April 26, 2010

Stephen Hawking: Aliens may exist and could be dangerous

Posted: 09:00 PM ET


So, the world's most famous astrophysicist has some advice about whether we should or shouldn't try to make contact with creatures from outer space:

Don't do it, Stephen Hawking advises.

It would be much better for humans to keep a low profile, he says. There's a good chance we don't want aliens to come calling, Hawking says, because they very likely wouldn't be the cuddly, ET types we hope for.

"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans," Hawking warns in a new Discovery Network TV series.

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Expat American   April 26th, 2010 9:44 am ET

Wouldn’t it be something if the ‘aliens’ that Hawkins describes as existing are just human beings who inhabit a second planet earth; the only difference is that these human beings respect each other differences, respect each other’s right to live their lives and don’t embrace violence and failed capitalistic greed?

deb   April 26th, 2010 9:59 am ET

There's no such thing as aliens.... aliens are in your head.... the only thing we need to fear is eachother..... if they did exist, they couldn't possibly be worse than the humans walking the earth right now.... but, thank GOD there's no aliens out there.... dealing with terrorism is enough problems....

UsualLogic   April 26th, 2010 9:59 am ET

That would make them not humans at all.

Rose   April 26th, 2010 11:22 am ET

The universe is astoundingly vast. It would be foolish to assume there are no other lifeforms out there. This is not to be confused with UFO sightings or alien encounters (which are highly suspect). As reported in the article: Hawking fears "aliens might simply raid Earth for resources, then move on."

Unfortunately, mankind is in the process of doing just that to our planet and we cannot move on, no place to go. So until (or rather when and if) the aliens arrive, we earthlings must respect our natural resouces and each other – especially our "human" rights, our "inalienable" rights.

Otherwise, we won't have to wait for aliens to destroy our existence – we'll manage to ruin things quite well on our own with our violent methods against each other and nature.

ConspiracyWhackjob   April 26th, 2010 11:47 am ET

Oh, the conspiracy nuts are going to have a field day with this! Stephen Hawking is basically telling us we are about to be invaded!!!

Dave   April 26th, 2010 12:38 pm ET

"the only difference is that these human beings respect each other differences, respect each other’s right to live their lives and don’t embrace violence and failed capitalistic greed"

Well then they wouldn't be very human, would they? Our best hope would be that they're nothing at all like us, or it would be ugly. Especially if they're like republicans. Then they'd think they could do whatever they wanted to since they're stronger than us.

Hugh in California   April 26th, 2010 12:49 pm ET

It would be irrational to conclude that there could be no such thing as an alien civilization from some far distance galaxy. Often that sort of opinion comes from a religious person, with no disrespect meant. You know,"God made man in his own image, so he would never make any aliens somewhere else" sort of mindset.

Hawking's warning has merit; however, we mere earthings would probably attempt to shoot them out of the sky, then having made the first shot - the invaders would be provoked to attack us with unimaginable consequences! Hopefully that will not be our reaction, nor theirs.

Fortunately, the potential for aliens to arrive here is probably difficult, due to the vast distance they would have to travel. If aliens did journey here, I doubt they'd just come to visit out of mere curiosity. Likely they would be in need of some type of resources, so let's hope they do turn out to be cuddly ET types, or at the very least, they don't come here to do us harm.

Still, what if an alien civilization did desire to come here from their distant planet, which we refer to as a "waterworld," where the majority of the planet is underwater, with only a small percentage being land? Then there'd probably be a good reason for them to come here, and they'd have no problem hiding from us right on the earth - but, way down in the ocean depths.

A person does not have to take mind-altering drugs to ponder this possibility. One merely has to have an imagination to dream up this type of senario. As Spock would say, "that conclusion is very rational."

Cajazz76:24:8   April 26th, 2010 1:06 pm ET

Putting the shoe on the other foot, what would life be like for another life form if earthly aliens 'invaded' their domicile? Like Hawkins has stated, they wouldn't be "cuddly". If, by chance, they were human-like the first thing would be to 'civilize' them, then to 'convert and politicize' them, and if they resisted, 'eliminate' them. With shoes back on the feet they belong, Hawkins has read and understood history rather well.

Ted   April 26th, 2010 1:28 pm ET

Hawkins is a brilliant scientist, however this time he has seen just too many Hollywood productions of aliens invading the Earth.
It is undeniable that with millions of planets in the universe there MUST be other intelligent beings, in one or other shape and form.
If the time comes and if they act as we humans did when discovered America, than good bye human race.
A good human is a dead human, it does sound familiar, don´t it?

Hugh in California   April 26th, 2010 2:38 pm ET

We earthlings have already made our presence known, with radio waves, television and satellite communications. These transmissions don't just remain on earth, they're beamed across the universe whether we want them to or not. Hawking knows this from elementary science. We really have no choice here, so if highly intelligent aliens do exist, they already know we're here!

Candy°°   April 26th, 2010 3:11 pm ET

I am 100% sure that superior forms of life do exist on other planets and other constellations; denying that is just the proof of complete ignorance ... That they do no necessary have to look like the Star Treck characters, that's a different story.

As far as Hawkins's opinion is concerned, I tend to agree – it's safer for us to remain "undiscovered", as we are not advanced enough to be able to confront an alien civilization. We are still far from having our own issues under control, how would we be able to face, understand and communicate with an alien civilization?

Besides, who sais they would come from the same "dimension" as we do? They might even be here, but because we can only perceive our surrounding world in 4 dimensions, we might simply not be able to perceive their presence ...
And the same might be valid for them as well 🙂

Dodie   April 26th, 2010 3:50 pm ET

Stephen Hawking, an astrophysicist, who is famous for his black hole theory, utilizing quantum gravity that challenged some of Einstein’s general relativity. Within the black hole is where the laws of general relativity that govern space and time break down. Stephen Hawking is brilliant and stellar. In studying his black hole theory, it became evident that the “G” word that controls this universe is not “God” but “Gravity”. He was even willing to challenge his black hole theory in 2004 expressing that the imploding star does let out very tiny amounts of matter and energy in the form of photons and other subparticles .

It is unfortunate that Stephen Hawking suffers from Lou Gehrig's disease which is a neurological muscular breakdown within the body’s system. Even though Stephen Hawking lives in England, there has been talk about The International Space Station as his new residence.

The odds are definitely stacked in favor of life existance in the universe and most presumably some very intelligent.

Cody   April 26th, 2010 3:56 pm ET

It is absolutely ignorant for Stephen Hawkins to say this, we simply don't know what they are like and to assume that they are hostile creates fear and panic when they may be benevolent. They may not even know what hostility is! It's wrong for us to assume that they even think like us! Here is what I say and is the most important thing anyone could say. With the technology they have and going beyond the speed of light, IF THEY WERE HOSTILE WE WOULDN'T BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Beckow   April 26th, 2010 4:10 pm ET

Although there have been dark galactics around the planet (like the Anunnaki and the Zeta Reticulans or little Greys), our best information at the moment is that, as the light energy rises in preparation for a global transformation expected to occur in Dec. 2012, they have been driven away by the general environment of light and love. Only benign galactics now exist around Earth, I'm told.

They have been successful in preventing further nuclear explosions on Earth (the North Korean blast, I'm led to believe, was not nuclear), neutralizing New World Order pandemics and chemtrails, mitigating HAARP-induced earthquakes and volcanic activity, etc. They have proven to be our valued friends.

I'm just in the process of getting approvals on an article entitled "Need We Fear Dark Galactics?" which should be out in a day or two. (Google then.)

It would be very interesting if Stephen's comment actually results in the long-suppressed disclosure that galactics actually exist. It's about time that we actually looked at that topic as a world. It is definitely the most important news story of this era.



JIM CARROLL   April 26th, 2010 4:14 pm ET

If they have, they should know that the Federal Government has all the power it needs to control the money supply; and to create all the money needed to exchange all the goods and services that the hands and minds of people can produce. They should know that the hands of the Government should not be tied when it comes to bailing out the uncontrolled Free Market Capitalist in
order to save the whole economy. Read more at the

Joe G. (Illinois)   April 26th, 2010 4:58 pm ET

If Stephen Hawking ultimate goal is to incite conversation, hear something that makes sense and be converted.. He’s surely using the wrong tactics.

He can’t outsmart God.. Is best approach would be to be totally honest and humble toward Jesus Christ.. After all how can he explain the blood flowing through his veins, or the breath of life yet still in him? To whom does he attribute them? To aliens from outer space? I think not and I would guess neither does he.

I really don’t recommend Stephen Hawking to keep trying to outsmart God. It’s a very bad, bad choice.

Hugh in California   April 26th, 2010 5:22 pm ET

@ Joe G. (Illinois),

Let me be sincere and totally honest. I doubt Stephen Hawking ever attempted to outsmart God, but you are constantly trying to outsmart others on planet earth via CNN, finding any which way you can to constantly bombard the rest of us with your believe in the creation, from Genesis to Revelation; ie., The Bible!

I for one would rather read the words from a rational mind that is open to other explanations to the creation of the universe. Your mind is made up who you attribute life to, but others don't necessarily want to believe or read about your religious ideology, whether or not it existed before you or after you. If someone wants to believe in Jesus Christ that's alright with me, and they can find comfort and be at peace in the sanctuary, with my blessing.

What I don't appreciate is an self-appointed internet preacher who cannot even explain how Jonah was swallowed by a whale and lived to talk about it, or how the Bible refers to the Sun revolving around the Earth, instead of the other way around.

Smith in Oregon   April 26th, 2010 5:33 pm ET

I entirely disagree with Stephen Hawking's theory that Aliens would be dangerous to Humanity. This kind of muddled fear mongering reminds me of all the artillery shells that were shot into the air over the Washington DC captiol by US Military and National Guard members after a series of UFO's flew and hovered over the White House during the span of several days.

In one large morass of just how stupid, ignorant and neanderthal Humans on Earth are, the US Military fired artillery shells for a full 12 hours at the 'bright shinny objects' which simply moved aside to let the artillery shells explode on earth in the various neighborhoods thru-out Washington DC.

By and far Aliens speeding across the Milky Way galaxy would see Humanity on Earth as grossly lacking in ethics, moral values and pity us for treating the sole planet we have at this time as a sewage system for toxic waste.

Ironically Stephen Hawking, the Van Allen belt circling the entire Earth resulted from bathing the Earth and its inhabitants with above ground Nuclear Bomb test radiation.

Stephen Hawking, the Van Allen Belt is the largest Billboard of Mass Stupidity on a global scale which any intelligent Alien visitor would immediately see. It's not a no trespassing sign, its a STUPID INHABITANTS HERE sign. Get it?

