July 12, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 07:00 PM ET

Six Months Later: Rebuilding Haiti

What progress has been made

since the devastating earthquake?

How have the millions of dollars in aid been used?

What’s happened to the orphaned children?

A special Larry King Live with

Wyclef Jean and Mario Bello and more!

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gerald Jolly   July 12th, 2010 8:06 pm ET

Depriving the Haitian people of the charitable donations that were given to help then repair their lives is tantamount to a form of GENOCIDE

Anyone being caught for this corrupt activity deserve to be executed without a trace of mercy being given.

We Americans, already burdened with our own problems gave the best we could from our hearts, anly to be bamboozled by a group of crooks.


Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 8:18 pm ET

Larry King asked, 'What happened to the Haitian Orphaned children?

Many of them have been sold into child slavery and whisked out of the country. Some to sex slaves, many to Saudi domestic slave positions. Only a barethread few fall into the 'feel good' spotlight of being adopted to rich, caring western familys.

There is simply too much money involved in child slavery practices. As seen by the actions of the 'christian missionary's' bribes are given to adoption agencys, community homes, familys and Haitian officials to obtain a large number of 'orphans' and children that are born into Haitian familys that are so utterly poor they cannot afford to raise them themselves.

Patrick Barthelemy   July 12th, 2010 8:34 pm ET

I would like to donate 1000 T-shirts to Haiti. What is the best way to do so?

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:01 pm ET

Good Evening Soledad, CNN Staffers, Guests and fellow guests.

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:05 pm ET

I have virtual no trust in any buzz that BP nor Thad Allen spew out of the corner of their mouth in their crass PR campaign to dispel America's concern about one of the largest environmental disaster in America's history.

A growing concern that BP and Thad Allen are entirely blinding America to is the repeated rumors and grave concern that multiple sea-floor fissures have opened and are spewing methane gas and crude Oil from this same mercando Oil reservoir around the area of the blown Oil well.

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:09 pm ET

Wow, it seems even Anderson Cooper is having a problem spinning the enormous corruption regarding the Billions of Haitian relief dollars that appear to be diverted to other pockets, into a positive spin!

Dr. Gupta's point is well taken on the utter collapse of hospitals thru total lack of supplys. Nearly all of the millions of tons of new medical equipment appears to have been taken by Haitian officials or unspecified individuals and sold to overseas buyers anxious for a cheap price on new quality equipment.

Hospitals here in America individually made Millions of dollars off the backs of the US taxpayers by donating expiring drugs and outdated medical equipment and then using the full cost for new replacements on their IRS tax forms in a generous give-away. Normally that would be a very small write off and most would simply be trashed.

vic nashville tn   July 12th, 2010 9:14 pm ET

Thanks CNN for reporting about Haiti. It will take years to rebuild Haiti.

Renee Timberlake   July 12th, 2010 9:15 pm ET

Hello from Tennessee,
I have been a missionary nurse with my church for 8 years now. We have traveled to Petit Goave, Haiti and treated various medical and dental conditions. In addition, we provided reading glasses/sunglasses to literally hundreds. In response to the earthquake, we raised (through a community fundraiser even AFTER the Nashville flood) a total of $9,300.00 + dollars for our sister parish in Petit Goave. We recently traveled there for our mission and the ENTIRE amount was delivered by our priest, HAND TO HAND...100% of the proceeds to these desperate people. I encourage the rest of the world to do the same.

Renee Timberlake RN
Missionary Nurse, St. Stephen Catholic Community

Michael Armstrong Sr.   July 12th, 2010 9:16 pm ET

If people sees a mishandling of funds they will not donate again in the time of need .

