May 24, 2010

Tonight on Larry King Live!

Posted: 07:00 PM ET

Duchess Sarah Ferguson caught in a video
sting selling access to the royal family!
Will Buckingham Palace bail
her out – or brush her off?


Lindsay Lohan ordered to
wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet
and have weekly drug tests.
Can Lohan shape up, or is jail next?


Brittany Murphy’s husband found
dead in the same house the actress
died in just a few months earlier.
What happened?


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William   May 24th, 2010 7:37 pm ET

Their smoking is worse than their drinking and money deals!

Also, the court system, and probation are the biggest waste of tax payer dollars. We spend more money on courts, probation, jails, correction and police officers, than we do on schools, teachers and education in the USA. What a joke and a waste.

Aimee in Iowa   May 24th, 2010 7:40 pm ET

If i was the judge, i would definitely put Lindsey in jail. She kept the judge from going on vacation and kept her waiting when Lindsey was late getting to court.

Dodie   May 24th, 2010 8:23 pm ET

Good evening Larry

I realize this is off topic; however I feel it is of importance.

What is this country coming to? Now we have Rand Paul, (Kentucky GOP Senate candidate) who Criticized Civil Rights Act with his statement “restaurants should be able to refuse service to black people” and of course supported by the none other than Sarah Palin. and the tea baggers. Reminds me of ‘Guess Who's Coming to Dinner’!!!

Rand Paul accused ABC's George Stephanopoulos of getting his questions from the "Democrat National Committee" and adamant about not getting his “well deserved honeymoon" after his "big victory" in Kentucky….. Direct quote by Rand Paul: "Good morning, George. Good morning, Robin. When does my honeymoon period start? I had a big victory," he said. "I thought I got a honeymoon period from you guys in the media." Ah, excuse me… Rand Paul, this is 'only the primary'!

This “privileged” attitude seems to be standard operations with the Republican Party. I remember a certain someone after being elected president in 2000, set the all time record for the most days off on vacation by any president in U.S. history.

Colby smith   May 24th, 2010 8:45 pm ET

It will not do anyone good to put Lohan in jail,where she may be injured or worse,but she does need a wake-up call!
As far as the Duchess goes,who cares?she's just hunting for publisity!!
The royals will not bal her out this time!

Smith in Oregon   May 24th, 2010 9:05 pm ET

Selling political influence for money, that is how Democracy Works and has worked for century's. During the former Ronald Reagan campaign, those that contributed 100,000 dollars or more WERE offered ambassadorships around the world. Isn't that political influence for money?

Look at Bush Sr. and his cozy relationship with China and Taiwan. He certainly gained a huge amount of money, power and influence from both China as well as Taiwan.

And the finger is pointing at Sarah Ferguson? Go figure!

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:07 pm ET

The royal family is nothing but a Christmas ornament with no practical purpose why does England waste money on those people .

Gretchen   May 24th, 2010 9:07 pm ET

The bigger question is why would prince Andrew allow the mother of his children to go broke? What Sarah did was wrong but it is really exposing the royal family as selfish.

Ron from PA   May 24th, 2010 9:08 pm ET

While this was unethical behavior by Sarah Fergerson, the journalistic tactics used by this journalist is equally unethical.

In spite of this journalist's claimed rationale for utilizing this tactic, it is nonetheless entrapment, pure and simple. And no amount of denying this makes it any less true.

This journalist and the News of the World should be ashamed of themselves. You sound like the UK version of the National Enquirer.

Smith in Oregon   May 24th, 2010 9:08 pm ET

Brittany Murphy’s husband found dead. Karma, divine justice or merely a ironic coincidence. I hope LKL explores the possibility's of each of the above. With the crass corruption of forensic examiners with celebrates and their family members, I rather doubt any truth as to the actual COD (cause of death) is going to be publicly revealed.

Smith in Oregon   May 24th, 2010 9:11 pm ET

American oil giant Chevron is being blamed for a major ecological emergency in another country. A Rainforest the size of Rhode Island in northern Ecuador is struggling after decades of oil drilling by, among other oil interests, Texaco. Huge swaths of land are now poisoned and utterly useless. More than a thousand people have died from cancers blamed on crude oil introduced to the drinking water and ecosystem.

