June 3, 2010


Posted: 11:00 PM ET
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Johnnie Taylor SR   June 4th, 2010 5:50 am ET

You should stop saying REGIONAL , This oil will get into the pacific and the Ice caps Top and bottom of our planet if it is not stopped soon.
Ask BP why not unbolt the riser and bolt on a new riser with a rig where the old one was at , they would then have many options and we need the oil.
BP should stop piddling with unknowns and do what they know that will work , shut down the 100 mile rig , Investigate later not now.
Stop the two side savior drills and save this well.
This could be accomplished within two weeks.
Common sense and round the clock shifts with a new rig can accomplish this.
Do you see a scheme here with Dick Chaney , Halliburton and our Government ???
Optec must be regulated as BP should also.
The old boys club should be fined in the billions , Not millions and stop the greed , Tariffs will not work , Yes we must have the oil but not at the expense of greed and our world , It must be common sense that rules the day.
Don’t think for a minute the oil will stop at Prince Edward Sound , The Oceans current is constantly circulating.
Yes there is minuet oil seeping up all over on the oceans floor but not gushing like this!!!
Put presser on the oil industry and Gov by telling it as it really is on CNN and the likes , Don’t fall for there rhetoric , MONEY , MONEY , MONEY , There bottom line???
A new rig or a Bunker Buster Missal to explode at 300 hundred feet below the ocean floor.
Common sense!!!
Johnnie W Taylor SR at

Jim Sandusky   June 4th, 2010 12:44 pm ET

My question is, do we know for sure BP is the cause of the oil spill or, a result of a failed blow out preventer? If so how many more preventers could be waiting to fail? Some food for thought.

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