June 12, 2010

Report: Joran van der Sloot may be charged with 'cover-up'

Posted: 09:30 AM ET

(via Living in Peru)

Edward Alvarez, the lawyer representing the Flores family, considered that the legal process against Dutch citizen Joran van der Sloot should include another charge, since he tried to take Stephany Flores' truck.

“He took the truck away. The truck may have contained more evidence that we could be using now. He obviously tried to make them disappear. That is cover-up, a third charge,” said Alvarez.

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Pam King   June 12th, 2010 10:29 am ET

This might be the first justifiable case for Waterboarding!

Smith in Oregon   June 12th, 2010 3:03 pm ET

This is simply a creditable attempt to push the Peruvian court system to hand down the maximum sentencing onto Joran van der Sloot which would be the full 35 years. However, he reportedly has confessed to the charge of murder which normally is taken into account and would significantly lower his prison sentence.

The Flores family attorney is apparently attempting to pile on additional charges in hopes of moving the total prison sentence handed down back up to the maximum 35 year term.

Kidnapped   June 12th, 2010 3:22 pm ET

I'm not even a lawyer, but he should also be charged with "kidnapping" because once they were in the room, they argued, he hit her, she wanted to leave and get away, and he wouldn't let her go. He held her against her will. So, he should be charged with holding a hostage or kidnapping. He should be charged with: 1. Murder, Kidnapping, Robbery, Lying under oath, wire fraud, extortion, cover up of Natalie's body also. This guy is a walking international lawsuit where he goes. He attracts lawyers following him around smelling money in legal fees – every time he opens his month and does something. What a fool. Attention seeking greedy moron. He wants to be famous. Now he is for all the wrong reasons.

Jay   June 12th, 2010 4:44 pm ET

People, he will survive in prison, aren't you smart enough to know this? MONEY talks over there. The warden, guards are ALL corrupt and if an inmate pays them, he will be fine. He will pay to have his own cell, pay for guard protection, for decent food, etc. That's how it works. He seems to be such a mama's boy and gets whatever he wants, so I highly doubt mama is gonna let him be raped or poisoned in prison. No such luck. Where he's at right now, in his own cell near the director's office it's been said, only 2 others are celled along there also, one a wealthy Columbian drug lord and the other was a wealthy banker. They pay money to survive and live as decent as possible. If you can't afford it, you ARE screwed. So unfortunately he will be okay until the money to keep him safe runs out. Then one year we will hear through media that he was either killed, suicided, or died from AIDS.

paul S.   June 12th, 2010 10:36 pm ET

I can only guess that the police in South America are a little more intelligent than the killer thinks they are.

His game is clearly to get back on Aruba soil and to his protection from that corrupt government.

Make him serve his time in Peru............ THEN if he hasn't told where the girl's body was in Aruba.... export him to the USA for prison on the wire fraud / extortion charges.

At 22 today, he'll be roughly 60 when he sees freedom. Nearly 40 years in a dirty, smelly, dangerous prison cell..... and his corrupt relatives will hardly know him. Of course, as most people predict. he'll be dead long before his release date. 🙂

Brian B   June 13th, 2010 10:30 am ET

Yes, I have to strongly agree with Paul S, Make him serve his Prison Term in Peru. Nevermind sending him back to Aruba for Mommies Home Cooked Meals, let him get a taste of Prison Life for what he did to those 2 Beautiful Girls. He's nothing but a Liar!!! I have always hoped and prayed that one day Joran would screw up again and now here he is trying to make another Deal. Make him serve his 35 yr Prison Term in Peru. I hope you rot in there.

