May 21, 2010

LKL Preview: Dancing With The Stars

Posted: 03:32 PM ET
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Donald L Allen   May 23rd, 2010 3:42 am ET

Hi Donald L Allen Larry it About the Blonde if you want to be the star of the year I said you were Genia go out with me the romantic Donald the one of date of the year roMantic Donald I did not show up four the Date and that is way it called romantic Donald well you no what people do ween they go out right I sued get a date with you if you ween I,M romantic Donald at first you or said ween I don,t show up than your dasher friend show up you or said Ca's you don,t see rose and than you see there Behind him you or Happy one,s again Like a first date it the dance of the year I hop you ween it a gooey one see the Photo ON my site that is what I look like see ween you win you do what you do on a first date you no what I mean so got on with it

Donald L Allen   May 23rd, 2010 3:47 am ET

you or very putter don,t you think so I can say I,M no danish but you can do I think so it Life I wood at least like to see you do it I just want to no what it well be like and I wood like to go out with Lindsay If you wean she hast to go out with me at Least to see me and get to no How Bad I mite be don't you think so to Be good Wiener Simon want to play what do you want to do four me PS Donald L Allen if she well not go out with me Mabe you well see you Be good

yevette   May 23rd, 2010 5:53 pm ET

Hello Mr. Larry King, I have been wondering would you ever report about our elderly and the courts and conservatorship from private and goverment agency ? You wont beleive the expierance that my friends and myself have gone thought, from the hands of the court system what a fortrest. Know

one can get in the system, I am told this is a politicle so called thing what a shame ,Suffering from the hands of the same people we are suppose to trust what a pity. You are the the best in reporting as far as I know, when you talk poeple listen, to you . The bottom line is they are above the law. (scamming the frail and helpless, oh dont forget the disabled)

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