May 5, 2010

Timeline: New York car bomb

Posted: 01:16 PM ET


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IKHAN   May 5th, 2010 1:55 pm ET

Hi larry,
doing swell as always.
Two of the last people I would want on the media.
Both experts in thriving on fear & hate mongering. desperate to retain their hold in corridors of power.
The ex-mayor riding to fame on the 9/11 disaster when the New Yorkers were the real heroes, the common folks, the firefighters, the police, para-medics.
Se. McCain responsible among others, for sending us into Iraq disaster.
They should be thinking of calling it a day, that would be the best they could do for Americans.
As for the Time Square car bomb. Thanks God for a disaster averted & the culprit nabbed. Good work by the law enforcement & those folks who raised the alert.
Time to move on Larry, to the real disaster facing this nation the Gulf Oil Spill & its horrific consequences which cannot even be gauged at this point.

Luis B. Rosario   May 5th, 2010 2:13 pm ET

The Oil rig explosion may have been also and act of terrorism.
Our inability to capture Osama -bin-Laden is creating a
lack of credibility for a world power like the U.S. and its allies.
Even pirates from the tiny country of Somalia attack and
hijack our commercial ships in return for exorbitant amounts
of money. Iran continues full course ahead building a nuclear
bomb (s) and there is nothing we can or are able to do
because most of our firepower is in Iraq and Afghanistan. We
invidaded Iraq and Killed Saddam Hussein for a lot less than
what the president of Iran has been doing now. Time is running
out to stop Iran before it becomes a nuclear power nation.

Steven G. Berntsen   May 5th, 2010 2:32 pm ET

Discussing the recent NYC bombing attempt is important and relevant to informing the public about about ongoing terrorist activity and that it is coming from within as well as without. However, having discredited public [appointed and elected] officials such as Charlie Rangel [Rangle?] as panel members dramatically reduces the credibility of the discussion. I am markedly dissappointed in CNN and LKL for giving him any kind of a platform on national TV. He is nothing more than a flim/flam man. Why don't you recognize that? From my perspective, CNN is lowering it's standards with this approach.

Smith in Oregon   May 5th, 2010 5:37 pm ET

Middle Eastern naturalized citizens on the 'No Fly List' are seldom if ever not be under various forms of surveillance in America. Their phone calls intercepted, where they work, the names of their associates, their text messages, firearms purchased are all carefully stored and processed.

It entirely appears this bomber was being used as bait to see who else he was involved with in the United States.

Some federal agency made the decision to not intercept this man as he drove his truck bomb to Times Square. This should be the story line here and should be what Americans are more concerned about.

Smith in Oregon   May 5th, 2010 7:21 pm ET

AH, the propaganda spin misters have been given different orders!!!

Apparently they realized a earlier mistake which I pointed out to CNN viewers. Being on the TSA 'No Fly List' would have prevented the Times Square Bomber from being able to purchase his plane ticket and would have definitely prevented the suspect from boarding his plane.

UNLESS the federal surveillance team was already there at that time and had privately told TSA to allow the suspect onto the plane while watching to see if any accomplices joined him as bait to arrest them all.

After repeatedly reporting the suspect was on the 'No Fly List', today the spin-misters are now under marching orders to degrade that comment to 'Watch List'. Attempting to deflect the obvious questions on how he was allowed to board his flight to begin with.

Funny thing however is that 'Watch List' means just that, Active Surveillance on the suspect. Intercepts on their phone calls, text messages etc. etc. All pointing to a surveillance team watching him and listening to his overseas calls where his handlers were telling him to carry out a act of terrorism.

Did the federal Surveillance Team allow the suspect to drive his truck bomb to Times Square without intercepting him in hopes of rounding up other players in this act of terror? If so then WHO gave that order to let the suspect park that truck bomb in Times Square?

Sonja   May 5th, 2010 9:13 pm ET

In the discussions/reporting of the recent NYC bombing suspect, it is mentioned again and again that Feisal Shazad is a "Naturalized Citizen" of the US and therefore has "Rights".
When did Immigration Laws change and allow a foreigner who entered this country on a Student Visa and who afterwards is working on a Work Visa, not a "Green Card", but always on Visa status, when did it become okay or even legal to let such a person apply and get the coveted US Citizenship.
Doesn't Immigration Law clearly state that one has to have the "Green Card" before one can become a US Citizen (unless there are other qualifying circumstances, i.e. Refugee ...) ???
Mr. Feisal Shazad was born in Pakistan, I would bet that he still has his Pakistani Citizenship as well – no problem under normal circumstances, many Immigrants have dual Citizenship – however, going from a student visa to work visa status straight to US Citizenship doesn't seem right or legal !!