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:17 pm ET

After 6 months and Billions of dollars, the Haitians appear to now only have a raggedy tent, and are clearly stating they have to pay for food, they have to pay for water. But these organizations are still actively asking for more money? For what? The Haitian's aren't getting it in those tent citys. American's compassion is simply being milked to fuel the pockets of a small group of evil people.

vic nashville tn   July 12th, 2010 9:21 pm ET

I Strongly believe Haiti will rebuild Haitians will get their life back it will take time

Because they are getting help from President Bill Clinton

corey jones   July 12th, 2010 9:23 pm ET

Hello larry my name is corey jones what going on with the general mag with the cav. Lebron james did nothing to his boss. He just wanted to go to another what so wrong about that. Can I get a commet back from you. Thankyou

Mary-Jane   July 12th, 2010 9:30 pm ET

@ Smith in Oregon

It is tragic! I concur with your statement: "After 6 months and Billions of dollars, the Haitians appear to now only have a raggedy tent, and are clearly stating they have to pay for food, they have to pay for water."

Its enough to make one sick!

Randall of Texas   July 12th, 2010 9:34 pm ET

Yes I donated because I volunteered to serve in the military years ago but now have a fixed income of $648 so funds are rare for charity. But have you raised txes on yourself. Bill Clinton told Larry King during an interview right before the Bush tax cuts came in affect that "He nor Larry King needed a tax cut" did the sorry S.O.B.'s that got a tx cut during two wars GIVE TO HAITI?...

Well Soledad did they? Those guys deserve death at the hands of United States Marines as much as any child that has died from American Military action in Iraq and Afghanistan! When you take a tax cut during War Times you deserve death from an American soldier than an innocence child in the war zones. So O'brien the question is why don't you ask this question? ...IF YOU BENEFITTED FROM THE BUSH TAX CUT BY KEEPING MORE OF YOUR INCOME DID YOU GIVE TO HAITI!

i am starting to hate again and it is feeling pretty good after years of wishing and hoping the rich man would come around.

Moe Nashville   July 12th, 2010 9:35 pm ET

Soledad, you are doing great tonight, however turn up your microphone a bit...that's what gives larry his edge...he is clear when he comes into my Living room, granted he has a deeper voice...just have your producer turn up your volume a bit...

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:35 pm ET

How many of these Haitian children are now on the auction blocks in Morocco? I'm certain CNN viewers would be interested in being shown that 'reality'.

Michael Armstrong Sr.   July 12th, 2010 9:38 pm ET

There was reports that the government of Haiti was hording aid in ware houses to profit off storage fees the government needs to be cleaned up before people can trust them with aid .

Sandra Porterfield   July 12th, 2010 9:39 pm ET

There are many challenges in Haiti to overcome. Many good people are trying to help but it isn't as easy as it may seem. Check in to the details before you criticize.

Turtaldog   July 12th, 2010 9:40 pm ET

you ask where is all the money for the relief effort, everyone knows that the leaders of hati are as dishonest with thier hands in the public till just like our own polatictions. I would say that if the money was sent only about 10 % would make it to where it was suposed to. it would be better if it was sent throu the small nonprofits, they seem to be able to do more with less than most. we have the same problem with dealing with our oil spill, millions are spent with little or nothing being done. I guess after all the top dogs get their cut little is left to put towards the true problem.... human nature? most likely.

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:40 pm ET

Please CNN Guest there in Haiti, have you even seen sheet metal flying thru the air in a 100+ MPH hurricane? I doubt it or you wouldn't be crowing about such flimsy shelters as being a positive sign. One thing you won't have to worry about is dodging terracotta roof tiles like you would in Florida, simply because the Haitians are too poor to have such structures.

Who is stopping cement and mortar factory's from being built in Haiti, that is a no brainer but obviously someone is stopping oversea's business's from doing that. Who is stopping them?

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:43 pm ET

America would buy every single gallon of Ethanol automotive fuel and Rum that Haiti could possibly grow with immense sugar cane plantations and yet none exist. Obviously some organization is stopping that from happening and I seriously doubt it is the Haitian people. Again, who is stopping them?

Michael Armstrong Sr.   July 12th, 2010 9:46 pm ET

We trust CNN to give us the facts and most of us actually listen and we most of the time beleave what we are told .

Anna A   July 12th, 2010 9:47 pm ET

If you would like to donate 100 shirts, I know the Manasseros who run the Child Hope Maison de Lumiere orphanage always need shirts for the kids so they can have matching shirt uniforms for school.