Cari Kindl   April 26th, 2010 5:40 pm ET

We have seen this coming for a very long time. We have been prepared for this false flag invasion. The bad aliens have been here all along and can't survive the frequency we are holding now. That is the only reason the elite are disclosing now. They want you to believe aliens are evil and will eat you. He he The "bad" aliens have been around for thousands of years doing just that sucking the life blood out of us. Did everyone miss the past four thousand years of terror, vapirism, murder, slaughter etc? Why do you think the truth is only now coming out about the Vatican and the corruption in govts in time for 2012? Do you really believe the Polish President's death was an accident? The earth changes are due to the frequency rising. We can lessen the affects if we hold a vibration of love and release fear.The shift is hitting the fan and the higher frequency ETs will assit us. They aren't interested in eating us. LOL They don't eat. Why are the govts only now admitting there are ETs and UFOs are real? Because they can't HIDE it anymore. That is the ONLY reason. So what is the only next move possible? Keep them in fear so they don't ascend to a higher frequency. AS long as you are in fear you will be in hell. When you are in love you will be in heaven. It's as simple as that.

rubestar   April 26th, 2010 6:04 pm ET

I was under the impression that space aliens (in human meat suits) are alive and well, running the Pentagon and other government agencies, as we sit and stare at the screen, LOL-ing, OMG-ing, and dodging the real responsibilities of citizens of the United States...what our forefathers fought for, and set out for us to continue.

John McCarthy   April 26th, 2010 6:05 pm ET

None of us knows what's beyond our infantile reach. Therefore, wild speculation and baseless declarations rule these discussion boards.

It is my belief that we'll obliterate ourselves before we ever find any real answers about life beyond our planet. I also believe there's very highly intelligent life in forms we cannot begin to imagine all over multiple universes. If these life forms are aware of us, my guess is that they've deemed us unworthy of making contact with. We're petulant infants with bad habits and murderous temperaments. Why would any other intelligent life form want to interact with us?

Ann Nonymus   April 26th, 2010 6:13 pm ET

I agree with Hawking....I think I live with two of them......

silk   April 26th, 2010 6:35 pm ET

I always believe that there's life in other parts of the Universe. It's so vast and nobody know what's out there. To say there's no alien exist is ignoring the fact. Why do we think we are the only species exist while there's so much we don't even know? One thing surprised me in Hawking's "Into The Universe" show is that we think aliens should have legs and arms, fingers, and eyes, etc. etc just like human. It doesn't have to. I believe they could be in any kinds of forms. OK, I am a Trekkie, watch too many Star Trek episodes, what can I say?

Samuel B.   April 26th, 2010 7:11 pm ET

They just might be hybrids of things we never imagined. They might be senseless and might just be diminutive to us. Lets just hope they're not that tough and lets explore planets and maybe we might find better stuff.

deb   April 26th, 2010 7:18 pm ET

WOW!!!! there's no such thing as aliens, but what difference does it make.... at the rate were going the human race won't be around much longer anyway..... nobody knows what's beyond earth, but unless you've seen other life forms on other planets, and have proof then you just sound nuts..... no proof, no aliens..... you can talk about it until your blue in the face, but it's not reality..... why is it so hard to believe human life is on earth and that's it.... why do people make something out of nothing.... DRAMA thats why..... there's no reason to believe in aliens.... if they existed we would know it by now..... this is crazy.....

deb   April 26th, 2010 7:22 pm ET

i wish hawkins would come up with the cure for cancer, diabetes, ms, or any disease thats usefull to us, trying to figure out if aliens exist, and on what planet is a waste of time, and energy.... we need to focus on how to solve the problems we face on earth.... hunger, homelessness, disease, hate....... there's a ton of stuff to try and figure out about are own world, never mind someother life form that we have never seen, and have no proof exists.....

Cajazz76:24:8   April 26th, 2010 7:22 pm ET


You got that "G" spot on.. -_-

Cajazz76:24:8   April 26th, 2010 7:25 pm ET

Steve Hawking

My apologies for leaving that "G" spot off..your name..

Mike, formerly from Syracuse   April 26th, 2010 7:48 pm ET

Beam me up Spock.

Jackie Marentette   April 26th, 2010 7:54 pm ET

Thank you Stephen. I'll keep my eyes peeled and make like a banana and split if I should come into contact with one of them. And I agree, E.T and cuddly I'm sure they are not. Might still like Reese's pieces, line em' up and see what happens.

T.A.   April 26th, 2010 7:57 pm ET

It does not really matter, people will probably destroy each other before any possible contact. Everyone should realize that humans are the most that true? Yeah, people have been killing each other for thousands of years and mostly over pointless reasons. i.e. religious disputes.

Why is religion always in conversations of science? Religion has people who follow their beliefs. Same as science. Religion always has interfered with science... weren't people killed back then by religion for practicing science? Has science ever done anything truely harmful to religion? Have they killed any people who were practicing religion?
An example is on The Simpsons, religion shouldn't be taught in school's, as much as religion doesn't want science taught in their churches. Also this country has something about freedom of religion but that hasn't stoped harrasment to something outside it.. Just remember religion was man made, don't get upset. If your religious don't say anything against science because science would not say anything back against you.

lee steedley   April 26th, 2010 8:02 pm ET

we have enough to worry about, war, terrorism, economy, healthcare, the last thing we need to worry about is if we will be invaded by aliens. mr hawkins is a brilliant man, can he not think of something more useful to help out the world with our existing problems?

Hugh in Carlifornai   April 26th, 2010 8:28 pm ET

Mr. Stephen Hawkings is the world's most famous astrophysicist, not a politician. He's presumedly not qualified to tackle other more pressing world issues, so he's keeping his focus on his particular area of expertise - the stars!

Cathy   April 26th, 2010 8:29 pm ET

Cancer, diabetes and ms all good areas on which to focus. Might you have considered adding ALS to the list? I apologize for being as insensitive as you, but you sound a little shallow.

I may never see anything from elsewhere in the universe although I am sure it is out there, but I would surely love to live long enough to see this genius and others cured of ALS.

Hugh in Carlifornia   April 26th, 2010 8:30 pm ET

Mr. Stephen Hawkings is the world's most famous astrophysicist, not a politician. He's presumedly not qualified to tackle other more pressing world issues, so he's keeping his focus on his particular area of expertise – the stars!

malena p. Scottsdale, AZ.   April 26th, 2010 8:41 pm ET

Please direct them to Phoenix, AZ. and have them ask for Sheriff Joe.
pretty PLEASE!

Chuckles   April 26th, 2010 9:28 pm ET

Hawking as a very good point! If you don't believe aliens could exist and that it isn't a subject worth talking about or studying please open your mind and do a little research. You might just change your mind.

nate   April 26th, 2010 9:51 pm ET

we will never know untillit happens

Marley217   April 26th, 2010 10:31 pm ET

I approve of Stephen Hawkings caution, but don't agree.
I don't think you could compare aliens with columbus, simply because they are so much more advanced. And why would they raid earth for it's resources if they can get much more resources elsewhere.

I think any civilization that is advanced enough to cross the galaxy or universe won't even need resources, or very little.
They won't have any deity to push on us either since their understanding makes a deity obsolete.

In my opinion they could only be evil if they aren't that advanced and didn't came from very far, otherwise their advancedness would make them being evil obsolete.

Ofcourse they could infect us with some super disease, but I think they aren't too fond of diseases either.

Still Stephen Hawking has had allot of time thinking about this, he is probably right.

Sherrie Verhoeven   April 26th, 2010 10:49 pm ET

Unbelievable that anyone can believe in GOD... who would have to be a super supreme being out there in the great beyond, and then not believe there are aliens! There's no stretch between a God and an alien! We are a speck in the full picture! Most hate between humans on this planet begins and ends with religious beliefs,...Imagine!

carie   April 26th, 2010 10:57 pm ET


Cathy   April 26th, 2010 11:05 pm ET

@Sherrie Verhoeven,
You are thinking much too narrowly. How do you know there could not be a god for each planet, etc. Maybe they are fighting among themselves to protect their own. There's a narrow perspective here on LKL. Think outside of the box. Furthermore, not everyone who believes in God or is religious in some manner is responsible for all of the deaths caused by religion.

Jeff   April 27th, 2010 12:30 am ET

I think Hawking should have compared the aliens closer to visiting cavemen. This analogy woul be more correct. I agree with Sherrie that an alien is an easier stretch to the imagination than a Supreme Being, although both may exist. However, If an alien civilization were 1 million years advanced to us they would probably be benevolent and would not require the earth's resources since they have technology beyond our belief. An interesting religious side note is that Jesus ( said "My kingdom is not of this world", "My father in Heaven...") by defintion was extraterresrial, alien, healing he sick, bringing back the dead, walking on water, tranfigured to glow like the sun, calmed the storm, etc..... The New Testament sounds more an more to me like an alien visit. In fact, any being Supreme or not is alien by definition. I agree that most life in the universe is probably microbial, but...........

Sonny   April 27th, 2010 12:41 am ET

Who said their stronger than us.

r6d1   April 27th, 2010 12:56 am ET

wake-up everybody, and look at the pictures...
start using your eyes as well as your brain... and stop, and think –
why can't stephen can't speak except through a machine?
and... WHY do you think he's he so much smarter than everybody else is, anyway?
yet can't even talk right?
most importantly, look very VERY carefully at those pics...
that's not really a wheelchair... that's part of stephen!

Tewksbury   April 27th, 2010 1:02 am ET

Actually, he has a very valid point. Even if they were the nicest folks in the Universe, the most appalling destruction to the population in North America came not from European cruelty and stupidity (which was considerable), but from their carrying germs with them to which the native population had no immunity. Aliens could be just as dangerous. All they'd have to do is breathe while saying, "We come in peace" to wipe out half our population with a disease THEY conquered in themselves centuries ago. I'm not even sure saying, "Great! Welcome to earth! Now step into this bio-containtment room while we check you out" would work – we'd already be infected.

marviun claussen   April 27th, 2010 2:32 am ET

what i wont to know is all this i here on the glen backs show a big lie and if not why do i not some of things on cnn
marvin let me here from ypu all

mapsurfer   April 27th, 2010 3:37 am ET

If there are aliens out there cruising the galaxy, they are most likely to be looking for a planet to colonize... Someplace with a hospitable atmosphere and abundant food supply. It would be a good assumption that an alien would behave very similar to humans, which isn't good.

People laughing over Hawking's statement, but it is actually a prudent policy if down the road we are faced with a first contact scenario. To rush in with a meet and greet, would be ignorant.

Humans are curious species, but do you know what killed the cat?

