April 12, 2010

'American Idol' to meet 'The Simpsons'

Posted: 05:08 PM ET

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Fox knows how to work a cross over when it comes to their shows (take note of the musical themed episodes planned for “Fringe” and other series in celebration of the  success and return of  “Glee.”)

In May, the “American Idol” gang will be visiting Springfield during “The Simpsons’” season finale.

Judges Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest will be even more animated than they are during their critiques of contestants when they join Bart and the rest of the Springfield inhabitants on an episode scheduled to air May 23.

 Word is that Springfield’s beloved bartender, Moe, gets an invitation to serve as an “Idol” judge. Have we finally found a replacement for the soon to be departing Cowell?

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PROF Dave W. Dawson   April 12th, 2010 5:41 pm ET

Sucking idols out into the open is a risky business by all counts. Simon Cowell knows the Judges for such events have to be squeaky clean. That's why he judges most of them.
And who does Simon Cowell have to please?
Absolutely EVERYONE.
And for all his judging, he probably has his own talents hidden deep within.
His judging role is on-going & that means he regularly monitors as the winning talent is nurtured.
AMERICAN IDOL is the path for the few that make it through & they will shine out from American Idol.
THE SIMPSONS have a very stable relationship with many REAL-LIFE MENTORS already.
Whoever makes it big with Simon Cowell makes it big. Should Simon change his life, he won't be taking any bad blood with him.
Making stable people stay stable is the undertone to American Idol & it's the undertone to Simon Cowell.
I'll be honest here. I was never interested in the Talent shows, but charismatic Simon Cowell certainly made such Talent shows stay the course.
Mine are different Talents(Industrial) & they won't be seen on TV. Getting my kind of job done means more to me, but I won't knock Simon Cowell for waking up the Entertainment industry.

Smith360   April 12th, 2010 5:56 pm ET

Wonderful, I can't wait to see The Simpson's take on the utterly pathetic Simon Cowell. I hope The Simpson's creators have the American Idol crowd throw lettuce and various other objects at Simon Cowell during the show.

Another great feature would be for The Simpson's creators to add some geriatric rockers to play the music to support the American Idol contestants for a real hoot!

michipato   April 13th, 2010 6:20 am ET

Awesome! I love the Simpsons
May 23 Oh i'll wait for it LOVE ★ Thank U

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