LitaNYC   May 24th, 2010 9:14 pm ET

Larry, Isn't your interview regarding the Duchess not the "Countess". If Luann is a real friend she would refrain from trying to sell her song or her book. Please give your "friend" Fergie some real advice, less is more. Larry we've had enough of Luann on Bravo, please don't make this interview about her.

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:15 pm ET

When the gulf stream carries this oil up to the United Kingdom those guys will forget all about Sara Ferguson .

Smith in Oregon   May 24th, 2010 9:19 pm ET

The Western Mediterranean Sea is heating up and getting saltier which is entirely consistent with Global Warming studies since 1990.

For a comparable amount of EXCESS heat being absorbed by the Mediterranean Sea ALONE see the amount at the end of this comment, it is absolutely enormous!

'Scientists are seeing a change in the evaporation-precipitation patterns of the ocean, which is consistent with what's expected under greenhouse gas-driven warming', Curry told LiveScience.

The top layer of the entire ocean has warmed significantly over the past 16 years, according to another study detailed in the May 20 issue of the journal Nature. From 1993 to 2008, the top 2,300 feet (700 meters) of the world's oceans warmed 0.64 watts per square meter.

'That's equal to adding the energy from 100 million atomic bombs to the ocean each year during the 16-year period', said John Lyman of the University of Hawaii.

The increase in Solar Thermal Energy to the Mediterranean alone is equal to the heat from 100 MILLION atomic bombs every year for 16 years!!!

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:21 pm ET

Those people at 60 minutes are sneaky as hell .

anthony   May 24th, 2010 9:22 pm ET

I could not believe my hears, that the countess on your show was angling to blame the Duke of York. Blame everything on the man.

Janet   May 24th, 2010 9:23 pm ET

I am the only person who is sick of hearing about Lindsay Lohan? She is just the latest in a long list of celebrities who feel, by their actions that they are entitled to different rules and laws. Why? Because they have a job that pays them a lot of money? They should be bound by the same laws as everyone else. What makes her so special? Her parents, especially good old mommy dearest, should be trying to help their daughter instead of partying it up with her in the past. Great role models.

Chaney, La.   May 24th, 2010 9:24 pm ET

Fergie is apparently living way above her means she cant seem to get enough money, she has to resort to selling access to her wealthy influential connections. A bit slimy if you ask me.
Lindsey Lohan seems to have a death wish, the ravages of her life style are showing on her face.... such a shame to because she is beautiful and talented, but over indulging in excesses will make her another Hollywood statistic. Unless she just stops.

Cathy   May 24th, 2010 9:24 pm ET

Just to clarify, your quote is not exact. In the interview, Rand did not say restaurants should be able to refuse black people. What he said was a privately owned organization should be able to operate however they want. If one listens to his comments in their entirety, he clearly has been supportive of any civil rights movements. This is an example of the "other" party digging until they find one sentence, a couple of words to be exact, in an interview which they can project totally out of context. As for his interview with George, I saw it; he was teasing about the honeymoon period. It was nothing to take seriously especially since we know none has a honeymoon period these days regardless if it's a primary, general election or just a person with a position on an issue.

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:25 pm ET

I bet little Herby is crying his horn out about Lindsy .

Anna Burke   May 24th, 2010 9:26 pm ET

This was entrapment. The paparazzi were the catalyst for the death of Diana, and now seek a new quarry. Sarah Ferguson is just as entitled to profit from her position as, say, writers who profit from writing about murderers. Sad that the public seem to be more willing to accept (and pay for) a book about a distasteful human being, yet make such a big deal about some low life journalist setting up a sting with Sarah Ferguson. It's the journalist who should be on trial...not Sarah Ferguson!

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:27 pm ET

Rich people get into to much trouble .

lisal -canada   May 24th, 2010 9:29 pm ET

re: Fergie and the Sting
what i am REALLY interested in knowing is ... if the 'sting' had turned up the fact that she absolutely unequivocally refused their 'offer' and kicked them out, would that have made news?? would they have shown tapes of themselves being denied? (probably not – shame so often gets publicized, and integrity does not because it's not exciting enough – and THAT is a shame)

GREG   May 24th, 2010 9:30 pm ET

Hey Larry and Larry's producers:

I want more of the hard-hitting Larry I saw grilling the BP dude last week. That was fun but also important. You followed the most fiery interview of yours that I can remember with Dancing with the Stars and now the Royals and Lindsay. We don't give a crap about this crap, Larry.
I thought we had a federal crisis of the first magnitude. What is wrong with you guys? I pay my monthly bill for CNN and I don't appreciate this crap.

