April 23, 2010

King of Politics: Sandwiches, coffee and jalapeno fries

Posted: 09:37 AM ET

In a week that started with President Obama travelling west to California for a night of fundraising to New York City to take on financial reform, there have been a few political stories that have gone unnoticed.

So in case you missed them, here are some from this week you MAY have missed.

For some reason, a lot have to do with food.

1. The "Schumwich" – Senator Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) staff has dubbed his favorite lunch bite, and it is one you HAVE to check out.  Onions, peppers, pickles and more.  You've got to see it to believe it. (NYPost)

2. Six years ago, actor Tom Hanks visited with the press at the White House and noticed they did not have a good coffee machine, so he bought them one.  Last month, he returned to the White House and promised the press corps a new one.  It arrived this week. (WHC Insider)

3. Remember Crawford, Texas?  Former President Bush still has his ranch there, but apparently a lot of the businesses have closed.  The president's last trip was back in July, and he got a burger and jalapeno fries while he was there.  Sorry, no picture of those. (NY Times)

4. Either Harold or Kumar got mugged outside the White House.  Kal Penn, who currently works in the Office of Public Liaison at the White House was robbed at gunpoint.  No word on whether he was heading to a White Castle or not.

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IKHAN   April 23rd, 2010 10:46 am ET

Hi Larry,
the 2011 US budget is now before the House App.Comm. And a$ 3 billion military aid is proposed for Israel. This has been done previously without appropriate debate, any conditions or requirement for Israel to report on spending.
The Export of Arms Control Act is also ignored which is routinely violated by Israel.
We the American tax payers who would pay this amount have no say in this , those in Washington with allegiance to Israel make sure that we don't.
Isn't it about time that we speak out & that the media lets Americans know ?

Cajazz76:24:8   April 23rd, 2010 3:04 pm ET

Man does not live by stuffing his face into the posterior's of politicians alone.

Smith360   April 23rd, 2010 5:05 pm ET

As Sarah Palin's hero Ronald Reagan did some 30 years previously, she is preparing to attend a speaking engagement in the liberal and very Democratic stronghold at Eugene, Oregon.

I fully expect her to be widely protested and shouted down during her logic lacking non-sense spewing rhetorical pulpit thump to the Lane County residents.

Palin's appearance will mark a detour from conservative enclaves like Orange County, Calif., Orlando, Fla., and Redding, Calif.

Smith in Oregon   April 23rd, 2010 6:13 pm ET

I rather doubt the neighbors in Crawford, Texas look kindly nor appreciate the fact that the horrific GW Bush lived there at one time. He is probably largely shunned by Crawford residents who are likely to make condescending comments if he makes any public trips in their midst.

Smith in Oregon   April 24th, 2010 2:26 am ET

Will you boycott Arizona now that the governor has signed the immigration law?

Reprinted from Newsvine, original post by R. Donald Snyder

This law is racial profiling at it's worst. It is impossible for it to be enforced without racist actions by law enforcement officers in that state. It can not be enforced without violating the civil rights and dignity of Hispanic Americans in Arizona. In short, it is on it's face, a racist law. It, in effect, makes every brown skinned person a person of suspicion and makes them a target of every bigoted cop in Arizona for harassment.

Therefore, my wife, my family, myself and a number of our friends have decided that we will no longer purchase anything from the state of Arizona and will no longer give them any of our tourism dollars by visiting there again, until this racist law is repealed. Sometimes one has to stand on principle and this is one of those times. I urge every person who honestly believes in civil rights for all Americans to boycott that state also. I also urge Mexican citizens who live along the border, to no longer cross over into the state of Arizona to shop. To not give them any of your business or money.

I also urge any and all Americans who are identified as possibly illegal simply because of their skin color, to file a class action racial harassment lawsuit that threatens to bring financial collapse to the state or Arizona. I have no doubt that the ACLU and any number of civil rights organizations are already preparing the paperwork. So, stay within the law, but hit them where it really hurts, in their wallets! Sue the bastards!

So, will you boycott anything and everything Arizona? Will you refuse to purchase any products from their state? Will you refuse to visit them as a tourist?

Theresa   April 24th, 2010 10:59 am ET

@ Smith in, what is your solution for this massive problem of illegal aliens. My, goodness if you're legal, have your proper I.D....then what's the problem. I give that Gov. credit that finally someone decided something had to be done. If you're illegal...sorry ..then you should have to go back to your homeland. These employers that hire illegals should be the 1st in line to pay BIG penalties. Yes, the illegals will work for next to, who does that benefit????