Ronnie L.   April 27th, 2010 3:39 am ET

If i found out of a paradise billions of miles away with the most dangerous yet beutiful inhabitants, it would get my attention, so why has lt not gotten our attention,this world is what we make it, if I dont like my reflection, than I change, its personal,I love this place and life, i could see why others might show interest,if I dont respect myself, show hate, greed can I give love, Im not trying to change anyones mind, just think about it, how can I give love, this is our home

DianD   April 27th, 2010 3:45 am ET

Get a grip people! No one has said there will be an invasion. I am relieved that someone with such knowledge of the universe and its laws has finally acknowledged the possibility of other forms of life; being how vast the universe is. It's human nature to seek explanation of what is out there, and we should not be afraid of our capacity. But I agree I don't want any aliens reaching us... if they find us before we find them, they will have proven to be far superior than us.

Darvik   April 27th, 2010 3:49 am ET

i am the biggest loser mommys boy cry-baby in the universe. If there are aliens i hope they come get me and take me to their plannet. I have been laid twice in my life by girls and i dont like it. I think i might be gay. Oh yeah, i also love cats just as my mommy does. When i grow older i hope to own 500 cats just like mommy!

late night thoughts   April 27th, 2010 4:12 am ET

agree...a low profile is good.

Georgia   April 27th, 2010 6:01 am ET

Just reading the responses to Stephen Hawkins ideas only shows why the world is in the turmoil it is in today. I am a Catholic who also believes in the theory of evolution. Why would God choose to put life on only one planet if he made them all? And if God made man in his own image then what man?? Larry King? President Obama? My husband? The truth is none of us know, and blind faith, dispelling any other rational explanation is very dangerous. If we all could only open our minds to what COULD be, instead of an unequivocal IS- there might be a chance for some peace on this planet. In the final analysis none of us knows anything for sure and depending on your beliefs may or may not ever.

starry skye   April 27th, 2010 6:26 am ET

Anybody ever stop to consider that maybe WE are the aliens? That maybe we were not here first, but came and decimated? Frankly it would serve us quite right if an alternative life form group came and did to us what we have done to the indigenous natives what we have done and continue to do .

June   April 27th, 2010 6:34 am ET

I don't know about aliens, but I do know that there are evil spirit beings that exist in outer space. They are princes of the power of the air, spiritual authorities in high places, that are the enemy of God and the human race. The Bible describes them as demons, fallen angels. The holy angels of God are constantly fighting them to keep us safe from them. They cause a great deal of the evil that occurs on planet earth.
This is what the Bible teaches.

Jim   April 27th, 2010 8:34 am ET

Better stick to your theoretical physics.

Ric Perez   April 27th, 2010 9:39 am ET

I wish they would come. It would be so cool to see these evil bastards meet their match. I'm reminded of the flick "Invasion from Mars" when the martians blew up congress and that old lady laughed. lol
Oh... fantasy.....sigh...

Ol!ve   April 27th, 2010 9:47 am ET

Us Humans have already tried to leave this planet to discover the moon and other planets, hasnt anyone asks WHY?
we need to keep evolving just like human, aliens must think is there anyone out there, we are just all curious beings everything is and when humans land on another planets aren't we then called aliens, outerspace is very vast and of course there is life existing on other planets and moons.
I have had a few experiences myself and i know 100% they exist but where they come from is the zillion dollar question everyone wants to know but cannot answer and thats what i think we are all afraid of, there is intelligent life in outerspace but where do they came from.
My honest opinion is they're time travellers trying to find out where they came from or if there is life in outerspace the same as theres and they've the technology to find out the past and the future, just like humans are trying to go into space and perhaps live there in the future! how can we not except an alien race from outerspace if we are doing exactly the same thing now and in the future exploring space for the future of mankind.
we would know a hell of a lot more if the powers that be spent there finances on exploring outerspace in stead of being hell bend on detroying ourselves and this beautiful planet we call home.!
Embrace the future with open arms i know i will be and if that means another race from outerspace i hope its SOON!

denhunter   April 27th, 2010 9:48 am ET

Yeah, it would be something if the aliens were human, and that something would be an IMPOSSIBILITY. There have been billions of random events that have resulted in what we call 'humans'. To claim that these billions of events occurred somewhere else, in the same sequence, is not remotely possible.

Never doubt Hawking. Any alien would have to be a nomad, or an explorer, who has travelled billions of light years, and HAS to be out of, or nearly out of, resources...both take whatever is available that
they need or want. It's like finding a supermarket in the middle of a stroll throught the Gobi Desert, and then expecting to have a meanful conversation about yourself with a Honey Baked Ham. The only question from the alien would be 'where do you keep the mustard?'.

It's a wild hope that these aliens are vegetarians. Vegetarians don't evolve into explorers who seek out other worlds. They become side dishes for the more aggressive species along the way. See, ie; the Neanderthals. I hear they tasted like chicken.

Ted   April 27th, 2010 11:05 am ET

@ June

Thank you, you just relieved me of my angst and will have a good night sleep.
However, what happens if those fallen angels are more powerful than the ones with the shiny wings? What if one of those demons has a chance to visit me in my sleep?
My angst is back again, so there is only one solution, chuck the Bible and do not believe a word it says.
Now I am ready to have a nice and peacefull sleep.

Wesley   April 27th, 2010 12:28 pm ET

@Dave Or they could be like Democrats and think that we are not smart enough to know what we want or need.

LDC   April 27th, 2010 2:09 pm ET

If there are aliens, how come they haven't asked O'Bama for money?

Gage   April 27th, 2010 3:24 pm ET

I actually fear our man kind more than an alian. Hopefully they help us with our own evolution/ re-volution.

Love , Light , and Peace

theunitedartists   April 28th, 2010 2:13 am ET

Don't be silly, we are already here.
If we intend to cause any harm, you wouldn't have the time to say a sentence like: "...they could be dangerous."

theunitedartists   April 28th, 2010 2:17 am ET

...By the way, on your point of the 4th dimension exist and be so small that we cannot see it, I have some good news 4 you.
4th dimension goes out of the matter of measurement and jump to a matter of 'state of vibration of the matter combined with the ant-matter.'
Just in case if you need to get any deeper in this subject.

Dion Reed   April 28th, 2010 2:28 am ET

People are the same no matter where in the universe they may live.We don't need aliens to understand life.We are the aliens to the aliens and look how we act.

cindee   April 28th, 2010 2:43 am ET


theunitedartists   April 28th, 2010 4:27 pm ET

see? Dion Reed and Cindee are just great people.

warrior   April 28th, 2010 11:19 pm ET

Even if they were dangerous, i think they would avoid us considering we still throw bombs at each others and still detonate nuclear bombs from time to time just for the purpose of "testing" them...

Anyway, to find the planet earth is like finding a needle in a haystack, just in the milky way there are billions of star systems and there are billions of galaxies out there...

theunitedartists   April 29th, 2010 12:28 pm ET

...and they are all inhabited, Warrior, and we are not thrown in the space by ourselves; these people take good care of us without interfere in our free will. Believe me.
The ones who is able to get to us is evolved people and should be respected by the amount of personal conquers they have acquired.
Like one of us, detaching from the ordinary and limited mind.

Jeremy   April 29th, 2010 9:57 pm ET

I am resident of Arizona:

Here are my views:

As I watch the local news I see the following: Protestors with no US Flags, but only Mexican Flags? Why is that? If they are citizens, shouldn't they be proud of the US Flag? Local students skipping school who are excited for a non American entertainer (Shakira) to visit the city since she is a "really good dancer" How is that going to help? When protestors are asked if they are register to vote they say, NO. Yet 70% of voters support the new law, why is that? Then you have other states saying boycott Arizona, which makes no sense. They should focus on their issues, not ours. If they want illegal immigrants to have the same rights as legal citizens, then perhaps they should ask all illegal immigrants to come live there. This whole debate is sad, it really comes down to the fact that a law is being broke and finally someone is trying to fix it. Its not the best law, but sometimes its about "one small step."


claudia   April 29th, 2010 10:10 pm ET

No need to worry about the Aliens coming to annihilate planet Earth citizens. We already do a pretty good job without their assistance – why would they bring more fear here when we demonstrate we are masters of it. Just look around you and see who controls your existence through fear. Those are the "aliens" living among you and brainwashing you to a numbless fearful state. Those parasitic "aliens" dumbing us down should be our main concern. Those "aliens" are the ones who have no Love for others.

I doubt very much if any outside Aliens would bother to make contact here on Earth unless the human beings had spiritually evolved enough. They probably shake their heads when they view all the myriad of religions selling their products like supermarkets.

There is only Love, anything else is a separation from Love.

Smith in Oregon   April 29th, 2010 11:44 pm ET

Its sad and depressing to hear that Stephen Hawking has so little faith in Humanity living in clusters other than that on earth that they would remotely be as corrupt, greedy, unethical and unmoral as the early explorer's in South and North America which historically is recorded as directly resulting in the mass genocide by those soldiers and invaders.

And where does that fear and hatred come from? The crass and self-serving propaganda that the US Military has pumped out since 1950's and encouraged and helped Hollywood produce decades of smear campaigns against peaceful explorer's from distant worlds visiting their brothers and sisters in humanity here on Earth.

Has there been Hollywood films depicting Humanity for other worlds in a favorable light, yes but very few in comparison to those whose sole purpose appear to fan the flames of fear and bigotry against Humanity from planets other than Earth.

What Stephen Hawking appears to have forgotten or not yet understood is the FACT that any world that is divided by conflict and war's are not going to be able to humanly travel thru-out their own solar system much less beyond it which is a basic need to find and communicate with humanity from planets other than the cluster found on Earth.

It is going to take a planetary unified effort to extend Earths humanity thru-out Earth's solar system and beyond it. That simply is not going to happen while the Earth's resources are being used and burned up for military weapons, nations are attacking one another and other nations must produce more weapons in case those nations attack them.

Alessandro Bernardi   April 30th, 2010 12:36 am ET

Don't do it!

Baron S. Cameron   April 30th, 2010 3:25 am ET

I'm watching a rebroadcast of your show about the Arizona immigration law. The sherrif is saying that they have the right to know if someone who has commited a crime should be handed to the courts or immigration. Would a criminal under arrest already face that situation? What's the need for the extra law that flies in the face of the Constitution's guarantees against unreasonble search and it's protection of privacy when the law isn't needed in the first place?

Nerisha   April 30th, 2010 7:26 am ET

Hey, If aliens do exist – i would want to know... but I say leave them well alone, after all there's a reason why they have'nt contacted us, right?!? 🙂

deb   April 30th, 2010 7:32 am ET

cathy say it to my face..... your a miserable person with a miserable life, dont take that out on me someone you don't even know.... if you don't like my post don't read it, but keep your opinions to yourself, and your misery..... your a coward for calling me shallow, and insensitive over a post instead of to my face....

deb   April 30th, 2010 7:38 am ET

sherri cathy thinks your thinking to narrowly, and im shallow.... who else can this woman insult.... cathy needs to stop attacking what people post, and calling people out.... it's a persons opinion.... you have yours, and everyone else has theirs.... don't harras people.... stick with the subject thats what the post is for.....