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:32 pm ET

Lindsy should make a movie about her life story .

RickFromDetroit   May 24th, 2010 9:34 pm ET

I like Lindsay's blouse.

Esther S.   May 24th, 2010 9:35 pm ET

Sarah Ferguson was drinking and she was drunk,poore judgment and NY Houswife Luann said. She use to represent Weight Lost Center Nutri System,not good representation anymore. Obviously she is NOT doing so well. Bottom line, lay off the Booze....

Anna Burke   May 24th, 2010 9:35 pm ET

Lindsay needs to get a life first Mr. A!!

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:38 pm ET

Cocaine is making Holly Wood look really bad .

Steve   May 24th, 2010 9:40 pm ET

James in Idaho. Talk about passing the buck. Obama promised to bring the troops home from Iraq in 16 months. Also the govt. had the resources to respond to the earthquake in Haiti, and did it a lot faster than 35 days. So why can't we help our own people ? Good job trying to blame Bush for everything. How long are you going to ride that wagon.

The lack of effort in the gulf coast is all about money, and trying not to get sued. GREED !

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:45 pm ET

Lindsy needs some drug free friends is there such a thing in Holly Wood .

Smith in Oregon   May 24th, 2010 9:46 pm ET

Larry King, CNN's Rick Sanchez's interview earlier today with a military official that clearly stated Bush and Cheney knowingly let Osama bin Ladin leave Afghanistan instead of capturing him should be shown here on CNN AGAIN and AGAIN and LKL should do a follow-up interview with that man.

Marge   May 24th, 2010 9:46 pm ET

Larry, I always watch your show but tonight I am reallllly SICK of hearing about Lindsay Lohan's life. I turned the channel. It's ridiculous.

Josh   May 24th, 2010 9:47 pm ET

Does news about Lindsay Lohan really constitute pertinent and important news?? With all that is going on in the US and abroad, I'm almost appalled that this even makes the news, let alone on CNN. Leave entertainment reporting to the E! network, and stick to what you're good at.

Mike   May 24th, 2010 9:47 pm ET

And Lindsey has done what that everybody is supposed to give a crap about this person?

Steve   May 24th, 2010 9:49 pm ET

Taking more vacation days than any single president is better than spending more money than ALL presidents combined.

They all think the're privileged... Congress, Senate, Executive branch, Democrats and Republicans.

RickFromDetroit   May 24th, 2010 9:50 pm ET

The Judge should order Lindsay to get a prescription for Prozac, then she can legally get addicted.

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:51 pm ET

Is it true that Frank Sanatra was a mob boss .

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:54 pm ET

Lindsy's a good girl she just dosnt know it yet .

Jean   May 24th, 2010 9:56 pm ET

Sarah Ferguson was caught selling her ex husband's company with a man who turned out to be a reporter. It is said that the Prince knew nothing about it. Others say probably not.
I gave this a good thought. If he knew about it, she was used as a liason. We will never find out. I can understand that a person of his caliber, if anyone is to meet with him for whatever reason he should charge for his time, words, suggestion and advice. There are many people who charge for speaking and they make a mint out of it.
However, How did this communication between Sarah and this man come about? Who arranged it? I have not yet heard about that.
Sarah is obviously embarrassed at being deceived and her conversation between that man being taped. This is something she wished never occurred and one which she will never forget.
I do not commend that man for he is a deceiver. What he did was one solely for newspaper print and which TV and Radio Stations will broadcast all over the world. He also did it for his fame. In my estimation, what he did was not a nice thing.
The Media has a way of embarrassing people, exposing them and tarnishing their names. Sarah's name is further tarnished because of him. It is sad that she agreed to this interview with him and to ask him for money to meet the Prince. What is done and stated are done and cannot be undone.
The Royal Family must also be embarrassed at what Fergie did and may sever ties with her.
I would not wish to be in Fergie's situation. Even though she has issued an apology, it does not change how she feels and will the Royal Family forgive her: "The spoken word cannot be retracted."