Smith in Oregon   April 24th, 2010 3:03 pm ET

@ Theresa, yes sweeping Federal immigration legislation which allows many millions of illegal immigrates to become American citizens in a well understood and followed manner is the answer, however that would DOOM the Republican party so I suspect the Republican party of NO would attempt to block and obstruct such legislation from being signed into law.

However, any green light for bigoted police officers to indulge themselves by harassing and legally tormenting anyone that leaves a Mexican store, restaurant, has brown skin, has a sun tan, has black hair, wears what that officer thinks are Hispanic cloths OR that corrupt officer just wants to harass anyone and LIES about the excuse to do so legally is WRONG and is going to lead to police brutality, police abuses and many class action lawsuits against Arizona.

A great many 'Consumers' will boycott Arizona business's, Arizona Conventions, Arizona national monuments.

A great many 'Abused Individuals' will join class action lawsuits against the State of Arizona.

While you and others are trumpeting this 'victory', it will cost Arizona a great deal of their hard strapped cash thru lawsuits, thru national boycotts on the Arizona corporate business's based there, on tourism and most importantly Arizona will be seen as a pariah by the vast majority of Democratically led States in America.

And Which Arizona based Corporations and Companys are now in the boycott cross-hairs?

Best Western

Cold Stone Creamery

Dial Soap Corp

Fender Musical Instruments

Go Daddy

Braid Group – TGIF Fridays, Wendy's, Marriot, Hilton.


Ping Golf

PF Chang Bistro


Feel free to post additional one's that have a nationwide presence.

Theresa   April 25th, 2010 7:13 am ET

I know that it would be impossible to have all the illegals that are in the US return to their homeland. I certainly think from this day forward they have to be deported. With your way of thinking these people don't have to obey the law. OMG...I bet some of their homelands wouldn't allow you or I to live in their homeland illegally. Wasn't it the former pres. of Mexico encouraging his citizens to come to the Us. If that's the case he should be ashamed ...the drug cartel, & then encouraging his citizens to disobey another country's law. It's all well & good to treat your fellow man with kindness but when the large populations of certain cities in the US are made up of illegals, some of the areas in those cities are looking like 3rd world countries..I'm sorry but there's something wrong with this picture. Why when some people come to theUS..they have no intention of assimilating to any of thre standard US way of life. They never learn the English language....their new homeland is an exact replica of their previous homeland..I question then why ...did the illegal come to the USA...he /she want the benefits but do not care in participating in becoming a true American!!! A. Smith.......I know we'll never agree on this topic but you & I are fortunate that we both live in democracies to allow us to spout off our opinions @ free will!!!!!

Ted   April 25th, 2010 11:45 am ET

If you have a lot of unemployed people, just tell them to go to the USA.
If you want to make a fortune by selling drugs, just go to the USA.
If you do not want to work, but live off the workers by collecting relief for all your life, just go to the USA.

We may not be able to send back all illegals, however those who do not work or have criminal records should be deported immediately. Arizona finally has the guts to take on this unpopular subject.
We may feel sorry for those poor bastards, however it is them or we. If we do not stop this flow of illegals, they will be a majority in a few years in many states in the south.

Grace Archer   April 25th, 2010 2:51 pm ET

" Shame, Humiliation, and injustice at U.S. Border," On 30th March 2010, I arrived at the Highgate Spring border to renew my working visa that will expire on the 7th of May. With no respect, the custom and border security officers did not respond or attend to my family and I waiting for more than an hour. Officers interogated me at the front desk, accused me of lying took me to one of the offices with no doors shut for privacy took my purse from me took every thing out, read my diary, send me out of the room without my personal effets, I began to have medical condition. I could not feel my hands and feet were all tingling sensation and not breathing well, therefore the supervisor was picking on me as Black, with many degrees and as a social worker was making offending commends. With my condition getting worse she brought me some water to drink, forced me to write my initials on every statement they wrote, finger printed all my fingers eventhough they were in bad condition. Infact, I was treated like a criminal or terrorist. As a Canadian Citizen who devoted my time, worked tiredlessly, volunteered, donated to American law enforcement and veteran associations did not deserve what I experienced. Finally, I have been removed from U.S for a period of five years. I was not allowed to work for the Department of Child and Family Services who offered me a job.

I believe that people should have the right to informed consent, the officers supress search, and I was proven guilty without justice. In confidence, I realized that professional ethics is not part of the responsibilities of the security officers at U.S. borders. They Breach immigrants and non-immigrants confidentiality and more will be discussed on this issue.

