

Larry you did have your work cut out for you tonight. Moderating this highly charged "dialogue' wasn't easy.
There should be no doubt in the minds of the general public that the Tea Party is surfing a surge in racism in this country. Their platform & attention grabbing tactics both focus on drumming up racism & fear.
Its an irony that a great moment in this country's history has also nudged racism to the surface. The election of an African American to the Presidency should have made us stand taller. It has unfortunately galvanized forces of hatred,bigotry & intolerance into action.
What made this nation great was its citizenry made up of all colors & creeds, faiths & beliefs. What would harm this country irreparably would not be outside forces but this enemy within- racism, bigotry, intolerance, hatred & fear.
Enough has been said about Sarah Palin & others who

Joe G. (Illinois)   July 15th, 2010 8:42 pm ET

This is America.. You get what you paid for. Any questions?

Always looking around the corner for surprise that tickle your fancy.

Somebody order a cake..!

Kevin   July 16th, 2010 1:49 am ET

So, here's a black man who is a Tea Party leader being told that the organization he helps lead is racist against black people. Really, is America so stupid that they can't figure out that you can't judge a group of 45 million people by a few dozen nut cases that may have slipped through the cracks? They may even be plants, who knows. The fact is, the Tea Party is made up of American citizens who want whats best for themselves and their families. Career politicians are to be voted out, corrupt politicians are to be voted out and replaced with people who have the American citizens best interest in mind. Democrat and Republicans alike. Why in the world would anybody put their future in the hands of crooks simply because of their party affiliation? That's just weak!

Smith in Oregon   July 16th, 2010 2:41 am ET

Yes it is refreshing to see Louisiana politicians speaking and acting as if they are now friends of the environment and eco-friendly.

Historically for decades the environment of Louisiana and neighboring Gulf States has been utterly decimated by Big Oil and Gas dredges, directly resulting in thousands of miles of rich wetlands and marshes being destroyed and totally disappearing.

Is it possible for these Parish Presidents and Governors to now come to their senses and really care one iota about the environment? Yes, I have to believe they do. Louisiana however is very addicted to crude Oil and Gas profits, lease payments and campaign donations from Big Oil corporations. Money from that industry is found thru-out Louisiana's schools and public State agency's. It is in my opinion as hard for Louisiana and the neighboring Gulf States to turn away from it's addiction to Oil and Gas as it is for a drug addict or alcoholic to go sober and remain sober.

With Louisiana's citizens loudly cheering the Louisiana Federal Judge with known Big Oil connections overturning Obama's temporary moratorium on deep Ocean drilling like a State Hero, it is very easy to be entirely skeptical of Louisiana politicians caring even one iota about the environment and how that has been adversely impacted by Oil and Gas wells.

anthony   July 16th, 2010 3:08 pm ET

Watching the videos of Tea Party members would definitely make one wonder. why so defensive,any leader in any group setting will by all means not tolorate any racial remark from their members....if some of their members are going to far where they start attacking or using racial slurs.They can not in all honesty say they're unaware of what is going on within their own group.For god's sake they're holding signs with racial slurs.Who knows,maybe they're using Tea Party to socialize.....But I do know that their are some Tea Party groups who are serious and are fighting for our rights and freedom........

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