Michael Armstrong Sr.   May 24th, 2010 9:57 pm ET

Murphy lost the love of his life he died from love sickness .

Jean   May 24th, 2010 10:02 pm ET

Will Lindsay Lohan comply with the judge's orders? Lindsay is a problem to the point of annoying. She is growing older. When will she be rehabilitated once and for all, grow up and get on with her life, become a serious-minded woman and live a fruitful life? It is high time she did just that for her own good.

rj   May 24th, 2010 10:12 pm ET

Crown fools !… great job NOTW . She’s the one who needs the SCRAMlet on her ankle…We now need a total follow up back story on exactly what she and her little ‘friends’ have been up to lately. The whole monarchy is being made fools of by her antics.

La Lohan was cool in court. No drama from Madam sX.
I can’t believe the judge would delay vacay over such a minor case.
I know we have adequate staff to handle a DUI incident in any of our courts.
This does not warrant such a big deal …her privacy is being violated with these drug tests and electronic leashes. I think it’s cruel and excessive and a witchhunt.

Mark   May 24th, 2010 10:18 pm ET

Personally I do not care what happens to Lindsay Lohan. She is the product of America's Hollywood and a bad set of parents that made her. A father that uses her for publicity and a mother that wanted to be a friend and partied with her....this should be a screaming sign to parents today.

The only reason I am commenting on this issue is that I have watched first hand how the system does not work when dealing with alcoholics and addicts. Watched a bartender that had 2 DUI and continued to drink behind the bar, the last offense being caught asleep behind the wheel of his car after driving from the bar where he worked in NYC to New Jersey. He went to half of his alcohol classes and had patrons of the bar sign his card since they do not check. He also did a third of his community service because the animal shelter he did his hours in would pad his hours since the woman in charge of it had children facing drug charges. He even had a doctor acting as his dealer in a lab coat by giving him prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs...which he took with alcohol.... He would brag about this to others with DUI's thus making the effectiveness even less on this issue.

I brought this issue to the attention of the police in New York with drug sales in the bar as well as his being drunk behind the bar and to the New Jersey chapter of MADD and was told nothing could be done. He was later hired by a bar in NYC after he stepped behind the bar drunk and served himself.....and how many cases of people being over-served by such a bartender has resulted in accidents killing people because the laws do not work. And yet bar owners argue against tort laws that hold them accountable when they do not watch what is going on inside of their own establishment.

Even witnessed him serving a man that could barely stand, that later left and was almost hit my a bus becuase he was standing in the middle of the street.

As long as there are people who see this as a issue of not needing to follow laws, this issue will continue. Do not be shocked when Ms Lohan continues because there will be several people around her in her life as well as the system that allows it to continue, enabling her demise.

As for this bartender, I am only hopeful that with checking his crimminal record and seeing several DUI's on it, it would raise a red flag as to hiring someone with an alcohol problem and how that could affect their business liability by hiring such a person. I think in the case of Ms Lohan, Hollywood would consider her too much a liability to have her attached to a project....but hey only in America do we reward for bad behavior and find it enthralling to follow.

Fryreyesonly   May 24th, 2010 10:45 pm ET

Its obviously a setup for publicity – give her a break. I really don't appreciate that everyone puts value into setting people up for viewing them being "framed" how stupid is that company to do this to a royal and how many others had this happened to-many. Un-astute was the interviewer to con Fergie like this – he should have his passport taken for framing anyone – the company should be punished and not allowed out of their home country for 10years for insulting the royals.
Leave them alone, Fergie needs help she is human- give her a break.
The fact that she is only paid 20,000 a year is below disgusting – its a disappointment that the royals treat her this way-no wonder she is doing the things she is. Its the position she's left in as if she's trash and they have the children from her – what kind of track record do the rroyals have – yes they will be visiting Canada soon – but boy am I disgusted as many are in the way they have ruined and used two women now just to have the image and grandkids. Sick is what they appear to be, the Queen should be ashamed of this mess-ashamed of what she help create in problems with Fergie – had she made sure cautions were in place Fergie was given a monthly income that was or significant amount -this mess wouldnt be happening. Disgusting when you think logically they have the boys and daughter grandkids and all – shame on the Queen her family of kids are all divorced and did take the women for a ride for 1 reason it appears children, then tossed or did away with mother in both cases-work at it dah! How
un-social is this family -very.We dread to see William get married everyone will think when is he dumping his wife, destroying her as a sick and sad and degrading,,,but dont show any emotion Queen and the family of un-emotional people there...heaven don't be real about life. Fergie...was given a thread to live on...probably with strings attached forcing her to tend things as he has. Her X seems to be a wall flower, breaking inside I bet.
Charles a washout with Camilla and what he caused Dianna never trust that person as King so who do we trust as King and Queen I wonder..William Im not sure is as real as he should be...
Its a mess of a family there Dr Phil needs to jump in on them and give their heads a shake.
Disgusted in the reporters and company they work for again- ground them force them to hand passports over regardless for 10 years and to make an announcement they were framing her, acting it out.
Fergie should be in movies more.

Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   May 24th, 2010 11:09 pm ET

Hi everyone

I dont think the House of Windsor cares about Fergie'ss wrong-doing. They will just ignore it as they have ignored her for a long time.
Remember, they alienated her from attending Diana's funeral.
She's lucky she still staying in the palace despite the sameful things she did which mars the sanctity of the Royal Household.
Aw come on, with all the money given by Prince Andrew, surely she's not a pauper.
But the way she's spending, she may be on the list of British dole hand-outs.
Not long before Diana died, there were reports that the divorce settlement and the alimony paid her by Prince Charles would not last her a life-time.
Why cant the two ex daughters-in law of the Queen live frugally like her.
The Queen was said to have given Diana a soap as a Xmas present.

As for Lindsay Lohan, i wonder what's with the American celebrities.
They got talents to boot, but they used it wrong. Or do they crave for such bad press.?.

Its sad that tragedy again befell Brittany Murphy's family.
Condolences to the family.
What a coincidence that hubby died not long after it. Is something fishy going on??

Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   May 24th, 2010 11:37 pm ET

I wish to make a correction regarding Ms Lohan and American celebrities.
I am sorry for that sweeping remark.
At least many of your celebrities have talents including Ms Lohan..
There are some celebriities in Malaysia who have smal, talent, big publicity.
Publicity of the wrong kind like scandals, drug abuse, indiscipline etc.
They can't sing, they can't act, but some regard them as icons.
Its shameful.

Smith in Oregon   May 24th, 2010 11:38 pm ET

@ Michael Armstrong Sr. asked, 'Is it true that Frank Sinatra was a mob boss'. I'm not sure if your question was in jest or not?

Regardless, Frank Sinatra in one of his very early movies portrayed what is very likely a very close to true story to Frank Sinatra in his very early career as a speak easy crooner. A pack of wise guys repeatedly threatened him in that movie with knives if they didn't work for them and 'cooperate' by singing when and where they told him to. In the movie the young crooner is badly sliced up after standing up for himself and refusing to cooperate. He recovers from the brutal and violent encounter and slowly recovers his voice which was also affected. In the movie, he then goes on to establish himself as the premiere speak easy crooner.

It is entirely likely Michael Armstrong Sr., a pack of wise guys seriously threatened Frank Sinatra in his early career and Frank Sinatra forged an agreement with a powerful Italian family which would provide him with powerful protection against any future wise guys trying to extort him. Much later in his well established career it was well known that if some john doe got in his face or way, mobsters would deal out harsh punishment on that individual.

Although it appears a definite connection was established, former President Ronald Reagan requested the services of the crooner for his Presidential Inauguration Ball which Frank Sinatra did AND President Ronald Reagan himself then vouched for Frank Sinatra in a Las Vegas Casino license which would have been impossible for Frank Sinatra to have obtained if President Ronald Reagan had not vouched and pushed that licensing application thru.

Eileen D., Rockaway Park, NY   May 25th, 2010 12:15 am ET

What a disgrace to the Monarchy? Gee, she looked desperate in the film. It's the Monarchy's own fault this happened. This is the dutches of York, how could they leave her broke at any time, whether married or not? My God it is the Monarchy! Well, it has come back to haunt him. He must have played some kind of role if she was so sure she had access to him. What a disgrace for the Monarchy to let a royal subject (by marriage or blood) to be in such a condition. Shame England, you should have taken care of your own. The Duke indeed plays some kind of a role in this, don't be fooled she sounded pretty convincing to me. What a shame.