Joanna   May 10th, 2010 10:54 am ET

Imagine if aliens come here and they're all adorable fluffy creatures with psychic powers. Awww I hope that happens.

Willliam H. Depperman   June 14th, 2010 11:50 am ET

This update contains a total refutation of Stephen Hawking claims regarding Black Holes upon which he has staked his entire reputation and exposes him as a total fraud from a to Z in addition to including the truth regarding UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life:

Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics

The Capitalist Dictatorship Falsifies Basic Science!
Michio Kaku, Wendy Freedman, Dennis Overbye, Nicholas
Wade, Brian Greene, etc. Are Exposed as Liars!

Today basic medicine, science including climatology, astrophysics and even both Einstein’s Special Theory and General Theory of Relativity are brazenly and routinely falsified at the direction of genuinely Fascist elements for political/religious reasons. These scientifically fabricated and bizarre distortions are mixed in with some actual science and are passed off as “the new science” in exhaustive falsifications lasting for hours on NOVA, FRONTLINE, National Geographic Channel, CUNY TV, the “Discovery Channel” and even the so-called “History Channel.” There is also a simultaneous attempt to generate panic in order to help generate the Mass Psychology of Crisis based on falsely claimed imminent threats from space from rogue asteroids to Stephen Hawking’s alarmist claim of future invasions by inevitably hostile space aliens. See section on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life. In addition, the above-mentioned so-called “cosmologists” publish an endless stream of books, videos and magazine and newspaper articles to try to popularize this fiction and pass it off as good coin. Not to mention the new textbooks! The media, including the science media is simply a privatized arm of the U.S. “intelligence agency,” an actual army of legions of professional liars in every area of politics and every academic discipline and includes even so-called “comedians” working in service to the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. The U.S. media is very similar to Blackwater, Dyncorp, Custer Battles and Triple Canopy, etc. the armed military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, except that the media has always been privatized. Can you say Total Brainwash of the youth? Not to mention the adult population!

There is also a maximal attempt to confuse the masses in order to keep them susceptible to the constant stream of lies originating from NASA and the U.S. government, which have threatened to ram through a revisit of the Moon and have even tried to pump up support for a Mars mission! (?) There is no possibility that a manned trip to Mars would ever return. Rocketry is a primitive form of space travel and there is no acknowledged attempt of efforts to develop the nuclear powered electromagnetic anti-gravity engine used by so-called UFOs, which are documented to have visited the Earth for Millennia. Moon and Mars trips obviously make no sense except to keep NASA and its suppliers in business and are one more pretext to divert money from social spending and to boost U.S. patriotism. Under public pressure the Obama Regime has supposedly cancelled the Moon and Mars ventures and but states that it will privatize the role of NASA going even further than Bush in privatization schemes for the U.S. government. (See below.) The widespread academic opposition to these wide-scale falsifications of science and money wasting ventures is never given equal time! We demand and will take some time to refute the U.S.-led capitalist dictatorship’s lies.

The Capitalist Dictatorship’s Attempt to Falsify the
Age of the Universe to Help Provide False Belief in “god”

The capitalists have tried to falsify the actual age of the Universe and the infinite cycle of a Big Bang followed by a Big Crunch, meaning a closed rather than an open Universe, because the reality of a closed Universe does not fit with the religious brainwash of a single creation and belief in a supernatural fictitious “god.” (The statecraft of capitalism’s alliance with religion and belief in “god” and other superstition is exposed further below.) The reality is that the process of contraction of the Universe began soon after the Big Bang, which began the process of expansion. The process of contraction began with the first condensations of gas after the Big Bang. At first the process of expansion was dominant, but the processes of expansion and contraction exist simultaneously from shortly after the Big Bang until finally the process of contraction becomes dominant and all galactic matter is finally drawn into Supermassive Black Holes, which today form the centers of all spiral galaxies and elliptical galaxies in the process of becoming spiral galaxies. These Supermassive Black Holes, which are growing larger continuously, finally link up all existing matter of the Universe at one spot, one huge super-maximal Black Hole known as the Singularity in the Big Crunch, at which time critical mass in the true and ultimate sense is reached for another Big Bang Cycle and the beginning of another Universe.

Ninety-five Percent of Matter in the Universe Exists in the Form of Energy According
To Einstein’s Formula E=mc2! Black Holes Completely Reverse that Relationship and
Solve the Equation for Mass: M=E/c2 thus Supplying the so-called “Missing Mass”!

The critical mass density required for the Big Crunch to occur is 1 x 10 to the negative 29th of a gram per cubic centimeter (approximately 5 hydrogen atoms per cubic meter), according to the calculation from the General Theory of Relativity, which predicted Black Holes. Neutrinos are now known to have mass which may be sufficient to supply the supposed “missing mass.” (See below.) But probably even more significant is the recent paper in Science (November 21, 2008) which shows that 95% of matter in the Universe exists in the form of energy according to Einstein’s formula E=mc2. This relationship would reverse in a Black Hole and the so-called “missing mass” would gradually appear as the contraction of the Universe allowed the energy-mass relationship to shift so that in a practical and real sense Einstein’s formula would be solved for mass: m=E/c2. Though the authors of the paper fail to draw this conclusion that is the inescapable significance of those papers. See below. The fact that the expansion and contraction of the Universe occur simultaneously is one more example of the Law of Unity of Opposites, the Second Law of and Historical Materialism and the correctness of the scientific philosophy of Dialectical and Historical Materialism, as opposed to the false philosophies of idealism and metaphysics, which are the only philosophies permitted to be seriously taught in U.S. colleges and universities, and which form the underlying basis for all phony “cosmological” theory! See further below!

Black Holes Have Mass and a Size, Which
Can Be Calculated, and Rotate on an Axis!

In addition, in the Big Crunch matter most certainly does NOT collapse to “less than the size of a single molecule,” a totally ridiculous assertion by the so-called “string theorists” (see below) designed to try to discredit the Theory of the Big Bang/Big Crunch Cycle of the Universe. The Black Hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy is 15 million miles in diameter—not “the size of a single molecule”! Black Holes are formed exclusively of condensed nuclear material; protons and neutrons (composed of quarks) and electrons (composed of leptons) devoid of their orbits and all motion, all collapsed together. The end point of all matter in the Big Crunch is a Single Black Hole, the so-called “Singularity.” The size of the final “Singularity” which forms prior to the Big Bang would thus be quite large because it must contain all the nuclear material in the entire Universe. All Black Holes have the same mass density, which is said to be infinite, and which vary only in actual mass depending on how many stars and how much nuclear material they contain. The only difference is the difference in mass, which is constantly increasing as matter changes from its energy form when entering a Black Hole. See above cited article in Nature, November 21, 2008. Note that while some of the information provided below may appear to be somewhat technical it is necessary for any subsequent challenges which might be made of this dialectical and historical materialist analysis. An educated reader should be able to understand most of it and follow for the most part the explanations, which have in turn vast political implications. A few key references are provided and the reader can research the area independently.

Black Holes have mass and size just as neutron stars (pulsars) also have mass!! All Black Holes, both Stellar Black Holes and Supermassive Black Holes (the result of combination of millions of solar masses) which form the center of evolving elliptical galaxies and all spiral galaxies, also rotate extremely rapidly just like neutron stars, some of which are estimated to be only 8 to 20 miles in diameter, and rotate in 1.4 milliseconds to 30 seconds! Black Holes rotate as fast or faster. All stars rotate on a central axis to some degree due to the angular momentum of gas approaching the center of the proto-star prior to the ignition of hydrogen fusion. In other words the gravitational collapse of gas in star formation is not uniform just as its opposite, an explosion such as the Big Bang is not uniform. When the radius of the star is reduced drastically in stellar collapse the angular momentum remains the same but the momentum of inertia is sharply reduced. The standard example is that of a figure skater spinning with outstretched arms who speeds up by pulling in his/her arms. Black Holes are formed from the collapse of the largest Blue Giant stars 5 to 20 or more solar masses. Neutron stars are formed from the explosion of stars with 1.35 to 2.1 solar masses in a Type II, Type Ib or Type Ic supernova explosion. The rapid rotation of Supermassive Black Holes is in fact the reason Spiral Galaxies exist in the flattened disk form they do with spiral arms—because of the huge gravitational force exerted by the rapid rotation of Supermassive Black Holes which form their galactic centers! As mentioned this fact is entirely covered up and denied by the phony NASA “scientists” on television, e.g., National Geographic TV. As the rotating Supermassive Black Hole in the galactic center gradually increases in size through accumulation/accretion of more stellar material and gas, the early elliptical galaxies, in the process of becoming a spiral galaxies, begin to flatten due to the rapid rotation of the Supermassive Black Hole in their center which causes the flattening. It should also be noted that as would be expected there exist a high number of stellar black holes in the galactic center drawn by their strong gravitational fields on their way to join the central Supermassive Black Hole. According to observations of the Chandra X-Ray Telescope released in a July 16, 2005 report there are 10,000 stellar black holes along with numerous neutron stars orbiting the Supermassive Black Hole in the center of our own Milky Way Galaxy, officially designated Sagittarius A (SGR A)! The Supermassive Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way has a mass of 3.7 million solar masses. The largest known Supermassive Black Hole in the OJ 287 Quasar contains 18 billion solar masses!

The spiral arms comprised of outlying stars are formed by the combination of the gravitational force coming from the rapidly rotating galactic center and the relative gravitational attraction of one outlying star to another based on their actual distances from one another. As the outlying stars approach neighboring stars due to gravity this leaves other areas where stars are much less concentrated giving rise to the appearance of usually 2 major spiral arms originating from each end of the central bar often found in the galactic center, as well as several minor spiral arms, all of which are actually in the process of being gradually drawn inexorably toward the galactic center. The gravitational force of the Black Hole, the mass of which is steadily increasing, gradually overcomes the outward centrifugal force caused by its rapid rotation.

Central bars form after the Supermassive Black Hole in the center of a large spiral galaxy reaches a certain size and are therefore found more prevalently in more massive galaxies where the required mass is reached sooner. Central bars form when stellar orbits in a spiral galaxy become unstable and deviate from a circular path. The tiny elongations in the stars' orbits grow and become locked into place, forming a bar. The bar becomes even stronger as it locks more and more of these elongated orbits into place. Eventually a high fraction of the stars in the galaxy's inner region join the bar. The galactic center thus attracts both gas and stars. This concentration of gas at the center of spiral galaxies does result in the formation of new stars but does not represent the primary or original source of star formation, which occurs in the beginning of formation of galaxies from gravitational condensation and collapse of primordial gas clouds. The central bars draw a large amount of gas towards the galactic center, fueling this new star formation, building central bulges of stars, and feeding the Supermassive central black hole. The formation of a bar may be one of the last stages in the evolution of a spiral galaxy prior to its eventual total collapse entirely into its central Supermassive Black Hole.

