July 9, 2010

ICYMI: Reaction to LeBron's Pick!

Posted: 11:11 AM ET
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Laura Williams   July 9th, 2010 8:48 pm ET

I personally don't understand. People need to put themselves in HIS SHOES. If this were YOU and YOU were on a JOB you didn't like (and couldn't move up) or YOU were in a RELATIONSHIP (that was going nowhere). YOU would exercise your OPTION TO LEAVE. I have mad talent (not 20 million talent) but I got skills. You better damn well believe, when I feel that the benefits of my current season have been exhausted (I AM MOVING ON). I am not even a basketball fan. But that man has a right to CHOOSE. He has a right to determine what is best for HIM and his FAMILY. Whole issue is ridiculous to me. So he should stay in Cleveland for the REST OF HIS LIFE, because that is his hometown. THEY OWN HIM????? He doesn't get to expand and grow beyond his horizon because (SOMEONE ELSE feels he should stay because it benefits THEM). Come on now. You know if this where YOU and you have been stuck in a dead end job and a better opportunity came along......You would (with the quickness) be singing.....It's so nice we had this time together. To laugh and to sing a song. HAHA!! Anyhoo.......Long story short.... It is HIS LIFE. HIS CHOICE. HIS FUTURE. Get over it!

lou moore   July 10th, 2010 9:38 pm ET

I see it as a pure business decision. He has a better chance for a championship and hence more endorsements and increased income. He can meet social responsibilities on Miami the same way as he could in Cleveland.

richardpelle   July 10th, 2010 10:06 pm ET

It is just the way he left Cleveland. No loyalty at all. And people should not be patting him on the back saying he had the right to go. Listen to him talk from his special, this whole thing was a set up by all three players back in the Olympics. They all played terrible for their old teams cause they knew they would be going. Look at how lebron played in the play off with Boston, he tanked. An it was not because the Cavs didn't put talent with him, there was plenty. We will see how three huge egos play .

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