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:47 pm ET

Haiti could easily produce the majority of Hemp Clothing in the entire world and yet they produce none at all, despite many of the garment factory's being idle in Haiti. Some organization is stopping that from happening and I doubt it is the Haitian people who would prosper from such green ecology. Who is blocking that from occurring?

Anne   July 12th, 2010 9:48 pm ET

I think it is important to make the point that the money pleged on behalf of Haitians is not in the hands of Haitians, rather it is in the hands of Multinational Non Government Agencies. This time, Haitians can not be accused of corruption and misappropriation of funds. It is very significant that in spite of the very successful, well skilled Haitian Americans that non of them are consulted on the rebuilding of Haiti. Instead, CNN just put in an actor and an actress to discuss Haiti recovery. Is it no wonder that Haiti is the way it is. Haitians who are quite capable to do for their country are always bypassed, it is as though they are being seen as the ennemy. Yes use the poor, just continue to destroy Haiti by not respecting his sons and daughters who could help toward its development. This program is just another manifestation of the same.

Michael Armstrong Sr.   July 12th, 2010 9:49 pm ET

Just the other day CNN was reporting about shelters and homes made out of fright cars that would hold up to earth quakes and hurricanes with the history of this island country maybe this would be a good thing .

Michael Armstrong Sr.   July 12th, 2010 9:52 pm ET

@ Smith that clothing thing sounds like burning your old cloths could be fun .

Michael Armstrong Sr.   July 12th, 2010 9:57 pm ET

Good night Solidad your much better looking then Larry I could hang with you taking over Larrys place .

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 9:59 pm ET

@ Michael Armstrong Sr., sorry but many years ago the UK (England) went back to the genetic strains of Marijuana that the US Federal Government originally campaigned and begged American Farmers to plant and grow for Hemp Rope in the WW2 effort. That American Government Federal Campaign and it's posters read 'Grow Hemp for Victory'.

That hemp strain is big on massive and strong fibers much stronger than tree fibers and has virtually none of the THC compounds that smokers and medical marijuana patients want, need and desire. UK had centurys of old garment plants laying idle at the time, now making serious money producing hemp clothing.

The real Levi Blue Jeans were made specifically from Hemp clothing, go figure! Cotton is weaker, requires a great deal more water and ton's of pesticides to produce cotton clothing. Hemp is much better, stronger and eco-friendly.

Smith in Oregon   July 12th, 2010 10:00 pm ET

Good night Soledad, and CNN LKL Guests, LKL Staffers.

ProudbutdisaPPOINTEDHAITIAN   July 12th, 2010 10:04 pm ET

It is sad that six months later and millions of donation later there is stil no concrete plans to rebuild the Palace, roads, houses, and no plans to organize help for the people. All I see is a bunch of little Charity organizations trying their best to help any way they can

Where is Haiti's government? Why aren't they leading the effort to help their own country? The answer is what the answer has always been even before the earthquake, lining their own pockets and letting the poor die.

The corruption of the Haitian government is one thing, but I strongly believe that there are many other FORCES that have been working against Haiti for generations that I won't mention. I choose to mention the Haitian government first and foremost because THEY SHOULD LEARN TO CARE AND HELP THEMSELVES.

The Flood and earthquakes have just proven that the haitian government did not set up anything for their own people, they were too busy fighting each other, lining up their own pockets, and allowing chaos in their own country!!!!

David   July 12th, 2010 10:11 pm ET

Why does the media keep perpetuating the haitian thing. Much to their surprise Haiti is not our problem. We as nation have done our part with relief.Most of the money that has been donated and sent there is now in the hands of corupt people who have grabbed everything they could. We the USA have sent millions of taxpayers dollars long before the earthquake and haiti has never gotten any better and never will. we have at least 36,000 hatian illegals in this country under some kind of protected status.These illegals will never be sent back but wiill be given ammnesty and made citizens.Much like whats going to happen to all the mexicans that are here illegaly. Our foreign policy needs to be overhauled.Cripes we can't even take care of our own here in the states.But yet we rush right out with billions of dollars to send out in relief. To what end?