Information Overload by NASA and U.S. Government Propagandists is used to Distract
Focus Away from the Significance and Central Role Black Holes Play in the Process
Of Contraction of the Universe which Finally Becomes Dominant in the Big Crunch!

In the interest of accuracy and it is also important to mention that this information is being misused by NASA and other U.S. government propagandists to try to distract from and obscure the significance of black holes and the central role black holes play in the process of contraction of the Universe, which ultimately becomes dominant over the simultaneous process of expansion. First, it is a fact that matter generally enters a black hole through a combination of both gravitation and magnetism. Matter in the accretion disk, which spins around the black hole, can only enter the black hole after it loses its angular momentum. The inertia of the material in the accretion disk keeps it spiraling in a disk rather than falling straight into the black hole. The inertia in turn is due to the mass of the material in the disc and the gravitational field caused by the extremely rapid rotation of the black hole itself. An accretion disc is a rotating disk of gas, dust and other matter that may form around any of a variety of stars or other massive objects from protostars to white dwarfs to neutron stars to stellar black holes and Supermassive Black Holes and even quasars (see below). While the accretion disc of a young star or protostar usually contains dust which later consolidates or accretes to form planets and other objects, the accretion disk of a black hole, which may also contain stars, feeds matter directly into the black hole.

According to a report in the July 22, 2006 Nature, and another 2008 paper by F. Casse Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 50 124020 (9pp) confirming the 1973 theory of Starobinsky and Churilov, the spinning gas in an accretion disc generates its own magnetic field which powers a wind of charged particles directed away from the black hole. The wind of charged particles transfers angular momentum from the inner regions of the disk outward in a twin jet phenomenon perpendicular to the plane of the accretion disk allowing angular momentum to be conserved, meaning to remain balanced or constant. This transfer of angular momentum outward slows down the spinning gas near the center, allowing gravitation to draw matter into the black hole. The magnetic field also causes turbulence and friction to build up within the disk. The friction heats up the gas to millions of degrees, causing it to glow brilliantly in the ultraviolet and X-ray bands. In Supermassive Black Holes large jets of plasma flow away from the accretion disc perpendicular to its center at almost the speed of light. These jets of plasma travel outward along the magnetic field lines which are twisted by the rotating accretion disk. It should be noted that the material which flows outward in the jets represents only a tiny amount of material extracted from the accretion disk. (Plasma, which is found in the accretion disk closest to the black hole, is a partially ionized gas, where a certain proportion of electrons are free, not being bound to atoms or molecules, unlike the gas form of matter. This permits electrical conduction of magnetic fields. Plasma is considered the fourth state of matter in addition to solid, gas and liquid.

Redshift Measurement of Quasars puts
The Age of the Universe at 28 Billion Years!

The process where matter enters a black hole from its accretion disk may be greatly expanded during the formation of quasars where a Supermassive Black Hole at a galactic Center accretes a huge amount of matter in the order of billions of stars. When two black holes combine or a stellar black hole enters a Supermassive Black Hole in a galactic center the process causes the emission of radio waves and even visible light. When hundreds of millions to billions of stars and enormous amounts of gas first combine to create a Supermassive Black Hole in the center of a galaxy the energy released is exponentially increased and is known as a quasar. In a quasar this radiation is emitted across the entire spectrum almost equally, from X-rays to the far-infrared with a peak in the ultraviolet-optical bands, with some quasars also being strong sources of radio emission and of gamma-rays. Quasars are the most visibly luminous objects in the Universe and are also the strongest energy source in the Universe. A quasar is simply an accelerated process of formation of a Supermassive Black Hole in an early galaxy. The release of gravitational energy by matter falling towards a massive black hole in the formation of a quasar is the only process known that can produce such high power continuously, energy far greater than the fusion process which powers stars. Quasars easily outshine their host galaxies. (The light we see is from the huge superheated accretion disk, which is greatly enlarged due to the high density of matter in such galaxies. Stellar explosions such as Supernovas and gamma-ray bursts can create the same level of energy, but only for a few minutes. Gamma ray bursts are generated by hypernova, which are simply very large supernova, the collapse of a stars with masses 100 to 200 times that of the sun. Contrary to the lies designed to create confusion, which appear on the National Geographic so-called Discovery Channel “How the Universe Works” programs, not all early galaxies possessed enough mass to produce a quasar. There is no evidence for example, that the Milky Way Galaxy, as claimed by Micho Kaku & Co. was a quasar! The Supermassive Black Hole at its center is far too small! And the mass extinction on Earth 440-450 million years ago was undoubtedly NOT caused by a gamma ray burst from a hypernova, but from the continental drift of a large landmass (Gondwana) into the south polar region causing a global temperature drop, glaciation and lowering of sea level which destroyed 60% of habitats around the continental shelves at a time when all life was confined to the seas and oceans. Evidence documenting this was found in deposits in the Sahara Desert.

All observed quasar spectra have red shifts between 0.06 and 6.5. Applying Hubble's law to these red shifts, it can be shown that they are between 780 million and 28 billion light-years away, a measurement which is NOT due to gravitational lensing, although this has been reported for some extremely bright quasars. This is proof that the Universe itself is at least 28 billion years old! So the most recent “estimates” of the Hubble Constant and the actual age of the Universe by NASA, Wendy Freedman and company and the media (a privatized arm of the U.S. “intelligence community”) are obviously TOTALLY FALSE! (See below.) The process of quasar formation occurred regularly in the early Universe in the formation of galaxies with huge densely concentrated gas and stars. It should be obvious that the first galaxies to form in the Universe generally contained the highest volume and concentration of gas, which in turn created the highest concentration and densities of stars. The Supermassive Black Holes at the center of those early galaxies became quasars. Galaxies without such high densities of matter develop more along the lines of our own Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda, for example. Formation of galaxies is still occurring but generally they do not become quasars because the volume and density of gas is insufficient. An exception is 3C 273 in the constellation Virgo which is only 33 light years away with a luminosity equal to 2 trillion times that of our sun or about 100 times the total light of the Milky Way. Their discovery by Maarten Schmidt in 1967 was early strong evidence against the totally discredited steady state theory of Fred Hoyle, and in favor of the Big Bang Theory. Blazers, incidentally are the same as quasars but have their perpendicular jets in direct alignment with our galaxy, while quasars have their jets pointed away in another direction.

As part of the escalating campaign of Big Lies, in March 2009 NASA made the totally disingenuous statement on a National Geographic Channel so-called “Naked Science” show that “while black holes are associated with galaxies we (who we?) do not yet know what that relationship is!” (!) And on May 17, 2010, Michelle Thaler of NASA disingenuously stated: “We do not know which comes first the galaxy or the Black Hole” (!) and further falsely stated that when 2 spiral galaxies collide the result is an elliptical galaxy “which does not spin!” This is another Big Lie and demonstrates a very systematized structure of lies. The truth is that the elliptical galaxy in this case is only a temporary structure. The Black Holes, which drove the 2 colliding spiral galaxies, combine and a larger spiral galaxy is formed. The motive for that feigned ignorance/Big Lie by the misnamed “intelligence community” is to try to obscure the documented reality that the matter of all galaxies is entering black holes as part of the ongoing contraction of the Universe, which begins shortly after the Big Bang and takes places simultaneously with the process of expansion and finally becomes dominant. As explained herein expansion of the Universe has slowed down enormously since the Big Bang and will be overtaken by the process of contraction until all mass in the Universe has again entered the final Black Hole, the so-called final Singularity in the Big Crunch. At that point there will be another Big Bang and another Universe will begin. In addition, NASA and other government propagandists have attempted to overemphasize the accretion disk/jet phenomenon and the huge energy produced as matter enters a black hole or quasar, almost to make it appear that black holes and quasars are “expelling” matter as much as drawing it in, virtually standing black holes on their head and falsely ascribing all sorts of false “observations” to black holes, in order to divert focus from the primary role of black holes as the mechanism or engine of contraction of the Universe and the beginning of the Big Crunch!

One example is the false claim by the fraudster, James Geach, hyped in the July 7, 2009 New York Times by the determined “intelligence community” propagandist Dennis Overbye, that black holes fueled so-called Lyman alpha “blobs,” glowing clouds of gas in the early universe. But that lie was immediately refuted with the obvious explanation that cold gas streaming into a protogalaxy would heat up and glow from the gravitational energy alone! (See: “Lyman Alpha Blobs as an Observational Signature of Cold Accretion Streams into Galaxies” by Mark Dijkstra and Abraham Loeb, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, June 5, 2009.) These fraudulent NASA/U.S. government propagandists hope that most viewers know absolutely nothing and will believe virtually anything that they are told by someone claiming to be a “scientist” or “professor” and that most people will not do their own research, or will remain at least confused and vulnerable to their next bizarre fantastical claim. That is why the information which appears here should be forwarded by email and networked in every possible way nationally and internationally in order to counter the U.S. capitalist dictatorship’s Big Lies. The objective of the capitalist dictatorship is to render the population more susceptible to their lies in every area including politics and economics, which also have little to no basis in reality. The capitalist dictatorship also resorts to the come on of “naked science” in order to try to sex-up their Big Lie propaganda in theoretical astrophysics, while simultaneously presenting some truthful “Naked Science” reports in other areas and in other National Geographic programs in order to help their Big Lies blend in.

In response to the heavy push on the so-called “History Channel,” etc. it should be noted that the Theory of the Big Bang was first proposed by Georges-Henri Lemaître, who had both a PhD in physics and was an ordained priest. Lemaître studied at the University of Leuven, the University of Cambridge, Harvard and MIT. The little read report was first published in 1927 in the Annales de la Société Scientifique de Bruxelles (Annals of the Scientific Society of Brussels) and later in Nature: G. Lemaître, The Beginning of the World from the Point of View of Quantum Theory, Nature” 127 (1931), n. 3210, pp. 706. Lemaître called it “the hypothesis of Primeval Atom” and also referred to it as "the Cosmic Egg exploding at the moment of the creation," with the word “creation” obviously reflecting his religious bias. As explained above the Universe did not originate from a single point less than the size of a single molecule as falsely proposed by the string theorists, who now are pushing Lemaître. As explained above the end point of all matter in the Big Crunch is a Single Black Hole, the so-called “Singularity.” As mentioned all Black Holes have the same mass density, which is said to be infinite, and which vary only in actual mass depending on how many stars and how much nuclear material they contain. The only difference is the difference in mass, which is constantly increasing as matter changes from its energy form when entering a Black Hole according to E=M/c2, Einstein’s formula from the Special Theory solved for mass. See cited article in Nature, November 21, 2008. The Singularity contains the combined mass of all nuclear material from all stars and gas in the Universe. The designation: “Big Bang Theory” first derived from a derogatory reference to the theory of an expanding Universe by Fred Hoyle on the BBC on March 1949 over 20 years after it was first proposed. The truth as explained above and herein is that the processes of expansion and contraction of the Universe coexist from shortly after the Big Bang until finally the process of contraction becomes dominant and there is a Big Crunch followed by another Big Bang and formation of another Universe.

