April 7, 2010

Is fat fare at fast foods going too far?

Posted: 05:50 PM ET

By Kat Kinsman, Special to CNN


(CNN) - In the midst of first lady Michelle Obama's campaign against child obesity and chef Jamie Oliver's prime-time TV initiative for cleaner cooking, a chicken chain is crowing about some aggressively fat-laden fare. 

KFC's long-rumored Double Down waddles into stores on April 12, boasting an ingredient list that prompted a copywriters' caveat on the product's Web page that it is "Real! No fooling."

The bun-free ("so meaty, there's no room") sandwich features two pieces of bacon, two slices of melted cheese and "Colonel's Sauce" – which KFC officials said is a "zesty mayonnaise" - slathered between two chicken filets, either original recipe (540 calories and 32 fat grams per or the slightly slimmer grilled version (460 calories and 23 fat grams).

Response from around the Internet ranges from's "mysteriously tempting (and potentially lethal)" and the Huffington Post's "going too far" to the Lincoln Journal Star's "fast-food-related crimes against humanity," but KFC's gamble on the Double Down's outré appeal to calorie scoffers seems downright chicken in light of a new baseball concession pitched by the Toledo Mud Hens.

At a March 24 press conference, V/Gladieux Enterprises, the catering company that services Fifth Third Field announced a sundae, "Which is fifteen scoops of Toft's ice cream served in a full size souvenir helmet for $25. It will serve 1 to 8 fans, you can enjoy by yourselves if you love ice cream or share with family and friends."

A solo at-bat with the Fifth Third Fanatic Freeze would average 2,325 calories, based on a ½-cup scoop size - before a grand slam addition of whipped cream, hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, and cherries.

Dessert not on the roster? That same full-sized batting helmet can switch-hit as a bowl for cheese-drenched Fifth Third Nachos - a perfect snack after you've finished running the bases the approximately 341 times it would take a 150-pound person to burn off the aforementioned ice cream.

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Jim Carroll   April 7th, 2010 6:57 pm ET

WEST VIRGINIA COAL INDUSTRY IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF LARRY KUDLOW OF CNBC UNCONTROLLED FREE MARKET CAPITALISM AT WORK. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO AVATAR TO SEE THE STRONG RUN OVER THE WEAK; JUST GO TO WEST BY- GOD VIRGINIA. Every time I hear Larry Kudlow extolling the virtues of Free Market Capitalism and his Tea Party and the Republican Party, I get a hammer and beat on a General Electric product. General Electric is the owner of CNBC. The consumer can and should fight back.

Rob   April 7th, 2010 8:10 pm ET

Personal responsibiliy,personal responsibility,people have to have a little self discipline and self respect and eat less fat and cholesteral despite their $10 monthly co-pay for their cholesteral medication.If I want to splurge every couple of months with a gargantuan sundae or triple hamburger with cheese that's my right but it also must be balanced with exercise and good healthy food. We don't need government treating us like naughty little kids and taking food options away from us!

MTB   April 7th, 2010 10:02 pm ET

How does the Double Down compare to the Big Mac in terms of calories, fat, etc.?

Cajazz76:24:8   April 7th, 2010 11:01 pm ET

If what is pictured above can be sucked through a straw I'll take two...One to share with a homeless person.

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