Earl Richmond   May 25th, 2010 12:16 am ET


Blaming Lindsay Lohan's parents for her not being responsible does not fly with me. She is an adult and makes her own choices. If that were true, everyone could blame someone for their irresponsibility. That is exactly what all drug addicts and alcoholics want.

Eileen D., Rockaway Park, NY   May 25th, 2010 12:43 am ET

Lindsey Lohan is in trouble really, she needs help yesterday. Going to jail could actually harm her physically, and could cause brain damage later on. Lindsey needs to go to a hospital for detox, she cannot and should not be allowed to stop drinking "cold turkey." I am very concerned for her. She needs help. She looked pretty bloated in court, she was indeed agitated. She is definately in trouble here and she needs help. Not jail, not now anyway. Lindsey is in desparate need of medical attention, I imagine there are other complications going on unknown to her because of her drinking. Please judge if you somehow read this, don't put her in jail, order to a hospital now.

Johome   May 25th, 2010 1:41 am ET

Yes, Lindsey Lohan should go directly to jail but not without doing a playboy spread first.

Donald L Allen   May 25th, 2010 2:03 am ET

the Oder Lindsay sued no Better But I,M not the Judge I wood Be more Like here And I wood haft to say I,V see A lot of people how need to go to Jul so how could I say Lindsay sued go to Jul I thought it was the other Lindsay that London look Older Like me I,M getting there I thought she was the Other one so way wood I say that I think she need to change here way and I Like the other one Now so Be it she is My girlfriend the one I seen get off the Plan how every she is that is the one I,M talking to see you Be good I no My heart there is a day you can be good and there is a day ween you sued get your self st-rate you no I,M just saying I,M not Gay Have a good day see you

mikail chodkewicz   May 25th, 2010 3:33 am ET

I went throgh the same bulls****. In 2002 you had a distance ankle transmitter. They gave you a black and white tv with a camera. When they called you had to pick up a breatherlizer and show the readings to the camera.I hated the system coming in to home and spying on me. Ironacaly I beat all the alcohol tests but my last month or testing they decide to drug test every a every other day was the reason for going to jail for 60days than another year of the bull****. In a democracy. alcohol and drugs should be should be an article in the constitution of the usa. that we have the right to put anything in your body and if it kills you. Oh well?

Delina   May 25th, 2010 4:53 am ET

I'm so infuriated by the bashing and Hollywood dramatization over what Fergie "The Duchess Of Whales" did. I think it is utterly outrageous that a man can make scammie deals right and left and never be publicly outed. Look she was making a business deal plain and simple! And from the looks of it to me there is more going on then meets the eye. Had this been a "Real" deal and they ended up getting a private sit down with the prince. He wouldn't be forced to say anything he chooses not to say. For god sakes people he is a grown man and he could have flat out refused to see them at all. It's not like she was planning his murder. Look We don't vilianize celebs. when they get paid for wedding or child photos. So I say get off Fergies back she did NOTHING wrong! And let's not forget that the Royal family has been accused of much worse like "MURDER"!

Smith in Oregon   May 25th, 2010 5:38 am ET

Fellow bloggers able to tap into a host of remote operated vehicles busy working 5,000 feet below the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill site, noted a very significant event occurred over the weekend.

One of the ROV's panned away from the gushing riser pipe which has been the only one shown to the public and revealed a large CRATER along with multiple outflows of crude Oil from the Ocean seabed. A large eruption then occurred when grew in such intensity that that ROV camera was totally coated with sticky crude Oil.

As another ROV later panned the seafloor, a great deal of disturbance was shown. The Ocean floor had shifted, the crater was larger and it is rumored NOW that the well casing failed some 300 foot beneath the Ocean floor at a joint and the crude Oil is pouring out in a crater up from that break.

If that rumor is accurate, a top kill would be much more difficult and improbable in success. Albeit, BP put off the top kill almost immediately for the next several days and THIS ERUPTION EVENT appears to directly be the reason.

News Media has been entirely quiet on that event. My attempts to even comment on the Mercado Field outake crater in the Anderson Cooper AC360 blogs have been deleted for no plausiable reason whatsoever. Viewers should be informed of more events than those being spoon fed to the News Media by BP themselves, while BP with-holds what I feel is vital to know information.