It is a fact that Lemaître applied Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity to Cosmology, but was NOT a spearhead of religion supposedly leading physics as Lemaître is presently falsely being portrayed on the so-called “History Channel.” Lemaître also preceded Edwin Hubble in deriving what became known as Hubble’s Law and even calculated the Hubble Constant but was not able to prove the linear relation which Hubble did in 1929. Lemaître has rarely been given the credit he is due for first proposing the Big Bang Theory for 3 reasons: 1.) The theory of an expanding Universe was opposed at the time he first proposed it by Einstein and others, 2.) For political-religious reasons explained herein the capitalist dictatorship has always opposed the Big Bang Theory because the natural logic of a Big Bang implies a Big Crunch and a cyclic nature of the Universe rather than a single creation which leaves the most room for “a creator” and 3.) U.S. nationalism/jingoism, where the U.S. capitalist dictatorship always prefers that whenever possible credit be given to an American. Edwin Hubble was an American lawyer. Although Lemaître had received numerous Belgian and international scientific honors only recently have the capitalists been pushing Lemaître in order to focus on the fact that he was a priest and that his theory speaks of a moment of “creation.” The so-called “History Channel” focuses on this language in an attempt to inject the sophisticated form of creationism/intelligent design also espoused by Francis Collins, Obama’s new choice for head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). See below.

The Hubble Constant is a calculation of the speed at which the Universe is expanding and is crucial in calculating the age of the Universe. Four methods have been used to estimate the Hubble Constant and age of the Universe. The most recent method employed by Allan Sandage, et al measures: 1.) the distances to Type 1a Supernovae explosions in distant galaxies and then 2.) confirms those measurements by comparing the relative luminosities of Cepheid variable stars as so-called “standard candles,” while Wendy Freedman’s NASA team uses Cepheid Variable stars alone, which is a lot less accurate. Freedman’s method especially is an easy method in which to either err or to deliberately falsify results as she and her NASA team have clearly done. (See below.) The typical errors in calculating the Hubble Constant include: 1.) “the universal, yet unjustified Period-Luminosity relation of Cepheid (variable stars), 2.) neglect of selection bias in magnitude-limited samples or 3.) the errors which are inherent to the adopted models, which cause most values of the Hubble Constant and corresponding estimates of the age of the Universe to be incorrect as explained in detail in the most comprehensive review which has yet been published, which also includes the Sandage team’s most recent calculation of the Hubble Constant to date of 62.3 +or–1.3, which is based on measurements to 279 galaxies: “The expansion field: the value of the Hubble Constant,” by G.A Tammann, A. Sandage and B. Reindl, Astron Astrophys Rev (2008), 8 July 2008, 15:289-331, DOI 10.1007/s00159-800-9912-y.

This value of the Hubble Constant corresponds to an age of the Universe of approximately 13.7 billion years, which should be sufficient to permit the Big Crunch. However even this method of calculation of the Hubble Constant, which as exhaustively explained and documented by Allan Sandage et al, is fraught with potential errors cited above, which Sandage takes account of and systematically avoids. As mentioned above Wendy Freedman and Co. on the other hand use only Cepheid variable stars in their “calculations” and deliberately include faulty (fraudulent) data in their calculations as explained to this writer personally by Allan Sandage, therefore making Freedman & Co.’s method of determination of the Hubble Constant even easier to falsify. Such data is systematically excluded by Sandage, et al., as explained above. In response to the withering but suppressed critique by Sandage et al, known primarily only to other astrophysicists who follow these matters, Freedman has published a slew of pathetic papers addressing such topics as “correction of errors involving optical extragalactic background light (EBL), sampling-induced errors, magnitude errors, and random and optimal sampling,” etc. where she always comes up with ridiculously high (fraudulent) values for the Hubble Constant. Fraudulent data was necessary for Freedman & Co. to reinvent the entirely fictitious so-called “dark energy,” Einstein’s “Cosmological Constant,” (“My greatest blunder!” See below), which is declared to be “the opposite of gravity” and which has no scientific explanation whatsoever, but is falsely proffered as “the reason” the capitalist dictatorship and its media (and textbook) propagandists now falsely state that the expansion of the Universe has unexplainably “speeded up,” a “finding” which violates all previous findings not to mention all known rules of physics including the General Theory of Relativity! In other words this finding is totally invented, totally fabricated, a Big Lie to end all Big Lies! All designed to achieve political-religious-propagandistic objectives. See below. Legitimate opposing viewpoints are simply ignored and in practice not permitted to be heard! How jolly!

Regarding the most recent results given above for the Hubble Constant, this writer would still prefer to accept Sandage’s previous calculation of 55 +or-5, which has been repeatedly established in papers from 1975, 1982, 1986, 1990 and 1995, although it may certainly be possible that the 62.3 +or-1.3 value is the most accurate and it is certainly can be argued that 55 +or-5 is not that far removed from the new figure. The reason for this caution is that Allan Sandage is now 82 years old and although he is 100% intellectually intact and in control of all of his faculties his name is listed second in the above paper indicating that he himself may not have collected the data used in the calculation giving 62.3 +or-1.3 for the Hubble Constant. This writer has not spoken or corresponded with the other members of his team, as this writer has, with Allan Sandage. Sandages’s team also often includes A. Saha who was not included in the above paper, so this writer can not rule out alteration of the raw data to give a falsely high Hubble Constant by certain personnel who might be bribed by the NASA forces in charge of the Key Project, which was set up determined to achieve a certain result come hell or high water. This issue is important enough to the capitalist dictatorship so that they would leave no stone unturned to tweek the results in their direction for reasons explained further below. In addition, we are reminded that the Redshift of some quasars actually puts the age of the Universe at 28 billion years! See above.

The U.S. so-called “intelligence community” organized the so-called “Key Project” in order to cover up the cyclic nature of the Universe from Big Bang to Big Crunch. The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) was built primarily for the “Key Project.” This is an important point. The capitalist dictatorship chose Wendy Freedman to lead the project rather than the obvious choice, Allan Sandage, the legendary, most preeminent and world-renowned astrophysicist as well as the number one authority on the Hubble Constant along with his internationally renowned group of astrophysicist colleagues. See above. The reason was that Sandage’s studies up to that point had shown the Universe to be “between 14 and 18 billion years old, depending on what is assumed about the mass of the Universe.” This corresponds to a Hubble Constant, which he and colleagues had repeatedly calculated to be 55 +or-5 as cited above. An older age and smaller Hubble Constant, of course, would mean that the Universe contained easily enough matter to permit the Big Crunch, which is the key point the capitalist propagandists want to discredit because that would rule out a single creation and make the existence of a god, for which there is no scientific evidence whatsoever, even more unlikely! This is the actual statecraft behind the “Key Project.” See further below.

Freedman’s initial claim that the Universe was only 8 billion years old was obviously fraudulent, as have been all of her subsequent “estimations.” All of Freedman’s estimations of the age of the Universe and the Hubble Constant have been designed to try to fraudulently invalidate (!) the Big Bang, the Big Crunch especially and the cyclic nature of the Universe in particular. The preposterous claim of an 8 billion year age is a direct attack on the Big Bang, which has been verified worldwide. In her initial unrestrained enthusiasm to falsify and misinterpret her own data (see above) Freedman forgot about the 1.) Red shift discovered by Edwin Hubble (see below) and 2.) the detection of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which is the residual effect of the Big Bang both of which exist as irrefutable evidence for the Big Bang origin of the Universe! In January 2003 Freedman was made the Director of the Carnegie Observatories located in Pasadena, California where Allan Sandage works thereby placing her above him as a maneuver to make her fraudulent estimates of the Hubble Constant appear more authoritative in the public eye!

Note that even AFTER the 1965 discovery of the cosmic microwave background radiation by Penzias and Wilson and its confirmation by the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite in 1989 that its measurement produced a curve precisely matching a Planck curve, which most scientists have accepted as proof that the radiation is indeed from the beginning of the universe, the capitalist dictatorship has still made efforts to continue to try to deny the existence of the Big Bang, even publishing books with 466 pages (!) attacking the Big Bang such as the 1991 rubbish: “The Big Bang Never Happened” (!) by the totally discredited Eric Lerner. Anyone using simple inductive reasoning would immediately begin to smell a rat! Since the capitalist dictatorship and its media have not been able to refute the Big Bang they have now focused all their efforts in trying to refute the Big Crunch. The capitalist dictatorship has a long history of political meddling and sabotage in virtually all fields of scientific and medical research and a history of using scientific advances against the masses in order to control them and also to reduce the population according to their own perceived needs, e.g. from Bio-warfare to Bio-fuels (through enforced starvation, falsely portrayed as seeking “energy independence” and “clean energy.”).

NASA Propagandists Have Now Concocted the Fraudulent “theory of the
Big Rip” In Order to Try to Counter the Reality of the Big Crunch and
The Information which Appears Here now Found All Over the Internet!

NASA in a new propaganda blitz using their standard Big Lie technique in order to try to refute the information, which appears here and all over the Internet, has pushed back hard with the totally discredited claims on the National Geographic Channel beginning in March 2009 that 1.) “dark matter” forms a supposed “filamentous superstructure” of the universe from the very beginning of the Big Bang until the present 2.) the fictitious “dark energy” will supposedly eventually “become so strong” that it will overcome all 4 primary forces including the strong force, which holds quarks and gluons together to form protons, neutrons and other particles, so that that the entire Universe will then supposedly “fly apart ripping apart galaxies, stars, planets and eventually every speck of matter in a fantastical end to time” in what the fraudulent propagandist Robert Caldwell describes as “the Big Rip.” This is also known as the theory of the flat universe. There is no “filamentous superstructure of the universe held together by dark matter.” And phantasmagorical images of galactic superclusters do NOT prove the existence of a “filamentous superstructure” and are simply a photographic effect due to the enormous luminosity of such dense accumulations of stars. As mentioned above the great wall of galaxies is not due to a “dark matter superstructure” but is simply due to the irregularities in the Big Bang explosion, which was not uniform as in any explosion. Such brainwash already appears in the astrophysics textbooks of the capitalist dictatorship! We recommend that it be exposed as a Big Lie whenever and wherever it is encountered.

