July 31, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 06:00 PM ET

Punishment & Redemption!

Can prison inmates be reformed?

No matter how horrible the crime?

Ex-convicts Judge Mathis & reality

TV star “Dog” the Bounty Hunter

reveal how the system helped them!

They join the debate over prison reform.

Take our poll: Do you think prisoners
can be rehabilitated while locked up?

And join the discussion – weigh in below!

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July 30, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 07:00 PM ET

Tony Robbins Wants to Help You!

A man’s wedding day turned to tragedy!

A woman’s lifelong dream shattered by heartbreak!

TV life coach Tony Robbins on how he

helped turn their lives around – and how

you can experience your own “breakthrough”!

We want to hear from you!

Have YOU ever been to a motivation speaker?

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Michael Jackson's forgotten music out in November

Posted: 04:31 PM ET

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -  Songs that didn't make the cut on Michael Jackson albums while he was alive and some forgotten recordings left behind on computer hard drives will be on an album released this fall, sources familiar with the project say.

Jackie Jackson, one of the singer's older brothers, has been working in a studio to help prepare the album, which will include 10 previously unheard songs, according to Jackson estate spokesman Jim Bates.

Jackson's estate and Sony Music announced in March that his next album of unreleased music will go on sale in November. Music producer Rodney Jerkins, who co-produced Jackson's 2001 album "Invincible," has been working with Sony to put together the new album, a source familiar with the project said.  The source asked not to be identified because he was not authorized by the record label to disclose details.

John McClain, one of the two men named in Jackson's will to be executors of his estate, is also working on the album with Jackie Jackson, Bates said.  McClain owns a recording studio in Hollywood.

Jackson was known to rent out Los Angeles recording studios for weeks at a time for creative sessions, sometimes alone and sometimes with other well-known artists.

A producer told CNN that he was surprised to find a large cache of forgotten Michael Jackson music files stored on a hard drive at a Hollywood studio in the months after Jackson's June 25, 2009, death.  When he turned the recording device on to start a session, he heard Jackson singing "Hot Fun in the Summertime."  The 1969 hit by Sly & the Family Stone is part of an extensive music catalogue that Jackson bought.  The producer said he made a backup copy of the 40 gigabytes of Jackson music and turned it over to one of the Jackson estate administrators.  He asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the matter.

Another computer hard drive with music was found in Jackson's rented mansion in the days after his death, Bates said.  A Jackson family member later handed the hard drive over to the estate administrators, he said. It was not clear if any of that music will be included in the upcoming project, but Sony's Columbia Records has a contract with Jackson's estate for 10 albums of unreleased material over the next seven years.


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Politics is King: All eyes on Rhinebeck for Chelsea Clinton's wedding

Posted: 12:37 PM ET

While we're still waiting on the jury to decide the fate of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in his corruption trial, as well as what will come of the ethics charges against NY Representative Charlie Rangel, the political chatter this week has been about one thing...

The upcoming wedding of Chelsea Clinton.

So many questions are out there: Who will design her dress (Vera Wang?), where will it be (Rhinebeck, NY?), who will be there (Oprah?), and will she change her last name (Chelsea Mezvinsky)?

We'll know much more after Saturday's ceremony, and in the meantime, check out some of these other stories you might have missed this week:

*Erin Andrews, of ESPN and DWTS fame, was on Capitol Hill this week pushing for tougher laws against stalking. You probably knew this from watching LKL on Tuesday night.

*President Obama knows every detail about the U.S. nuclear arsenal, and whether or not Area 51 does indeed house aliens… but during his visit on “The View,” he admitted he doesn’t know who “Snooki” is... (NYDaily News)

*Will former Florida Governor Jeb Bush follow his brother's and dad's footsteps and run for President in 2012? He answered it HERE (The Hill)

*What does comedian/actor Bill Murray watch on television?  While it should be CNN, his answer may surprise you. (Mediabistro)

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ICYMI: Laura Ingraham’s on the war path!

Posted: 11:25 AM ET
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ICYMI: AZ Gov. on Controversial Immigration Law

Posted: 11:23 AM ET
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July 29, 2010

ICYMI: Arizona sheriffs faceoff over immigration law

Posted: 12:36 PM ET
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