June 18, 2010

Politics is King: Goat press conference gone bad

Posted: 12:16 PM ET

As oil continued to spread along the Gulf Coast this week, President Obama returned to the region for his first overnight trip.

Upon his return to Washington, D.C. , he spoke to the nation from the White House, marking his first address from the Oval Office.  No doubt, that location would have been preferred for BP CEO Tony Hayward, who was grilled on Capitol Hill by lawmakers over the company's handling of the oil spill.

These are all stories you've probably paid attention to this week... now for some you may have missed:

1. Rep. Anthony Weiner is recovering from an injury sustained at a press conference he held jointly with a goat.  Seriously.  Check it out HERE (The Hill)

2. Guess which former Secretary of State has 'very firm breasts' according to a Korean foreign minister?  No, it is not Henry Kissinger.  Found out who it is HERE (The Hill)

3. The FBI file on former U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy was released this week. A lot of it was regarding death threats made against the senator, with one involving someone with 'psychic powers' (SmokingGun)

4. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart tied the knot this week.  What does this have to do with politics (rest assured it isn't an 'Indiana' joke)?  Click HERE to see who presided over their wedding! (K-Earth)

5. The Council on Foreign relations added a HUGE A-list celebrity to their roster.  Click HERE to find out who it was, and click HERE to find out exactly what the Council on Foreign Relations does. (Washington Post)


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Smith in Oregon   June 18th, 2010 2:49 pm ET

The Republican Lawmakers Strike Back!

In a direct response to the shame heaped upon Republican Texan Congressman Joe Barton. During his opening remark during yesterdays Congressional Energy Hearing Joe Barton for several minutes emphatically apologized to BP and to BP's CEO Tony Hayward for what he felt to be strong arm tactics being used by President Obama to have BP place 20 BILLION dollars into a private Oil Spill relief escrow fund.

Today, the US Republican Senators continuously filibustered a funding bill to extend needed Cobra medical benefits for millions of unemployed Americans, filibustered extending unemployment to thousands of unemployed Americans.

As a direct result of this latest Republican filibuster, a 21 percent cut in doctor fees paid by Medicare would take effect, raising the prospect that some physicians might refuse Medicare patients. Tens of thousands of Americans who have exhausted their jobless benefits would not be eligible for more.

States counting on $24 billion in federal aid for help with health costs might have to make up the shortfall. And a host of tax breaks benefiting businesses and individuals would not be renewed. In addition, new taxes on wealthy investment managers would not be imposed, along with an increase in liability taxes on oil companies, leading Democrats to contend that Republicans were protecting Wall Street and the oil industry.

“They said yes to the special interest groups they always stand by,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Democrat.

The Republican party filibustered in a lock step fashion to NOT allow the passage of a increase in liability taxes on Oil Companys!!!

Although Joe Barton stated he was speaking for himself and later apologized for his extremely rude and jealous remark towards President Obama, viewers of the ongoing hearing noticed the entire rank and file of the Republican lawmakers gathered and in the audience were nodding their heads with distinct approval. All Joe Barton stated was that which ALL Republican lawmakers were muttering when President Obama convinced BP to put up 20 Billion dollars rather than have the American Taxpayers pay that.

Republican lawmakers switchboards were deluged by angry American's and today it appears The Republican Lawmakers struck back against all Americans as they read phone books to their fellow US Senators in filibustering this urgently needed bill rather than allowing it to be voted on.

Smith in Oregon   June 19th, 2010 5:26 pm ET

Where the Hell is Vice President Joe Biden during this domestic disaster and threat to 'actual' homeland security? It seems that Joe Biden is hunkered down in Dick Cheney's former bunker rather than camped out in Louisiana advising the Swamp parish presidents where he should be.

Get out of the former Dick Cheney Bunker, Vice President Joe Biden! Real homeland security needs you to be in Louisiana!

Bush jr placed US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts into his chair on the US Supreme Court and Roberts is on public record as being a large 'friend' to Big Oil. And on public record berating the Alaskan people over their liability case against Exxon.

At least CNN has the courage to begin questioning Big Oil's graft and corruption with federal judges and investigating the Texan (Houston) Federal Judge whom BP is pushing to hear all of the hundreds of lawsuits filed against them over the Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

CNN and other News Media should more fully explore in a fair and balanced manner the fact that BP is only the principle owner of the blown Oil Well at 65%, there are in FACT THREE OWNERS of that Oil well. Anadarko Petro Company (APC) owns 25% of that well and appear to have paid ZERO thus far in liability, ZERO in spill cleanup and ZERO to help BP shoulder the costs in the Gulf of Mexico. Misco Co. has 10% of the well and again appears to have paid ZERO thus far in liability, ZERO in spill cleanup and recovery and ZERO to help BP shoulder the costs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anadarko is also fully lawyered up and hiding behind a legal defense and PR campaign of BP acted in negligence resulting in the well blow-out. Congress and Washington lawmakers should insist that Anadarko place 7 Billion into a escrow account and also actively pay for clean-up and recovery costs on 'their' blown oil well in the Gulf.

thea bonnici   September 3rd, 2010 11:33 am ET

you are a strange country that , for all your freedom of press..which we have in our are very shallow and interested in people like Paris Hilton..and here type of friends....gossip, which I am sure half which is not true..not to give your President a chance, who inherited an horrific war..and the collapse of the banks...he must be VERY do not give him a chance..what can he accumplish in two years, when you are so disloyal...your very nasty comedians, so called have the power they have to destroy to unthinking audience..I am sad, as yo u were a great country years ago and the world admired you.. we now smile and sad..what a waste of what could have been a great are ruled by the trasy celebrity us what you had years ago, then we shall respect your country ..stop being so shallow...

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