The capitalist cosmologists/propagandists have demonstrated that they can not coherently reply to any of the arguments advanced in this Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics except through contrived, feigned ignorance, information overload and MORE totally outrageous, bizarre Big Lies, which require a religious-like faith (in dark energy and dark matter, for example) to actually believe them—their overall objective in the first place as explained here. So do not be intimidated by the doctoral degrees which they award themselves or the exalted positions held by these above-mentioned frauds in order to try to legitimize their lies and to try to control and monopolize this field as they try to do with all others. These false propagandists/ “cosmologists” keep up a truly relentless barrage of lies in the major media and even physics journals and on TV with a never ending stream of phantasmagoric images blending and cascading one into another to try to help prove their scripted Big Lies, for example, the existence of “dark matter,” which they laughably claim is so dominant that it forms the “superstructure of the universe” but which they supposedly have only been able to detect as “two tiny pulses of heat deposited over the course of two years...” New York Times, December 18, 2009, a frankly pathetic false “finding” which the article admits is “no proof” but “tantalizing” (?) an adjective carefully chosen to try to make it appear as if everyone were are all rooting to try to prove their Big Lie. The reality is that there is no “dark matter.” Claims on the National Geographic Discovery Channel and elsewhere in April-May 2010 that “gravitational lensing and cosmological expansion rates” have “confirmed” its existence are totally fabricated! Gravity, not dark matter, is responsible for ALL gravitational lensing and that is where it gets its name. And there is NO “large halo of unseen matter (an oxymoron!) extending beyond the visible stars.” But according to Michio Kaku & Co., “Dark matter is in a struggle with dark energy and dark energy wins in the end in the Big Rip!” Not a WORD about gravity! And according to Michio Kaku and the NASA propagandists, eventually stars will all simply “blink out and the universe will be dark…again!? The age of stars will be over!” Kaku just makes it up in a jumble as he goes along. Anything for his cause! What is his cause? See below.

It can also be predicted that the capitalist dictatorship will take over the science, if they have not already done so, of the new Large Hadron Collider, the world’s largest and highest energy particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland, when it finally goes on line in order to try to continue to concoct the existence of “dark matter” and “dark energy” as well as the “Higgs Boson,” the so-called “god particle,” which is reputed to be the particle which may impart mass to all other particles after the Big Bang. The Higgs Boson is a hypothetical massive scalar elementary particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model in particle physics. At present there are NO known elementary scalar particles in nature. There are numerous Higgsless models, which do not depend on the Higgs Boson or Higgs Field. The top contender presently is the Three-Site Higgsless model. Whether or not the Higgs Boson exists or does not exist, its importance has been completely overstated in any case, in order that in the event of its discovery the media may falsely claim to have “proved” the existence of “god!” In any case, the Higgs Boson has absolutely nothing to do with “god” and no reputable physicist has ever made such a claim. The capitalist dictatorship is desperate and reeeediculous! So do not be intimidated by their Big Lies.

Through brazen false arguments and bizarre false analogies these phony “cosmologists” who control the airways and media, have even attempted to up the ante and generate maximum confusion by trying to brainwash people into believing that the laws of physics and theoretical astrophysics, such as the Laws of Quantum Mechanics, the Special Theory of Relativity and General Theory of Relativity, etc. are “not immutable” and are in a process of “constant evolution” supposedly like species of animals in Charles Darwin’s “The Evolution of Species.” The laws of physical science are thus directly compared to the evolution of species of animals! Einstein therefore supposedly only has “temporary relevance” giving virtually every kind of science fiction a basis in “reality.” (See: “Beyond Einstein,” Discover Magazine, April 2010). Einstein is also falsely quoted as believing in god: “learning to read the laws of physics is like reading the mind of god.” See comprehensive section on Einstein.

The author of the Discover Magazine article moreover disingenuously announces: “physicists should not spin any theories that require the existence of things such as multiverses, that cannot be disproved.” This carefully contrived statement implies that because “multiverses,” etc. supposedly cannot be disproved these fraudsters do not have to actually PROVE any piece of science fiction currently being passed off as “science.” They imply that is the duty of genuine theoretical physicists to disprove every false theory used to bombard the public domain by the misnamed, so-called “intelligence community” led by heavily hyped characters such as Michio Kaku. The Materialist Analysis of Theoretical Astrophysics disproves their primary concoctions and it is a rule of the Court that a witness caught in one lie in testimony does not merit any further credibility by the Jury. This is especially true in science where it is clear that, above all else, Kaku, & Co., are straining at the leash to inject confusion into basic physics and are forced to tell many lies in order to try to achieve their objectives. Their motives to create confusion are explained above. The title of the Discover Magazine article was incidentally borrowed from the very title of a 1987 book by “intelligence community” fraudster, Michio Kaku, wherein Kaku tried to popularize so-called “String Theory,” concocted in the effort to try to supplant Quantum Mechanics. See below. It should be noted that Kaku, who hides his specious, bogus so-called “Beyond Einstein science,” behind a phony slick, unctuously triumphal presentation, is equally at home passing off science fiction e.g. “parallel universes, time warps, time travel and the tenth dimension” as science as he is relentlessly fabricating false theories designed to compete with and supplant the natural laws of physics and to confuse as many people as possible behind a mantle of genuinely false knowledge. Based on only ONE non-cyclic Big Bang, “String Theory” is thus a back door to Creationism!

There is no such thing as “Dark Energy” and the Universe has not suddenly increased its rate of expansion as falsely claimed by these frauds, as supposed “proof of its existence.” Just the opposite! The rate of expansion of the Universe has continued to slow since the Big Bang! All previous observations have indicated that is the case! While the Red Shifts of the most distant galaxies do indicate they are receding much more rapidly than closer galaxies this is because their light originated closer to the time of the Big Bang when the expansion rate was greater, but that is not the situation today. It should therefore be noted that although we may be able to receive light from galaxies which started its journey virtually at the beginning of the Universe, that light does not portray the reality at this point in time of that galaxy which was the source of that light. The reality is that today most of the Universe is undoubtedly relatively uniform in its development today except where there are huge clouds of gas from super novae explosions and where there are huge accumulations of matter such as the Great Wall of galaxies, the latter of which formed due to the irregularities which occurred in the Big Bang just as in any other explosion. In other words the light from our own galaxy, the Milky Way, would appear to an observer from the most distant galaxies to be receding at the same rate that their light is receding from our own galaxy! This should be a no-brainer but is rarely if ever mentioned. The only viewpoint which is ever mentioned is from the Earth as if it were the center of creation. Which it is not!

The Universe is not open! Just like the Earth itself the spatial curvature of the Universe is NOT flat! It is closed. In reality there are no “multiple universes,” which “pop out of Black Holes” or by any other explanation. A Universe arises ONLY from a Big Bang! Although mass is infinite in a Black Hole (see above), Critical Mass does not exist! Critical Mass is attained only in the Final Singularity, when all matter in the Universe comes together in one spot in the Big Crunch prior to the Big Bang. The point when Critical Mass is reached is the point when a Big Bang occurs! See above. This is why the Large Hadron Collider cannot reproduce either the Big Bang or even a Black Hole. The reason for this is that even a Black Hole can form only when a Blue Giant star of sufficient mass collapses. This can not occur in the Large Hadron Collidor no matter how high the energies attained or how “large” the collidor itself may be claimed to be!!

Stephen Hawking’s claimed existence of “exploding miniature Black Holes,” which “permit particles to leak out“ in a quantum process” (!), eventually causing Black Holes to “EVAPORATE” (!), due to the pretentiously designated, so-called: “Hawking Evaporation,” or to “finally explode entirely” is based on fraudulent “String Theory” related mathematics and is baseless nonsense. Note that so-called “Hawking radiation” has NEVER BEEN OBSERVED and is ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS! Hawking’s wild claims were based on the fact that on a visit to the USSR in 1974 the Soviet physicist Alexander Starobinsky told Hawking that according to Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, rotating black holes should create and emit particles. (!) Oh? But the truth is that in a Black Hole or “Singularity” the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and all laws of physics DO NOT APPLY and DO NOT EVEN EXIST! Starobinsky should have known that fundamental fact but it cannot be ruled out that in the middle of the Cold War he may have recognized that Hawking was such a nut-job ego tripper that he would fall for virtually anything in order to make a big splash in physics. And the question immediately arises, if Starobinsky really thought he had made such a profound discovery why didn’t he come out with it himself? In any case there is no radiation whatsoever of any type emitted from any Black Hole itself! Nevertheless, such absurd and ridiculous claims are given credence in the media and given a heavy push on websites which permit NO COMMENT!

And on that very same TV show on the highly discredited “Naked Science” National Geographic (Discovery) Channel it was stated, with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER and with no legitimate counter-arguments ever permitted, the totally bizarre claim that “String Theory” is “the best explanation of the origin of the Universe,” which it most certainly is NOT! On that program Hawking and “String Theorists” absurdly stated: “the Big Bang occurred when gravity weakened” (!) because “after the Big Bang gravity (supposedly) entered the 7 to 9 extra dimensions (in “String Theory”) and was weakened.” Duh! Such rubbish! (!) Finally, after presenting one concoction after another for almost an hour falsely dressed up as “science,” the April 20, 2010 “Naked Science” program (which is to be repeated!), apparently in a pathetic attempt to try to save face and keep some semblance of credibility among the growing majority of those who see through their lies, concluded with the unexpected disclaimer: “There is only one catch! There is no proof for any of this!” Right! But since then there have been no more disclaimers of these relentlessly pushed Big Lies! Parenthesis added.

There is also no “time travel” in a practical sense either despite the phenomena of time dilation described in Einstein’s Special Theory and gravitational time dilation described in Einstein’s General Theory, which was actually confirmed in the Pound-Rebka experiment. And there are no “wormholes.” These fraudsters intone Einstein’s name by falsely claiming that there are two “valid solutions” to the General Theory of Relativity which contain “wormholes.” This is a Big Lie! The “solutions” cited are NOT actually valid! The first type falsely postulated, the “Schwarzchild wormhole,” which they also falsely designate with the label “Einstein-Rosen bridges” (!?), depends on a Black Hole, “which has no charge and no angular momentum!” But ALL Black Holes rotate and thus have angular momentum! (See above.) The second type, the so-called “traversable wormholes,” would require the existence of “exotic (non-baryonic) matter,” which does NOT exist and which itself would violate energy conditions specified in the General Theory and would require changing space-time topology and would require regions of negative energy, which also do not actually exist in the known Universe. At best this is all mathematical imaginings of those who want to be “the next Einstein.” Einstein himself realized that his later mathematical attempts to formulate a Grand Unified Theory were simply incorrect and were not leading in the right direction. In addition, there are no “strings.” “String Theory” is a mathematical attempt to try to refute, compete with and supplant, NOT EXPLAIN, the Theory of Quantum Mechanics, the foundations of particle physics which were established during the first half of the twentieth century by Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Albert Einstein, etc.! See below for the most likely ready solution to the Grand Unified Theory.

