April 7, 2010

Idol Recap, Complete With Commentary

Posted: 11:46 AM ET

By Lisa DeMoraes

Another John Lennon-Paul McCartney night on "American Idol."

After the traditional verbal brawl between show host Ryan Seacrest and outgoing judge Simon Cowell - this time in re whether the Idolettes should change up their Beatles tunes or stick to the script - teen Aaron Kelly kicks things off, singing a "Long and Winding Road" that's more like "Fighting to Stay Awake on this Long and Winding Road.' And yet, the Mosh Pit Chicks feel compelled to do The Wave.

Aaron apparently has taken the judges' advice to believe in the lyrics too literally. He says he picked this tune because the whole 'Idol' thing has been a long and winding road for him, and we're getting the strong impression that at this stage in the competition Aaron's mostly ready for a long nap. The four judges recite various versions of "Every week it's the same performance/you've got to become young and relevant" speech and put him to bed.

After explaining to Seasbiscuit that five guys have asked her to be their prom date and she's going with whichever can prove he has texted in the most votes for her in the singing competition, Katie Stevens sings the no-worries anthem, "Let It Be" but with a little country twist on it. Her performance is calm and controlled. Smart girl: Katie has grasped two of the bedrock principles of success on 'Idol': 1) give the judges a story arc they can peg you with, and 2) Listen to Simon. Judge Kara DioGuardi fills in the story arc, saying Katie is "blossoming on that stage" right before our very eyes. Judge Simon Cowell notes she's fought he way back from a run in the Bottom 3. He also points out that she listened to his advice to go "country" instead of pop/R&B like Kara and judge Randy Jackson advised her. Against all evidence, Kara and Randy shout out that Katie did do the tune R&B. No growth for those two, thank you very much.


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Mariam   April 13th, 2010 8:12 am ET

We watch American Idol in the middle east. Its one of my favourite shows. It makes me laugh, sing and smile. This group of idols was really great all of them. American Idol Judges be selective they are all worth investing in especially Michael.

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