kelly   June 13th, 2010 4:34 pm ET

I understand that Joran has undoubtedly broken the law, and he desearves to be tried in a court of law and sentenced appropriately according to the law if found guilty. However, I am not buying into the instant myth that is being fabricated by the press that Joran is a monster. Does he have a right to murder someone, of course not, but lets keep in mind that he is a human being, and just for a moment, let's stand in his shoes. He may be 6'3" and 200+ lbs, but for any mother of a son 18 to 22 years old, it is not so far out of the bounds of reason, to figure out how he may have ended up in the situation he finds himself, both with Natalie and with Stephanie. Let's just say, here is a priviledged, 18 year old man, at the time of Natalie's disappearance and presumed death. He is arrogant and self assured in his own country, his own town, out and about. He goes into a club he has been in many times, and drinks and gambles as usual. Some pretty, young, flirty female tourist catches his eye, as he catches hers. After some conversation and drinking, as the bar begins to close, they jointly decide to leave together and go off to the beach, driven by Joran's friend and his brother. I don't believe Natalie did not know what his intentions were when leaving that club as she waived good bye to her friends. What was Natalie thinking leaving a club in a foreign country, her plane leaving the next morning, with 3 strange men? How good was Natalie's judgement at that very momment? Was it any better then Joran's judgment, if in fact, while engaging in intimate contact, Natalie has some sort of seizure, Joran panics, and during the crucial time when emergency services need to be called, he is instead convinced she is already passed away and in total fear, he instead calls his father, giving him only sketchy details in his hysteria, and the father, like most father's would say, says he'll meet him down there shortly and they will figure out what to do. By the time the father arrives Natalie is actually passed away, and Joran's father, he himself not thinking clearly believes the only thinng he can do to spare his son from jeopardy is dispose of the body and convince Joran not to ever confess to the events that have transpired. Now here we are 5 years later, Joran's father has died unexpectedly, he is now 22, he is not succeeding in school, the business he opened is not succeeding, he is lost in the world, immature, and has never had to be responsible for his own actions. Now Juron is desparate for money, wants to maintain the lifestyle he has grown accustomed to, and he actually believes that even at a cost, a cost wherein he could start his lifeover again, he believes Natalie's family would have what they had wanted, first and foremost, to finally know what had happened to Natalie and to have her remains returned to bury her so that she may rest in peace. In his confusion and immaturity, he initiates a plot of extortion. These are the acts of a desparate boy. He gets the intial monies from the Hollaway's attorney, he runs to south america, probably with the hope of winning some money in the gambling tournement. Instead he finds himself loosing and loosing all his money pretty quickly. He meets Stephanie as she seats herself at the table where Joran is gambling, and they strike up a conversation much as he and Natalie had. As you can see from the tape, Stephanie actually approaches his table, and it looks as though she starts up the conversation. You can see from the tape as they enter the room, that she enters freely of her own accord. Joran did not kidnap Stephanie. Once in the room, however many drinks down the road and however much ackwardness given Stephanie's admitted attraction to women. In the morning Joran say's he'll go get them some coffee and roll. Upon his return, he opens the door to find his guest with his laptap open and she is reading something intently on Joran's own laptop that he has prepared to return to Natalie's attorney that very day. Once again in a panic, only this time with anger, fear and rage bubbling under the surface, and her supposed slap across his face, Joran flies in into another desperate rage, eventually breaking Stephanie's neck, and much to his own surprise, here he is in this situation without any help from anyone, still reeling from the loss of his father, and his world collapsed, he can't stop hiis own actions in the midst of this kind o rage. Stephanie ends up dead. Didn't Stephanie make some contribution to what happened to her, just as Natalie did?

captainobvious   June 13th, 2010 4:40 pm ET

So how do all the Arubans involved witth the Holloway investigation feel now, that they have Pervuian blood on their hands?

Good job! Hope u sleep well at night, knowing ur inaction caused the death of this young women in Peru.

Bab loving   June 13th, 2010 6:35 pm ET

Coverup???? What about grand theft??

kiki   June 13th, 2010 9:06 pm ET first glance, your long comment led me to believe that you knew much about joran and the last 5 years. upon further inspection, i realized that you have not done your research. look a little deeper..he's manipulative, angry, a sociopath....look up peter de vries...oh, and the correct spelling of her name is "natalee"

Roy   June 13th, 2010 11:05 pm ET

I believe the Flores killing may have been a botched robbery. I am wondering if Ms. Flores might have loaned Juran, a fellow gambler, some money as she was winning and he was losing. When it came time to repay the debt, Juran invites her to his room "where he keeps his money". Once there a dispute erupts over his inability or unwillingness to pay, he overpowers and kills her, takes her stuff and leaves. That would explain her demeanor as they walked towards the hotel and entered the hotel together. There was no suggestion of intimacy or anything close as they entered the hotel together. I think this theory really fits what I've seen.

Now he will change his initials from JVS to ATM .

baba   June 14th, 2010 3:02 am ET

natalie holloways family should have a bittersweet day... he has been guilty from day one and his fathers influence and money had let him slip through the cracks.. but a parents intuition like that of her mothers, they knew... the $10,000 to catch him in extortion should have been spent on a hitman.. try to find a lawyer that would go after you for that! another beautiful life lost at his hands... so sad

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