Turtaldog   July 12th, 2010 10:32 pm ET

too what end, to take away the ability to do for yourself, to keep control and keep people from not being able to take care of what is comming ,to depend on welfare so that everyone is controled, while the people wait for hope. that wont be allowed.

Beth Sardinha   July 12th, 2010 10:33 pm ET

My 7-year-old daughter who has autism has been very concerned about the people of Haiti. We have made a few financial donations. We heard that the chidlren in the orphanage are learning English and my daughter would like to donate many of her old books if these would be useful. If so, please provide contact information so we can mail them. We could also send some toys. Thank you.

Kari   July 12th, 2010 11:29 pm ET

I was at the orphanage sponsored by For His Glory Adoption Outreach this last month. They are very much in need of donations and supplies for the growing number of orphans who have come to them after the earthquake. Also if anyone is interested in adopting there is a great need for qualified families who meet Haiti's requirements. Despite the criticism that people have towards international adoption nothing can replace a loving forever family for a child who is a legitimate orphan. It is a reality that yes, children do live and grow up in orphanages. I have seen it with my own eyes in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and now in Haiti. No child should have to live without the love of a parent. Maybe those who bash international adoption should go see for themselves or better yet get to know families in your town that have actually reached out and provided a home to one of the millions of orphans in this world. You will see amazing and resilient kids whose lives have been literally transformed.

Julie   July 13th, 2010 12:07 am ET

I've donated to three different charities for the Hatit relief. I've received thank you letters from each charity I've doanted to. However, I don't plan on sending any more donations to Haiti for a while and I apologize. I'm trying to save my money right now.

Ed   July 13th, 2010 12:29 am ET

I was in Haiti in May and observed exactly what Anderson Cooper has reported on tonight: the destroyed housing looks like the day after the earthquake. The density of the Haitian population, and the unavailability of land on which to relocate the millions of tons of rubble that must be removed, coupled with the unavailability of heavy equipment, makes the first step in rebuilding seem very far away.

I met with the head of the UN WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) cluster who advised that the UN believes that half of the residents of the (then) 14,000 tent cities do not actually reside in the tent cities. They are believed to go home to their corrugated shacks at night, returning in the day to benefit from NGO distributions of water, rice and beans. Further, the UN official advised, many Haitian people feel that if they do not have a place in the tent cities, when reconstruction does come they may not have an opportunity to share in the new housing opportunities.

Most Haitians live in corrugated shack cities, and have done so for generations. There is no electricity, running water, or sanitation. But this is standard. Often the tent cities are far better than the corrugated shack cities–even those not impacted by the earthquake– in which these people have resided for generations.

Most Haitians live hand-to-mouth and will say and do what they need to in order to survive for one more day. This is not noble, but it is human nature and must be understood on that level. We cannot sit in judgment of their behavior as most of us cannot relate to their experiences. Rather, an opportunity is presented to create a functioning society from a demolished, non-functional, land with virtually no infrastructure.

The disorganization is widespread and is the result of many factors: a government that has never adequately served its people; a populace lacking in basic education; the use of a language by 90% of the people which is not shared by the rest of the world, resulting in no literature, instructional books, films or broader culture; a confusing multi-layer monetary system that makes fundamental business transactions difficult; commercial laws that retard investment and finance; and now, a complete abdication of leadership at the national government level. The UN rightfully must yield to the local government and cannot override Haitian government decisions. As a result, the local government, filled by many under-educated people whose interests are not always broadly humanitarian, are able to stifle UN and NGO efforts at progress.

All that the rest of the world can do is to continue in this difficult effort. There is no quick fix, no easy solution. To allow the status quo to continue is simply inhumane.

ann powell   July 13th, 2010 1:02 am ET

it almost makes one want to walk off the face of the earth to see the children and people in haiti living this way. i gave during the quake. where is funds sent in by so many people to help these people. it is beyond heartbreaking and sad. the news cast are trying to hide the shocking disbelief but it shows on their face. cnn you are the source to inform the world. but be bolder and braver and let the world know exactly what happen to the funds which orgination is greedy and involved. it is your responsibility to expose these people just as it was your job to have marathon asking us, the world to help. during the earth quake. it is the world responsibily to help the poor down trodden, regardless of what we are going through in our lives. as human beings we must help. jesus expects us , command us too. it break my heart to see babies small children dying, hungry adults without hope, we as citizens can only give and do so much. leaders can do must do so much more. demand to know and take charge name the corrupts ones every one!!!!!! how can medicines sit and yet you show a small child dying because of the lack of antibiotics that are there in a warehouse. it is unforgiveable. may GOD pour out his mercy and grace on the haitians and his vengance on the evil one.