In short, there are more Oil gushers than the single one that BP is showing to the public. The ONE I am concerned about is erupting from a large CRATER in the sea bed.

xpatkw   May 25th, 2010 6:10 am ET

Wow! "give her a break", "why did the royals allow her to fall into poverty?" "leave her alone, Fergie needs help she's a human". Just a few of your interesting comments. Please people, this woman was selling royal family secrets. She should be in jail right now.

As for Lindsay, who cares? She looked a mess in court.. We'll see how she's going to go about injecting those lips in jail. MESS!!!

Idzan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   May 25th, 2010 6:11 am ET

Beautiful pink shirt, Larry. It goes well with the suspenders and the polka-dot tie. Suits you to a T.

Ted   May 25th, 2010 8:39 am ET

Recording a conversation without approval of both parties is against the law!!
Fergie was set up and she walked into a trap with a good amount of read wine under the belt.
That newspaper should be charged and forced to pay compensation to Fergie for this distastful episode.

As far as the Windsors or any other royal family goes, they are not better than the average human being and are a waste of money.
They should be thrown out, all their property confiscated as it was paid by the working people of each nation.
For a change let them work for the living.

Robert   May 25th, 2010 9:38 am ET

CNN did a great thing when it raised money for Haiti. But now the US is facing one of the worst disasters ever and not one mention of help for the people of the Gulf. The head line news last night was about a desperate and broke British someone, a drunk and disrespectful horrible actress, and the death of a husband who was married to a dead actress. Where is the news there. The news needs to be on the Gulf coast.

Dodie   May 25th, 2010 9:54 am ET

@mikail chodkewicz

You are correct. You have the right to put anything you want in your body. What you don't have the right to do...... is to drive while those drugs are in your body and killing others on the road!!!!! Alcohol and Drug accidents are one of the highest if not the highest killers on the road!!!!

glenna   May 25th, 2010 10:37 am ET

I really don't know why this is being treated the way it is. She was once the Queen's daughter in law, and eventhough she gets free rent and a small allowance for someone of her stature, I think the royals should be held somewhat responsible for at least providing her with enough means as to not have to resort to doing what she had to do.
She's broke and she was desperate. She didn't commit murder.

The royal family treats their ex's bad. They treated Diana badly and it should be no surprise that they have treated Fergie like dirt also.

The royal family isn't so royal in my books. I'm on Fergie's side.

glenna   May 25th, 2010 10:48 am ET

About Lindsey:
I for one couldn't care less about this drug addicted alcoholic who has thrown away her talent and is hell bent on dying young.

The tabloids just make her famous for all the wrong reasons. Lindsey is just going to end up being another sad statistic for young Hollywood.

gerald Jolly   May 25th, 2010 12:14 pm ET

I think in all fairness to the law abiding folks of the U.S. ,Lindsay Lohan should be sentenced to a minimum of 1 year in jail with no possibility of early release, if she breaks the Judges ruling on the alcohol monitoring device.


gerald Jolly   May 25th, 2010 12:16 pm ET

15,000 pounds id nearly $45,000 U.S. dollars, so feeling sorry for her just does'nt cut it.

If you play, you've gotta pay.

C.J. Barnes   May 25th, 2010 4:47 pm ET

I watch the Larry King show almost every more. I can not believe he had on the woman whom he called "Countess" to discuss a important topic. I expect the guest to be knowledgeable about the subject, not some want-a-be famous person. For heaven sakes!

Ted   May 26th, 2010 8:25 am ET

@ Gerald Jolly

That was once a long time ago.
The exchange rate is about $1.40 dollar for a pound, figure how much is 15,000 pounds.

Ross Foyee   May 26th, 2010 11:16 am ET

another old redheaded trollop bites tha dust...that would be a fitting name to this BS!!!

Ross Foyee   May 26th, 2010 11:18 am ET

death of a STRUMPIT!!! money grubbin old Cun+ gits her last loadz wurth!!!

Ross Foyee   May 26th, 2010 11:20 am ET


Ross Foyee   May 26th, 2010 11:48 am ET

let my comments await moderation all year. CNN is going the way of BP...end of story!

Ross Foyee   May 26th, 2010 11:50 am ET

jeezus...just look at the yellow stained old smoker's teeth this harlot has in her butt pit! I bet it STANKS!!!

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