Grace   April 25th, 2010 3:49 pm ET


I was a legal resident with DHS authorization to work in U.S. but one thing I would like to emphasize is that no matter how well one knows U.S. policies you may violate some of them without knowing. America has complex policies that people need to be well informed before entering to start business or work for U.S. employers. The most complex policies that many people do not understand or are not familiar with.

However, I can understand the issue concerning the illegal immigrants but there are good people out there, whether illegal immigrants or legal aliens they all deserve to be pardoned once no crime has been committed. Know that "life is a struggle" and people deserve to be treated fairly and with respect.

Smith in Oregon   April 25th, 2010 5:44 pm ET

And where was this Republican white supremacist purity rhetoric when former President Ronald Reagan granted mass immunity to illegal immigrants as a special favor to his special interest masters than desperately needed cheap laborers in their corporate factory's?

Union busting, horrific abuses in America's workplace, routine EPA violations as millions of tons of toxic chemicals and wastes were routinely dumped into areas which would later be converted to public parks and private community's.

All no problem to the Republican-Tea party purists. And of course many those 'those' former Hispanics thanked Ronald Reagan by voting for him again.

Times have greatly changed against those Republican party abuses, after they moved virtually all manufacturing overseas, Union's have become better organized, workplace abuses are now carefully monitored and the EPA has clamped down on the Republican special interests that cost the American taxpayers many billions of dollars cleaning up their toxic Superfund hazardous waste sites across America.

Now when Democratic President Obama passes a sweeping immunity immigration legislation, the Democratic party numbers will greatly swell in number insuring President Obama retains a second term in office and a majority of Democrats in both Congress and the US Senate.

The Washington Joke of the month of May is that Republican's were going to help pass sweeping Cap and Trade emissions legislation which they are now saying they are against because the Democrats feel there is a pressing need to pass sweeping Immigration reform legislation which of course Bush-Cheney did not do during there 8 years in office.

Democrats will have to RAM thru sweeping immigration reforms and then RAM thru sweeping Cap and Trade environmental emissions protection legislation without any meaningful substantial Republican help, go figure!

Smith in Oregon   April 25th, 2010 7:39 pm ET

Arizona's taxpayers will find their State's coffers are going to be drained by multiple class action lawsuits, Arizona's corporate business's will find their profits plunging due to nationwide boycotts of their goods and services. Arizona's tourism will drop significantly, effecting both State income and business coffers. Arizona will soon be utterly scorned and boycotted by Democratic led States and Nations around the world as they did to Apartheid South Africa.

The solution would be to include in the sweeping overhaul of Federal Democratic President Obama's Immigration legislation as including the need for US Military service as a fast track basis for America citizenship.

The immigration reform legislation should include the following:

'If one or more members of a illegal immigrant family volunteers for US Military service, that would fast track American citizenship for that entire immigrant family'.

Given recent US Military and independent studies which indicate in the near future a critical need for physically capable US Military volunteers, this federal Immigration reform suggestion would likely garner some Republican votes also.

The Republican party's special interests in the US Military and massive Defense arms corporations are slowly realizing their future would be in great jeopardy if they create another proxy war and not enough American citizens were even capable of volunteering much less willing to sign up for US Military service.

CHM   April 25th, 2010 8:15 pm ET

I would be happy to boycott those companies but truthfully, I have no reason to boycott China.

Trish   April 26th, 2010 12:59 am ET

@ Grace Archer...I am very re: the treatment you received @ the border. Some people think when they have a job with some power init , they act as if they can do anything. Some people do not deserve the jobs they have. @ A. Smith ...from your postings i get the impression you enjoy scare tactics as much as the Republicans & Tea party members. To say if 1 member of an illegal family joins the US military then all members of that family should be fast tracked for citizenship. I'm still choking on my coffee after that statement. You make it sound as if every illegal is so innocent. There are many criminals that are illegals. Don't you think the US has enough criminals that are American citizenms. By, the way A. Smith..what part of the word ILLEGAL do you not understand. The employers that hire the illegals should have to pay a very costy penalty & if they are guilty a 2nd time off to jail he/she should go. The US is in such a mess because there are millions of ILLEGALs.

IKHAN   April 26th, 2010 1:18 pm ET

Hi Larry,
the fact of the matter is that Arizona is going to lose massively on businesses relocating , labour which is cost efficient & simply by being a laughing stock and on the receiving end of law suits.

This bill was passed not based on rational debate but out of spite for immigrants.

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