Smith in Oregon   July 13th, 2010 2:28 am ET

I find it amazing that the Republican party has been exhibiting such a crass and callous racist view of Hispanic people and our current Black President. Apparently a prime-time show is scheduled now to go over racism in the Republican Tea Potty.

Meanwhile of ALL the nations in the world that offered to Help America with oil skimming vessels and miles of Oil retention boom's, MEXICO was the only one to offer all of them for FREE. And they were placing their vessels to help in the Louisiana BP blown Oil gusher within days of the initial accident.

I find it also amazing that despite the longtime friendship between Brazil and America, Bush-Cheney really damaged that relationship when they crassly and callously slapped a huge tariff on any imports of Brazil's Ethanol which would be directly substituted for America's Gasoline and lessen America's need for Saudi Oil.

Meanwhile of ALL the nations in the world that pledged Billions of dollars to the Haitian people suffering from the horrific earthquake 6 months ago, BRAZIL was one of the few that has paid in cash the large sizable sum they offered.

Other than Republican's trying to entirely trying to eliminate domestic programs like Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Benefits, the Republican party really is horrific at creating and running domestic programs in America. It seems in the above two examples that Republican's are equally in the dark and bad with treating America's International allies with decency and respect as well.

cliff   July 13th, 2010 3:12 am ET

The only way to get Haiti recovered is to have a Second Marshall Plan with the USA working with as many French-speaking countries to help.

the original Marshall Plan helped Erope to recover.

I've tried to get this suggestion thru to our government but I don;t know if my suggestion ever got thru to whomever could make that idea work!

Michael Mckegney   July 13th, 2010 6:09 am ET

people dont trust charities anymore,, show me what the money is being spent on, how much of the monies donated actually gets to the people, investigate that, how much do they take in expenses
show me the people that are benifitting, untill i see that i will never again donate a penny

Cajazz76:24:8   July 13th, 2010 12:28 pm ET

I think there is political hands abroad doing procto exams to determine if the upcoming Haitian presidential elections coming due in November will not present a blockage to their particular ideologies. What I cannot understand is that of the 5.3 billions dollars pledged, only 2% ($106,000,000) has been received.

Okay, say the political 'assmosphere's' of countries having interests in the Haitian elections are playing politics, what about the 1.2 billion dollars of donations to relief organizations? Don't tell me that they too would embroil themselves politically and starve an already havoc wreaked nation.

I do would like to express my sincere thanks and admiration for the commitment Sean Penn has demonstrated in the months since the earthquake. He initially went there to work off some public service time assessed by the California courts and he has been there since. It goes to show us all that most people have goodwill toward others encased in their DNA.

Also, kudos to former President Bill Clinton. He to has been a pillar of society despite the embarrassment he brought to himself and the nation while in office. I would think that most who endured and survived such mortifications while under the intense eye of public scrutiny would find a rather small mushroom to conceal themselves.

The main crux of scrutiny and discovery should be cast toward those who say "We are the one who will, not the ones who say we won't...We are the ones who say we will, and then we say we won't "...cajism 101..

Lastly, to George Steinbrenner, now that you're FIRED, maybe your heirs will swing a few bucks of your amassed fortune into the bleachers on the sands of Haiti. It would be a home run toward your legacy. Rest in peace George...Billy Martin has a 'grass roots' team for you to manage...

Michael L. Brenner   July 19th, 2010 12:39 am ET

Mel is amazing actor / talent... To bad he can't get his act together! Kind of ironic, don't you think? I hope he will graze the screen for years to come... and find peace within himself!

That would make him a super star....

Michael Brenner
Mtl, Que...

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