May 2, 2010

‘Very Lucky,’ Mayor Says, After Bomb

Posted: 12:08 PM ET


Mr. Bloomberg was joined by Gov. David A. Paterson, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and other officials at the early morning press conference to give a chronology of the vehicle’s discovery, its disarming, and the investigation that has been launched. The mayor and police commissioner had returned early from the annual White House correspondents’ dinner in Washington.

At 6:28 p.m., Mr. Kelly said, a video surveillance camera recorded what was believed to be the dark green Nissan S.U.V. driving west on 45th Street.

Moments later, a T-shirt vendor on the sidewalk saw smoke coming out of vents near the back seat of the S.U.V., which was now parked awkwardly at the curb with its engine running and its hazard lights on. The vendor called to a mounted police officer, the mayor said, who smelled gunpowder when he approached the S.U.V. and called for assistance. The police began evacuating Times Square, starting with businesses along Seventh Avenue, including a Foot Locker store and a McDonald’s.

Police officers from the emergency service unit and firefighters flooded the area and were troubled by the hazard lights and running engine, and by the fact that the S.U.V. was oddly angled in the street. At this point, a firefighter from Ladder 4 reported hearing several “pops” from within the vehicle. The police also learned that the Pathfinder had the wrong license plates on it.

Members of the Police Department’s bomb squad donned protective gear, broke the Pathfinder’s back windows and sent in a “robotic device” to “observe” it, said Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the police department’s chief spokesman.

Inside, they discovered three canisters of propane like those used for barbecue grills, two five-gallon cans of gasoline, consumer-grade fireworks — the apparent source of the “pops” — and two clocks with batteries, the mayor said. He said the device “looked amateurish.”


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Smith in Oregon   May 2nd, 2010 4:42 pm ET

The residents and tourists in the Times Square area should be happy and thankful it's Amateur Hour there in regards to the bumbling attempt to harm and scare the people there.

Someone went to lengths to disguise the origins of the stolen vehicle however they seem to not understood how extensive the databases are across America of facial biometrics. With 80+ closed circuit cameras in the Times Square area, there is without doubt some photos which clearly show that person's face and those images already have been washed thru America's massive facial biometrics databases looking for a match.

DNA from the hair of the driver along with any fingerprints will likely show up at the trial and conviction.

Krista M Sparks,NV   May 2nd, 2010 8:07 pm ET

Pakistani group claims NYC car bomb responsibility

May 2, 2010 reports: “Police combed through a charred SUV and a crude assortment of explosives Sunday for clues to a failed Times Square bombing as a monitoring group reported that the Pakistani Taliban had claimed responsibility for the terrorist threat.

An intelligence monitoring group released a one-minute video allegedly from the Pakistani Taliban, in which it claimed responsibility for the failed bombing in a smoking SUV left parked in the city on Saturday night, clearing thousands of tourists and theatergoers from the city's busiest district.

The US-based SITE intelligence group, which monitors militant websites, said the Pakistani Taliban claims the attack is revenge for the death of its leader Baitullah Mehsud and the recent killings of the top leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq. Images of the slain militants are shown as an unidentified voice recites the message. English subtitles are at the bottom of the screen…

Meanwhile, the British newspaper Telegraph reported that police in New York are investigating whether the car bomb targeted the makers of the TV series South Park because of a controversial depiction of the Prophet Muhammad.

The device was left near the offices of Viacom, which broadcasts the provocative cartoon series on its Comedy Central network.

Last month an Islamic website warned South Park’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, that they could face violent reprisals after an April 14th episode featured Muhammad in a bear suit.

The posting on the US-based Revolution Muslim website said Stone and Parker would ‘probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh’, the Dutch film-maker who was murdered in 2004 by a Muslim angered by his film about Muslim women…”

RB   May 2nd, 2010 9:08 pm ET

TO: Susan Candioti:

I was just watching your report from Times Square and you told all the bomb nuts in the world how to make a bomb. What the hell were you thinking. Where is some media responsibility? I sure hope no one takes your reckless bomb information and uses it.

Diego   May 2nd, 2010 9:09 pm ET

You idiots at CNN. your reporter on the scene just told the world that the way this terrorist set up his bomb would not have caused an explosion, then went on to explain what his set up was. Idiots.

John   May 2nd, 2010 9:26 pm ET

The non-explosive fertilizer – is it possible that whomever staged this intended some time of explosion but the fertilizer scattered would cloud the investigation to believe it was a different bomb technology?

Meg   May 3rd, 2010 12:14 am ET

For all the people who are so upset re: the reporter's commentary..maybe it wasn't the brightest thing to say but anyone who has acces to the internet can learn very easily how to make a bomb properly. For all you know maybe this attempt was a warning ...there could be another attempt but this one might be the big one but in a different location.

IKHAN   May 3rd, 2010 4:39 pm ET

Hi Larry,

well indeed we have been lucky & I do not doubt for a moment that the culprit or culprits would be in custody before long.
No need to lambast CNN, all news channels these days devote hrs of analysis,describing the modus operandi & even littlest details to capture audience. This is the trend now.

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