May 18, 2010

Jeff Probst blogs the finale of 'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains'

Posted: 10:47 AM ET

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by Jeff Probst

As I type this I am on the plane flying back to Los Angeles less than 12 hours after Sandra became first two-time Survivor winner.  So bear in mind I’m a bit fuzzy headed and therefore may say things I later regret or later realize aren’t funny or even interesting.

I’m not going to argue whether Sandra should have won or not.  I’ve learned from last season that it’s a bit pointless.  The jury is in charge and the jury made their decision.

Having said that… I will go on record and say that I would have voted for Parvati.  No question.

Not taking anything away from Sandra.  Sandra is a very good player and she does one thing very well – she avoids the vote.  Two times played, two times won, two times never voted out.  Hard to argue against that record.

Had I been given a vote, I would have voted for Parvati because she played her ass off.  She zigged and zagged her away through the Samoan jungle like nobody’s business.  I was truly impressed.    She handled Russell in a way nobody else could have.  The double idol play was bold.  The subtle social game she played was spot on.  I think she played an overall better game than Sandra.


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John H   May 18th, 2010 1:48 pm ET

I would like to go on record as the first "Anyone But Russel" group. In my opinion, he is the most disfunctional player you have ever had and he actually believes he can manipulate his way through the game, end up in the final three and be voted Survivor because of the way he played the game. He doesn't care about the social element and clearly is convinced that his way is the only way to play the game. Even after two times losing at the end, he remains convinced that he is the only True Survivor. What really baffles me is how all the other players, having had the opportunity to watch the previous game and how he operates, could all simply fall in line and let him declare to be the person who decides who leaves and who stays. People who seem to be intelligent and resourceful in their own rights willingly sign on and accept him as what he declares himself to be. I was especially disappointed in J.T. and Rupert when Sandra came to them and filled them in on what was going on in the Villans Camp simply ignored her and brought about their own demise. Rupert clearly recognized Russel for what he is but then shook hands with him when he came over looking for help against the ladies who were by then lining up against him. As for letting the American Audience vote for who is the Survivor, no way. It is too easy to stack the deck. People can call in multiple times and home town supporters can organize call ins so it becomes nothing more than a poll where the person who is best at getting out the vote is the winner. If you want to try something different, try recruiting 18 people with precisely the mentality of Russel and let them all try to back stab one another through 39 days. Now that I would watch. In closing, Great Program, Great Entertainment. When you first came out, I said the whole concept of people being in a Survivor environment with camera men, set designers, etc. all around them was silly. I was wrong and hope you have a long, sucessful future with Survivor. Your only competition in my mind is the Amazing Race.

Kelli Stanko   May 19th, 2010 1:02 am ET

Jeff I agree with you 100% Parviti played an awesome game gave a million percent and really is a well rounded player..... bummer, but obviously the jury knew what they were doing! You rock! the show rocks, I've been watching it since I was 21!!! time to get on the freakin show....



Ron   May 19th, 2010 3:07 pm ET

Couldn't agree more!! Sandra was brought to the finals as a fill-in, or so Russell thought, Hummm. But, give the girl her props, she is by far the best player to this point. Don't get me started on Russell, what a piece of work he is. Parvati played such a solid game – AGAIN. Wow Parv, if you read this, you ROCK. Great job on Villians V. Heros, what great television and entertainment. About six years ago I got my mom (75 yo) hooked on Survivor and she is such a rabid fan now that not a week goes by that she isn't fanatically watching and then calling me to share what she thought of that week's episode. She thinks Russell is a poop, and doesn't think America "Loves Him", neither do I. Keep up the great work Jeff, you make Survivor such a pleasure to watch. I have now stolen your line, when it is time for dinner at our house I yell for my three daughters "Come On In Guys!" They Love it.

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