IKHAN   May 5th, 2010 9:28 pm ET

pl for goodness sake get hold of other more knowledgeable people with credibility on your show. We have had enough of yapping from these doddering intellectually dried up politicians.
@Smith in Oregon.Interesting point.

@Luis B. Rosario
the cycle of violence & growth of terrorism we face today is precisely because of the way Bush-Cheney non-leadership handled the post 9/11 affairs. Invading Iraq was one of the biggest follies committed in the history of this nation. Turning that whole region into hot bed of militancy while losing thousands of precious American lives & a trillion dollar of our treasure
A full scale invasion of Afghanistan is fueling that cycle. Presence of foreign troops on their soil & civilians dying along with the militants both in Afghanistan & Pakistan are causes helping the militants in the North West frontier region of Pakistan to recruit people on their side for "throwing out foreign invaders" At the same time spreading hatred against us among the general population. A precision small scale secret operation by our special forces with the help of our allies would have taken out top leadership of Al-Qaeda & Taliban instead of a full scale invasion.
We have to rethink our policies if we want to win both militarily & the hearts & minds of the people.
An attack on Iran would be disastrous for our vital geo-political & economic interests entwined with that region and would result in this cycle of violence & militancy growing to an unimaginable proportion.
Time now is to infuse some sanity & rationale in trying to achieve our goals of foreign policy & tackling these issues.

Dodie   May 5th, 2010 11:32 pm ET

@ Sonja

Your question of how a person who enters the US on a Student (F1) Visa and after graduating can work on a Work (L-1) Visa? Very simple. One can change their visa status if they meet the requirements of the L-1 Visa. It is done all the time.

Dodie   May 5th, 2010 11:47 pm ET

@Smith in Oregon.... Good Evening!
Good Points! Well stated.

@ Luis B. Rosario
Welcome back! Nice to see you on LKL


Stellar Blog! Thank You! Your conceptualization is absolutely right on target! We created this mess with our invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush/Cheney not only complicated matters between the Middle East and the USA, they escalated it to the point of catastrophic proportions.

Ted   May 6th, 2010 9:09 am ET

Luis B. Rosario

Where have you been all this past weeks?
Are we going to blame any incident and accident on terrorists?

The oil rig blowup was caused by the oil industry itself, because they try to save money on on safety devices.
A safety valve on that well would cost around $500,000 – a million, so our politicians do not require the industry to have it installed.
They pump billions of dollars worth of oil and not ready to spend a million on safety!!
Now we have a desaster that will cost up to 20 billion or more and the demages caused to the nature, fishing and tourist industry will take years to be repaired.

Off shore drilling, yes, but with double and triple safety devices!!

IKHAN   May 6th, 2010 12:25 pm ET

Hi Larry,
Good morning to you all.
@ Dodie.Thanks.
@Smith in Oregon has raised some very intriguing points ref Time Square botched plot, indicating a possible sting operation.
But could it have been something more? Flashing lights, smoke coming out of the vehicle, sloppy work (thank God for that) & a wide open trail?
With the midterm elections looming, are folks who have an eye on these elections beyond cooking up something like this to strengthen their stand on issues like the war? The Hawks upstairs & their kind?
A bit crazy? But is it?
@Smith in Oregon,@Dodie, @Cajazz,@Ted,@Luis B.Rosario.
According to MSNBC, Shazad said in his statement that he was upset over the deaths of Taliban leaders & others by drone attacks,he witnessed while he was there, even a strike close to his home.
I bet every politician worth his salt would be putting his/her own spin on what prompted this act?

Jessie from Auckland, NZ   May 7th, 2010 9:12 am ET

What, another oil catastrophe in the oceans. Not long ago on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia and now this. America seems to be having her fair share of them.

I am really disappointed with these oil companies and their lack of safety measures. Stricter rules should be in place to help prevent this happening.
It is very sad to hear about the New York Times Square car bomb attempt. We do live in evil times. Evil always rears its ugly head, afterall Satan is the ruler of this world.

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