June 4, 2010

LeBron + ???? = Championship

Posted: 08:37 PM ET


LeBron James' eventual destination is the biggest story of the NBA's offseason, but nearly as important is the question of which NBA free agent will be playing alongside him in wherever he ends up.

Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh seem to be the two most likely candidates, but John Hollinger has come up with a formula to rank the potential LeBron sidekicks, and has found some surprising answers. Can you see LeBron playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki or Joe Johnson? Could Wade put aside his alpha dog outlook for the chance to win several more championships? Cast your vote now!

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Lop   June 5th, 2010 5:06 am ET

LeBron The Best !!

Leslie Wise   June 5th, 2010 2:08 pm ET

Though I am not a frequent television watcher, I found myself watching Larry King last night sometime after midnight. LaBron James was the guest. Of course, I know who he is and what he does but truthfully, I had never watched him play a game or give an interview. Michael Jordan and his generation of basketball players took the last of my basketball mania. In my early twenties, I did not miss the Bulls, or the Pistons. They were my teams. It was nothing like watching Mike take over the last five minutes of the game with the Bulls down by ten. You knew unless he was playing Detroit, it was probably over with a win for Chicago. But as that dynasty died, motherhood, work, and life all intruded and my love of the game was forgotten. Today, I am sad to say I barely know the names of the top players in the NBA. Anyway, back to LaBron.

Dear LaBron,
As I watched your interview last night, I was beyond impressed, I was touched by your composure, assuredness, commitment to community, honesty, love and respect of your mother, just everything. Every answer was right on point...even to how you responded to Larry King's questions about not going to college. It was only when Larry King began to delve into your feelings about not having a father that I began to feel deeply saddened. I got where you were coming from when you said it was always just you and your mom and that was your norm but I am unable to believe you never missed the lack of your father's presense in your life. Now there are those who will say you can never miss what you don't have and maybe that's true. Yet, as a black woman blessed with a phenomenal father it breaks my heart to see any child particularly a black child experience life without that love. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you are less than blessed. Yet, I have lived long enough to know money and fame are not everything. Money and the stuff it can buy never replaces the void of missing love. God developed a plan of creation which required equal input from the man and the woman and without both there is no life. I don't believe he meant either to be just donors of biological material but rather parents which create and then nurture and love. He made us babies first for a reason. Who or what is more lovable than an innocent sweet smelling baby? Thankfully, LaBron, your love and commitment to your two sons is self-evident and unshakable. LaBron James, you are a role model and a blessing to our community. You understand the stage God has placed you on and express a sincere desire to not disappoint anyone watching you, including you mom, your community, and your sons. As a black woman old enough to be your mother, I even felt like you didn't want to disappoint me. Therefore, as an othermother, let me say, watching you gave me hope and pride. You are so much more that just a basketball player even if you are the world's best. You are a leader, a father, a family man, a friend, a committed son, a role model.

I will, however, offer you one challenge as continue on your path. I know you are ever striving to be the world's greatest basketball player and I got a real sense of how humbly and seriously you take that task. I implore you to maintain that same attitude with respect to being a man. You seem almost perfect. The kind of young man any mother would want for her daughter. Smart, ambitious, thoughtful, hard-working, prudent,
disciplined, and committed, with one fear
: marriage. As I listened to your interview, I heard your passion, courage and commitment to your mom, your sons, your four friends, and your profession. Yet, when he asked about marriage you paused. Your defense mechanisms kicked in and you responded that marriage was a serious commitment and the time had to be right. I can only offer you have already created a family together. This beautiful young woman has already given you her pearls. Honor this beautiful young black woman who loves you so much she bore you two sons, honor your sons by demonstrating to them that a man respects and commits to his wife, honor your mom by showing her that her sacrifices are rewarded in the man you've become not just the athlete you've become. And now I ask this selfishly, show the world that a black man not just loves but honors and respects the mother of his children with God's highest honor, marriage. Look at President Barack O'Bama and the First Lady Michelle O'Bama, they exemplify what I am talking about. The love, honor, and respect they share is so evident everytime they look at one another. As you look to impact the community, imagine if you can model (as I am sure you are learning from your own kids, they do what you do, not what you tell them to do) for young black men that marriage and commitment are cool. Then, hopefully, no more little boys or girls will be home alone while their young mothers struggle alone to survive.

linda kinnear   June 6th, 2010 10:13 pm ET

Lebron, you are a class act! Follow you dream!!!!!

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