Recent Findings Document that the Mass of the Universe
Increases as Matter Enters a Black Hole and the Final Singularity!
This Finding Totally Refutes Infinite Expansion of the Universe
And “String Theory!” The Fact That Neutrinos Have Mass Also
Provides Further Basis For the Big Crunch!”

The false claim that there is supposedly insufficient matter in the Universe to permit the Big Crunch to take place is entirely refuted by 2 discoveries. Perhaps even more significant than the work on neutrinos discussed below is the paper published on November 21, 2008 in Science. More than 99% of the visible mass of the Universe is made up of protons and neutrons. Recent calculations of the mass of the nucleus found that matter, which is composed of protons and neutrons, which are in turn are composed of quarks held together with gluons by the strong force, normally exists as 95% energy, according to the formula from Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity: E=mc2! This provides further confirmation for the Big Crunch. Why? The reason, not drawn as a conclusion by the authors of the paper, is that in a Black Hole and moreover in the final Black Hole, the “Singularity,” that relationship would be 100% reversed, with all matter existing in the form of mass: m=E/c2. The mass of the Universe would therefore increase according to these findings as matter enters a Black Hole as energy shifts to its mass equivalent! (Science, Vol. 322, 5905:1198-1199 and 1124-1127) Obviously this is the precise opposite of what occurs in a nuclear explosion where matter is converted entirely to energy according to the equation E=mc2. On the other hand such tidbit reports as “Excess Particles From Space may Hint at Dark Matter,” (Science, Vol. 322, 5905:1173) are only red herrings meant to titillate, to keep attention diverted away from focusing on key findings of genuine significance. There is no such thing as “dark matter.”

The discovery that neutrinos have mass also provides a further basis for the Big Crunch. This fact was first reported on July 1, 1998 by a collaboration of 120 U.S. and Japanese physicists at the Neutrino 98 meeting in Takayama, Japan and submitted to Physical Review Letters. (By Super-Kamiokande Collaboration (Y. Fukuda et al.) Phys.Rev.Lett.81:1562-1567,1998.) Neutrinos have sufficient weight to allow the Big Crunch! The experiment measured the differences in mass of the three types of neutrinos to be 0.1 eV or greater. The group reported that the simplest interpretation of the solar and atmospheric results is that the heaviest neutrino has a mass of 0.1 eV. However, they reported that since oscillations between the 3 types of neutrinos depend only on the differences in mass it is possible that the masses of all three neutrinos are fully 1 eV or greater, but that it is the mass differences which are much smaller. (They allow for the “possibility.” How nice! They know that the majority of physicists do not simply automatically accept the interpretation which is first proffered.)

This makes the most sense and is of course suppressed for political reasons. (See below.) If the mass of the neutrino is 1 eV that would mean that neutrinos account for more mass in the Universe than all of the protons and neutrons put together easily supplying the supposed “missing matter” necessary for the Big Crunch. As mentioned the critical mass density required for the Big Crunch to occur is 1 x 10 to the negative 29th of a gram per cubic centimeter (approximately 5 hydrogen atoms per cubic meter), according to the calculation from the General Theory of Relativity. In addition, the fact that neutrinos have mass also provides the basis for the Grand Unified Theory which links the gravitational force described in the General Theory of Relativity with the strong and the weak forces and electromagnetism described in the Theory of Quantum Mechanics. Einstein struggled and failed to formulate this theory, but it has already been shown that at high enough energies electromagnetism and the weak force are the same force known as the electroweak force. It is theorized that if energies are increased even further and neutrinos acquire mass, which has now been fully documented, all the known forces will reduce to the same force thus providing the basis for the Grand Unified Theory. This high energy level existed only during the very early expansion of the Universe known as the Planck Epoch, which existed up to 10 to the negative 43rd seconds after the Big Bang, where the four fundamental forces — electromagnetism, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force and gravitation — all had the same strength. After that point the energy level decreased and gravity separated from the other 3 fundamental forces and with the condensation of matter into the elementary particles (quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons) formed the so-called Standard Model of today’s Universe. These facts, while available, are de-emphasized by the capitalist dictatorship propaganda machine with the false claim that “no one—not even Einstein—has been able formulate the Grand Unified Theory,” in order to try to open the door to fraudulent “string theory.” The 1998 report that neutrinos have mass was blipped in the media and then neutrino research was de-funded worldwide and thereafter suppressed for a period of time. Wonder why?? It is time to employ some inductive reasoning, which is in fact scientific reasoning. (Note: in order to understand the relationship of the 4 primary forces which exist in the universe: the typical field strength of the strong nuclear force is 100 times the strength of the electromagnetic force, approximately 10 x13 times as great as that of the weak nuclear force, and about 10 x38 times that of gravitation.)

The Big Crunch will arrive on schedule and another Universe will begin! Einstein once said that a theory of the Universe should be both simple and elegant. Hawking sounds like a total jerk when he states that the Big Crunch is “too neat” and he prefers the “Big Rip.” Whaaa? See below. Einstein would definitely be rolling over in his grave if he were made aware of today’s totally contrived “science” especially the attempt by these fakers to re-introduce his fudge factor, the so-called “cosmological constant,” which Einstein invented/fabricated to allow for a static solution to his equations and a static Universe, which he was later forced to admit was false after the discovery of the Redshift by Edwin Hubble, which occurs when light or any type of electromagnetic radiation from distant galaxies shifts toward longer wavelengths, the less energetic part of the spectrum, due to the Doppler effect, thus indicating that those galaxies are moving away from our galaxy, the Milky Way (and vice versa) and that the Universe is (still) expanding, while it is also simultaneously contracting on another level as explained. The Redshift in light from receding galaxies is proportional to their distance from Earth. That is Hubble’s Law.

The false assumption of a static Universe had prevented Einstein from predicting that the Universe was expanding. Einstein admitted that the “cosmological constant” was his “biggest blunder.” In December 1930 Einstein went to Cal Tech on a visiting professorship where he worked with Edwin Hubble and reportedly also apologized for his error. In 1998 the U.S. so-called “intelligence community,” directed their fleet of fake “cosmologists” and some opportunist and duped astrophysicists to try to pass off Einstein’s fraudulent cosmological constant as the entirely fictitious and admittedly totally unexplained so-called “dark energy,” (!) AKA “quintessence, “ which is supposedly responsible for a claimed “speeding up of the rate of expansion of the Universe,” which is NOT in fact actually occurring. This rubbish, as mentioned, has even been forced into advanced textbooks in astrophysics as supposed good coin. The reason for these wholesale falsifications of astrophysics is due to the capitalists’ desperation to establish a false basis to claim that the Universe supposedly had a single creation and that it will expand infinitely rather than collapse once again in the Big Crunch completing another cycle in an infinite number. The U.S. governments’ fictitious position is deliberately designed to try to allow for the existence of a “god” as “the creator.”

The reason that the capitalists have formed an alliance with religion is that the capitalists depend on religion, belief in god and the supernatural as important weapons of deception directed against the masses! This also helps explain the appearance of fraudulent so-called “string theory” which postulates multiple Universes, eleven dimensions, rather than the 4 dimensions which actually do measurably exist. Stephen Hawking the ego-tripping, media-hyped “cosmologist” is once again postulating supposed “wormholes from one Universe to another” as well as supposed “wormholes” from one end of our Universe to the other to permit time travel “faster than the speed of light” (both of which are completely refuted by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle). While Hawking temporarily retreated on the issue of time travel on being so reminded before recently re-embracing what he fully knows to be total nonsense, Heisenberg and other obstacles and impossible paradoxes preventing time travel are also brazenly ignored by others who are professional police-agent propagandists fully committed to such Big Lies of confusion such as the New York Times’ despicable Dennis Overbye and Nicholas Wade (Oy!), Brian Greene and the WBAI/CUNY huckster Michio Kaku, who claims to be an expert on everything, allowing him to cover up inter alia the documented fact that AIDS is Biowarfare by the U.S. Government Against Blacks and Gays primarily. Assuming the mantle of false authority, Kaku also tries to confuse his trusting, credulous, duped and even fawning listeners (including CCNY students!) on innumerable other issues. Kaku appears regularly on the BBC and elsewhere to push the new “scientific” fiction while commenting on astronomical events or physics research, the latter of which is largely controlled by the falsely labeled U.S. “intelligence community.” See below.

Despite Stephen Hawking’s False Claims
Time Travel is NOT Possible!

Normally the topic of time travel would not be covered to this extent, but thi

Willliam H. Depperman   June 14th, 2010 11:53 am ET

Part 3

Looking at the process in detail, it is clear that long periods of time would be detrimental, rather than helpful to this fraudulent, totally contrived and deliberately misleading so-called “theory” of the origin of life which was created, among other reactionary reasons (see below), in order to provide a false pretext for NASA to carry out extremely costly and entirely unnecessary and useless space ventures using the primitive form of space travel, rocketry, to outlying planetary satellites under the false pretext of “searching for life,” wherever there might be water (!) discovered by spectral analysis for example, in order to keep their jobs and obtain continued government funding and to serve as yet one more pretext to divert money from social spending. The most recent ridiculous “projects’ in this series are the Obama plans to revisit the Moon to build a moon base and take a trip to Mars and trying to privatize—just like Bush—what should properly be part of the existing government, even after a Socialist Revolution in the United States! Privatization of government agencies reflects both the one-way dynamic of capitalism and its true inherent anarchy. Instead there should be a concerted attempt to develop (or back-engineer) the electromagnetic anti-gravity engine used by the UFO’s. This requires nuclear power and a structural material which is super-conducting at room temperature. That material exists and is known as the nanotube form of carbon, the hardest known material ever discovered, far harder than diamonds. But it is highly likely that there is too much money invested in rocketry the most primitive form of space travel, which is also backed by the oil industry. This is further proof of the almost entirely one-way dynamic of capitalism leading to Fascism, barbarism and finally the end of civilization; and now with the advent of the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, the end of all life on Earth. We need a Socialist Revolution here in the United States. In the final analysis all wars are won and lost on morale and every movement begins with the call. This analysis is part of that call.

William H. Depperman, Coordinator
United Front Against Racism
And Capitalism-Imperialism
New York, N.Y.
Revised May 21, 2010

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