May 27, 2010

ICYMI: 'Biggest Loser' winner – heaviest contestant ever

Posted: 11:53 AM ET
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Joe G. (Illinois)   May 27th, 2010 1:06 pm ET

Gluttony is a sin.. Vanity (Being on TV as if a Celebrity) is a sin.

Exchanging one sin for another is not a cure.
So say all you want..
But exchanging one sin for another is not a cure.
And when the TV spot light goes away?! And when the fans forget you?! Back and forth.. Teeter totter

Cajazz76:24:8   May 27th, 2010 2:38 pm ET

Joe G. Ill-noise

Glad to read you like to watch the things you pronounce as sinful...Say three Our Fathers and three Hail Mary's and go get tanked...A teetotaler on a teeter totter says you are twisted..

Davebruce   May 27th, 2010 3:40 pm ET

So is it a sin for one to better him or her self? These contestants went on this show because they needed help with thier weight issues and as a result not only did they better themselves but they inspired and help thousands of others. These contestants never asked to become celebrities, but that was just how things worked out and you can't tell me that you wouldn't do the same. It takes a lot of courage to go on national television and expose yourself to everyone but i guess you wouldn't understand that.

Avery   May 27th, 2010 8:12 pm ET

How embaressing when he said women come up to him crying. When are people going to learn? Eat healthy and excersize!! It's not rocket science.

Ted   May 28th, 2010 7:38 am ET

@ cajazz

Welcome back, we missed your ironic and funny comments.

pat davis   May 28th, 2010 1:47 pm ET

I agree, these contestants expose their bodies to the public in hopes of achieving something they could not achieve on their own. That alone takes an enormous amount of courage. Of course their battle is not over and once the camera's are off then the real test begins BUT their accomplishment should not be frowned upon. The Biggest Loser has given their contestants hope and a new lease on life. I say BRAVO to them!

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